OMEGA X’s agency addresses CEO’s abuse towards members; Group’s flight from US cancelled

OMEGA X were on their world tour and are currently in the US.

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OMEGA X: courtesy of SPIRE Entertainment

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of physical abuse

OMEGA X’s agency has responded to the allegations made by a fan and another onlooker regarding the company staff and the CEO’s verbal and physical abuse towards the group’s members. The members are currently in the US for the group’s 2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT :Don't give up].

Controversy in Chile
On October 4, a Twitter user from Argentina shared their mom’s experience while on a vacation in Chile. She reportedly found a woman shouting at two OMEGA X members while having her breakfast as she was in the same hotel as the K-pop idols. Later in the day, the mom reportedly saw the same person again, yelling at the group’s members at the airport in front of everyone and she stopped the person from doing it further. OMEGA X members were reported to have thanked the Argentinian woman for helping them by bowing to her. The Twitter user was supposedly asked by her mom to complain about the bad behavior and because they were unaware, they went on to Twitter to spread it and ask the group’s fans for help. The post was shared within online communities but did not receive much attention later on.

Los Angeles fans’ recording
On October 23, an OMEGA X fan shared their experience from when the group had their concert in Los Angeles. According to the fan’s post on Twitter, while they were waiting for the delivery of their food, they witnessed the agency’s CEO hitting the members of the group and though they could not do anything but stand with their hands shaking, they reportedly saw the members themself. The same fan further shared an audio recording of an altercation between who has been alleged as the CEO and the group’s members.

In the recording, a woman can be heard saying, “Have you ever done that for me? Taken care of me when I was going through a hard time?” to which the person on the other end has replied with something inaudible and in response the woman can be heard yelling, “Who do you think you are?” Another male voice pops up saying, “But he’s about to collapse.”, only to hear back “I’ve collapsed too”. A loud thump and gasps of shock follow and the woman asks the person to ‘get up’. The voice recording ends with someone mentioning a camera and someone supposedly crying.

OMEGA X’s agency’s response
SPIRE Entertainment’s initial response to the demands for clarification was that they would do a fact check. Soon after a statement was released on the group’s fancafe addressing the claims where the agency said that the incident took place after a meal on the completion of OMEGA X’s tour where the members as well as the company were discussing their actions in regards to the tour, in order to work on the future plans. The raised voices were reportedly due to the fact that they each began to speak about the shortcomings which brought up the talk of what could have been done better on each end. According to the statement, the members and the agency have cleared all their misunderstandings and have decided to move forward while being considerate of each other. The agency apologised for causing concern to the fans with this occurrence.

OMEGA X’s return
While the fans are calling out the statement from the agency, a further report was released where OMEGA X’s original flight back from the USA was canceled. The reported change came as reservations made for the members were dropped while the staff members returned as scheduled. Regarding this, the agency responded that they were planning on changing the flight for the last 3 days as they were worried that the group’s fans would also be on the same flight. They refuted any claims of detaining the members in the USA. Furthermore, the report included the CEO saying that the allegations were by an anti-fan against the company and that they had a hard time the past few days by pulling all-nighters. The CEO was reportedly sad that they did not receive any comfort or care from the members and hence the incident took place in Los Angeles. The CEO continued that they usually speak respectfully to the members.

Who is OMEGA X?
OMEGA X is a group of 11 members under Spire Entertainment. They are on their 2022 World Tour [CONNECT : Don't give up] which began on September 16 in Mexico’s Guadalajara and ended on October 22 with their concert in Los Angeles.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with physical or verbal abuse, please reach out to the authorities and report it. There are several helplines available for the same.

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