OMEGA X releases the first individual concept clip for their debut mini album VAMOS

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OMEGA X's Hangyeom for VAMOS

OMEGA X, a new boy group, has released the first individual concept clip and photo for their debut album ‘VAMOS’. The 18-second clip reveals member Hangyeom in a pristine white costume and reddish-pink hair. He is standing in shallow water as he gives a sultry look towards the end. The clip sparks curiosity due to its mysterious music and concept. In the concept photo, Hangyeom has a smirk on his face while playing with water and our hearts.


Watch the concept clip here:



The rookie group, which is under the label Spire Entertainment, has a unique concept as it consists of eleven idols that have previously debuted with different groups. The members are: Hangyeom of Seven O'Clock, Spectrum's Jaehan, 1THE9's Yechan, KIDONGDAE's Taedong, Limitless's Hwichan, Snuper's Sebin while it also consists of Junghoon, Hyuk, and Kevin from ENOi as well as Jehyun and Xen from 1Team. Their debut mini-album ‘VAMOS’ has five tracks with a title track of the same name. Their name holds a special meaning behind it. The ‘OMEGA’ is the last letter of the Greek alphabet thus it symbolises them being the final boss of the industry in addition to a new beginning. Meanwhile, the ‘X’ is a symbol of love and infinity. When the teasers for the band were released, fans labelled them as ‘K-pop avengers’ because they were artists coming together from different groups and survival programs. 


OMEGA X has become a highly-talked about rookie group not only due to their concept but because they have already released their own reality show before debut. Even the promotions for their debut are going to be put up at COEX which is a famous convention and exhibition center in Seoul tantamount to New York’s Times Square. The group has also signed up with the world’s largest advertising network DDB Worldwide Korea. They have gained worldwide attention and fans are excited for their debut mini album ‘VAMOS’ which will be released on 30th June at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST). 


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