Paatal Lok: Viewer finds probable loophole; Asks why Vajpayee wanted to kill Hathoda Tyagi

Paatal Lok released a few days ago and it has blown everyone's mind. However, a viewer has pointed out a conflicting plotline.
Paatal Lok: Viewer finds probable loophole; Asks why Vajpayee wanted to kill Hathoda Tyagi
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A Pinkvilla reader, Aditya Rathod has this to say about Paatal Lok: 

Spoiler Alert. Indulge only if you have seen the show: 

The gist of the storyline is that Donaliya is dead. Hathoda Tyagi needs to be killed. This would aid Vajpayee to tighten his grip on Bundelkhand and slowly creep into National Politics. That’s the conflict of the entire plot or the main trigger point which leads to all the events of the show in 9 episodes. Vajpayee wants the entire Donaliya gang out of politics and remains put as the muscle man. Rather than talking to them, he lays a trap for Hathoda and makes his intentions clear of decimating the leftovers of the Donaliya Gang. The identity of Mehra, as Hathi Ram Chaudhary informed quite amusingly is completely irrelevant in the plot. 

“Aapke sivaye koi aur bhi target hota na toh kisiko ghanta farak nahi padta tha”

CBI has caught Hathoda and declared him a terrorist. With Hathoda out of the way, Gwala is irrelevant. 

1. Now at this juncture of the show, Vajpayee could have declared that Donaliya is dead and the Gurjar vote bank would have gone haywire. He doesn’t. Why?

2. What is Vajpayee waiting for? What is the motive of this character in the show? It is Vajpayee’s conflict and he had achieved what he wanted. 

  • Hathoda is declared a terrorist in episode 5 and considering so many events lined up in the upcoming three episodes and the finale, there has been a considerable time that has passed in the timeline of the show. It seems unconvincing.

3. Why would Vajpayee join hands with Gwala in the end when he is in a much better position without the dependency of Gwala? 

  • If Vajpayee had to join hands with Gwala considering that the mutual show of strength would be easier in converting Gurjar vote for him, then why lay the trap for Hathoda if everything could have been handled by garlanding each other? If there is no trap there is no story and there is no show.

  • Hathoda is a staunch Bhakt of Donaliya, wouldn’t he question why Gwala is entering into politics against an ally? Do note it is not clear whether the relations between the trio (Vajpayee and Gwala/Hathoda) before the trap are healthy.

  • No doubt the show is impeccable as it strums the most sensitive chords of Indian lifestyle and norms, backed up with awe-worthy performances and Jaideep Ahlawat leading the bandwagon. The revelation at the end of course questions the storyline and the main conflict? It questions the character graph of Vajpayee as a whole who is perhaps the Brahma of the show (The creator of the conflict). 

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