OUT NOW: BTS’ Japanese single ‘Film Out’ talks about the pain of longing, with stunning vocals & aesthetics

HYBE Music released the highly anticipated single ‘Film Out’ music video which looks absolutely stunning and looks like a continuation of the Bangtan Universe.
OUT NOW: BTS’ Japanese single ‘Film Out’ talks about the pain of longing, with stunning vocals & aesthetics
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ARMYs, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! BTS’ Japanese title track, ‘Film Out’ has just been released and of course, they’re already trending on Twitter! It’s their title track from their album, BTS, THE BEST which is scheduled to release on June 2021. There’s also the highly expected new intro logo that fans have been eagerly waiting for! It has everything ARMYs would expect - Jin center, Jimin’s incredibly perfect high notes, a SOPE moment and much more!


Since the announcement of the change in the corporate name of Big Hit Labels, fans have been wondering how the music videos would start from now on, as they loved and cherished the Big Hit Entertainment intro video with a drop sound a lot. Well, they have their answer now! The ‘Film Out’ MV starts with their new logo, BIGHIT MUSIC , and with Jungkook standing in the middle of the room. Majority of the MV is in a sepia-colored palette, with the exception of Yoongi and J-Hope’s verse. 


‘Film Out’ is a slow tempo song that talks about the pain of longing for a loved one. Skipping through old memories to find the ones that they spent together with their loved ones and play them out in a projector or a screen - to feel the same happy, peaceful emotions again. We even see this as Jin sings his line and moves towards a room that looks like a screen - inside which are all the members sitting together. The music video also has moments similar to their past videos that have their Bangtan Universe narrative - the windows and vases in Jin’s room get shattered by strong winds, as Jin tries to get a hold of the members, papers fly across the room, and the tiny hourglass has sand go up in reverse - to indicate time turning back, as if he’s trapped. Jin tried to escape the room, only to find that there’s no escape. He goes back to the destroyed home, longingly looking at the screen into the other room and the camera pans to V singing the last line - ‘As if you are right there / But I reach out my hand / And you suddenly disappear’


Check out the ‘Film Out’ music video below: 


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What do you think about the music video? Share your theories with us in the comments below!