ONF unveils teaser for new summer album that will be dropped on THIS date

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ONF at promotions; Picture Courtesy: News1

The group ONF will return with their first summer song 'POPPING' on August 9th. On the 18th, the agency WM Entertainment released the first teaser video of ONF's summer pop-up album 'POPPING' on the official Twitter handle. In the released video, a transparent glass cup with a pure blue color as a background and a piece of ice that is thrown into it catches the eye. The image of water splashing in all directions as the ice falls into the cup conveys a cool and refreshing mood that seems to blow away the sweltering heat of summer. At the same time, it leaves a short but strong impression, stimulating curiosity about this new album that ONF will present. 

In addition, with the typography that melts ice, the title song which directly translates to 'Summer Soak!' and the phrase '0809' indicating the release date, announcing ONF's full-fledged comeback. Fans' anticipation must be high for ONF's first summer song since their debut.

ONF released 'Beautiful Beautiful' in February and 'Ugly Dance' in April, topped various domestic music sites, broke the record for most Initial Chodong sales, achieved 10 million views in music video in the shortest time, and the first music broadcast since debut. occupied the top.

In addition, the Gaon Chart was ranked 10th in the download chart in the first half of the year, and the US economic magazine Forbes also mentioned ONF through an article titled 'The 10 best-selling songs in Korea by the middle of 2021'. In addition, 'Beautiful Beautiful' was included in 'Best K-Pop Song of 2021' selected by the American media TIME, proving ONF's stronger global influence. 

ONF, will release its summer pop-up album 'POPPING' on various music sites at 6 pm on August 9th. 

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