OH MY GIRL’s YooA bashes rumours of plastic surgery and opens up about her health issues

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OH MY GIRL's YooA | Photo Courtesy: News1

YooA from OH MY GIRL has faced comments on her body since pre-debut, and this time there are allegations of plastic surgery. People on the internet are accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery and procedures to which YooA replied on a recent livestream. She bashed the rumours by commenting on how she has been seeing them spread on the net since quite some time which finally led her to talk about them on the live.


Being accused and criticised for plastic surgery isn’t something new in the K-Pop world. Many idols have faced it and OH MY GIRL’s YooA took up this issue during her live stream on the app called VLIVE. YooA has had full lips since she was young. Recently, netizens have been fuelling the rumours that she has allegedly used lip fillers and cut the inner corners of her eyes via plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. YooA completely denied the rumours by elucidating on the reason she probably might look different at times. The 25-year-old idol explained that she goes through swelling of her entire body and face when she gets extremely tired. Fatigue can cause swelling of the body due to poor health. YooA’s idol life is full of busy schedules that can drain a person’s energy easily. Thus, she explains that her face can look different depending on her health at that time. To try and control this, she has gone to the extent of not eating or not sleeping in the car to look perfect in front of her fans and the cameras. Her hardwork and perseverance helped her avoid the swelling during the promotions of ‘Dun Dun Dance’, a song from OH MY GIRL’s eighth mini-album. Even then, she said that people would assume that she lost weight. YooA faced similar problems of swelling of her lips and face during the group’s rookie days. 


YooA is working hard to maintain her health and look better for performances. Let’s hope for the best for her!


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