Parasite’s Lee Sun Kyun, My Name’s Park Hee Soon & more open up about their characters in 'Dr. Brain’

Published on Nov 12, 2021 07:30 PM IST  |  172.3K
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The first Korean original series for Apple TV+, ‘Dr. Brain’ rides on a deep-felt emotion that are stripped off of its sensitivity by a man struggling to fathom the unfortunate incidents of his life. Following the death of his mother, Dr. Sewon Koh finds himself looking a long road that he tries to normalize beside his wife and kid who have now become the family that he never had.

An explosion causes the death of his son Doyoong and we are presented with his mentally struggling wife who faces an unusual occurrence herself. Just what has become of the ingenious man who wishes to revolutionize the world as it sees people’s brains.

Joined by the cast of ‘Dr. Brain’, Lee Sun Kyun, Park Hee Soon, Lee You Young, Seo Ji Hye, and Lee Jae Won alongside the famous Director Kim Jee Woon, the press conference began on November 3.

As a filmmaker, Kim Jee Woon talked about his experience of shooting his first drama, “This is my first foray into serialised television and I’ve shot it like a film. I’m very happy and excited that people all across the globe will be watching it. Hope you all can enjoy it.”

Lead actor Lee Sun Kyun who is known for his groundbreaking acting in Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Parasite’ introduced himself as playing “the role of a brilliant neuro-scientist who struggles in connecting with others” and we think that might be an understatement to the man we’re about to see in ‘Dr. Brain’.

While talking about the uniqueness of playing Sewon, Lee Sun Kyun thought, “Sewon cannot empathize with others so at first he could be seen as cold-hearted and monotonous but after having brain synchs he understands people’s feelings and he realises he hasn’t been a good father or a family member. He starts off coldhearted but ends up passionate, so I really like that about Sewon.”

The cast was asked about their process for crafting their characters, when Lee You Young, playing the role of Jung Jaeyi said, “My character is in a coma state currently but she is constantly searching for something by her driving force, her son. I wanted to portray as a strong mother figure and at the same time, a kind and supportive wife.”

Park Hee Soon is the rugged Private Investigator Lee Kangmu. “In the original webtoon Lee Kangmu is a mysterious man but he has some humanity in him in the series. He is a supporter of Sewon, squabbles with him, and gives him advice. The key for me was to strike a balance between all these things.”

Strong and determined, ‘Crash Landing on You’ fame Seo Ji Hye mentioned how she “wanted to express the soft and compassionate side of Lieutenant Choi Jiun.”

As an accomplice of sorts, Lee Jae Won talked about his character Dr. Namil Hong as, “I am thankful to Sewon (played by Lee Sun Kyun) who helped me express the bond between the two people. Although my character does not have a very strong personality, since he’s such a typical character, audience can relate more to him.” 

This team of warm-hearted but hard-headed characters have given rise to another flashing episode that has left us with even more questions after the 2nd episode.

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