OTT: All about OTT platforms, full form of OTT & more

OTT platforms have taken the world by storm. Know everything about the best OTT platforms, the full form of OTT, and the benefits of OTT here.

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What is the full form of OTT, best OTT platforms & more
What is the full form of OTT, best OTT platforms & more

The full form of OTT is 'Over the Top.' There was a time when people used to take a cable subscription and the cable TV provider took the responsibility for the supply and availability of programming. On television, there are many different channels, some specifically for music, cartoons, news, movies, etc. But now is the era of OTT platforms. OTT simply refers to a streaming service that delivers content over the Internet. Now, the cable provider only has the responsibility to provide the Internet connection but has no control over what you watch. OTT platforms have changed everything in movies, music, and the entertainment industry. Are you curious to know about the OTT platform meaning, OTT platform providers, OTT platform full form, etc? Many questions are prevailing on the Internet about OTT platforms, let us answer them one by one. 

What is the difference between OTT platforms and cable TV services? 

Do you remember the time when we used to relax at our home, holding the TV remote, changing channels repeatedly? I perfectly remember how I used to get frustrated during holidays because nothing of my interest used to come on the television. But now, time is different - all thanks to the OTT platforms, now you can consume whatever you want to. 

This is the biggest difference between cable TV services and OTT platforms - in OTT services, you have the flexibility to choose whatever you want to watch. Also, if you take a subscription to an OTT platform, then you can watch everything without any ads disturbing you. Another difference is that in OTT services, you can pause the content and watch it later on whenever you want which is not the same case with cable TV services. Many people have now started watching shows, movies, and web series on OTT platforms because of the diverse range of shows they have and the flexibility they provide to consume what they want. 

What is the full form of OTT?

OTT full form is 'Over the Top.' OTT services are delivered "over the top" of another platform, hence the name.

How do OTT platforms deliver content?

Over-the-top is the method of delivering content over a high-speed and quality Internet connection. Customers need an Internet connection and a compatible hardware device to reap the benefits of OTT platforms. 

These devices are:

What are the benefits of using OTT?

With so many people taking a subscription to Netflix and other OTT apps every day, it is clear that people love the content delivered by OTT. 

Below are a few reasons why OTT has become popular now:

1. Affordability

Cable TV service providers charge a monthly amount for those who have cable TV at their home, but even then, they don't have the option to choose what they can watch. Also, the prices are not that low. Streaming services are considered cost-effective as compared to traditional cable TV service packages. That is one of the benefits of using OTT services. 

2. Premium-quality content

Another major reason why people started loving OTT is because of its content. In recent years, many OTT providers like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. have produced high-quality original content. Some of their web series are blockbusters such as 'Stranger Things', 'Squid Games,' etc. People now want to watch something original and unique, and that is another reason why they pay for OTT services. 

3. One can watch old shows too

On many Indian OTT platforms like Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, Amazon Prime, SonyLiv, etc. there are many shows that we used to watch during our childhood. This is the facility OTT providers give us that cable TV service providers generally don't. So, one has the option to not just watch new and original content but also relive old memories by watching old shows and cartoons. For example, the famous 90s cartoon - 'The Powerpuff Girls' is available on Amazon Prime. Similarly, many such old movies, shows, and cartoons are available on these platforms to make you nostalgic. 

4. It is compatible with multiple devices

Earlier, when we used to watch something on a cable TV, we required a cable television set. But today we can watch content on an OTT platform via multiple devices such as a smartphone, smart TV, tablet, laptop, and gaming console. Its compatibility with multiple devices gives it an upper hand over cable TV. Also, you can watch your favorite shows/movies on an OTT app from anywhere - you just need an Internet connection and stream anything, anywhere. 

How to watch content on OTT?

To watch content on OTT, you simply need to download the particular OTT app on your phone, tablet, or TV and then subscribe to it. There is a subscription fee that you need to pay for watching content on OTT platforms. Once, you have subscribed, you will be able to watch the content on that particular OTT platform. 

There are even some free-of-cost OTT platforms in India such as MX player, where you can watch your favorite shows and movies. Even on ZEE5, you can watch some shows for free, but for some premium movies and shows, you need to pay a subscription amount. 

Usually, the subscription amount is paid for either 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or an entire year. 

Which are the best OTT platforms globally?

Below are the Top 5 OTT platforms that have performed phenomenally globally:

1. Netflix

2. Disney+

3. Hulu

4. ESPN+

5. Amazon Prime Video

Which are the biggest Indian OTT platforms?

The top 5 OTT platforms in India are:

1. Disney+Hotstar

2. Amazon Prime Video

3. MX Player

4. Netflix

5. ZEE5

OTT platforms are the future of technology. OTT platform development has been incredible so far, owing to the convenience and great shows/movies OTT provides. They are loved by people because they deliver unique, engaging, and original content along with the option to choose what we want to consume. So, get your subscription now to your favorite OTT platform and binge-watch your favorite show. 

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