OnlyOneOf unveils group concept photo and a cryptic message for the 6 member comeback

Published on Sep 07, 2021 01:34 PM IST  |  60K
OnlyOneOf Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: RSVP

On September 7, OnlyOneOf members look laidback and handsome in the black and white group concept photo for their newly decided 6-member comeback which comes on the heels of Love’s (leader of the group) exit on August 2. The picture was accompanied with a cryptic message ‘20210910mOnO’, leaving the fans puzzled.

On August 2, agency 8D Creative announced that Love has decided to withdraw from OnlyOneOf. "As it is the member's own personal matter, we ask that you refrain from indiscriminate speculation and dissemination of false information related to the withdrawal."

Starting with Yoojung, OnlyOneOf raised expectations with a more intense and mature image through individual teasers of Kyubin, Rie, Mill, Junji, and Nine. Here, the surprise group teaser release is drawing the attention of fans. In the group teaser of OnlyOneOf, the vague expressions of the members in achromatic costumes attract attention. In particular, the atmosphere of OnlyOneOf, where a strong masculine beauty is felt, is raising the excitement index of 'lyOn (fandom name)'.

Along with the group teaser of OnlyOneOf, the words '20210910mOnO', which seem to suggest something, were left on 8D Entertainment's official social media handles, leading to various speculations from fans. After debuting with the ‘Time Leap' in May 2019, OnlyOneOf drew attention by putting a magnificent worldview in music that 'small dots make a line and the lines complete the surface again'. received. In July, they released their first self-produced album 'Produced by us' and is reborn as a talented idol, drawing attention in the future. On the other hand, OnlyOneOf was recently reorganized into 6 members and was born with a new look.

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Anonymous : Thank you for covering this topic even if it's not very detailed as to how 8D Creative's silence is very unhealthy for the group as a whole. Very little news goes out about them and it's fairly saddening as the group hasn't been around for very long.
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