Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk starrer youth drama ends on a good note, cast leaves farewell messages

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Park Ji Hoon, Bae In Hyuk; Picture Courtesy: News1

In the final episode of the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama 'At a Distance, Spring is Green', which was broadcasted on July 20, the story of young people who never stop fighting for their place in the world was beautifully finished and left a deep impression in the hearts of viewers. 'At a Distance, Spring is Green' came to a meaningful ending by showing the pure passion and love of college students, a feast of fresh episodes like campus romance, and the chemistry of young actors. The main cast (Park Ji Hoon, Bae In Hyuk and Kang Min Ah) shared a beautiful relationship as three young individuals with their own set of problems who depend on each other to become better versions of themselves. 

The cast members left closing messages and the impressions their character left on them. Park Ji Hoon shared, “I was able to learn about a portion of college life through this project, so it was very fun. While working together with hyung, nuna, and senior actors, I got the feeling that we worked well together, so I was very proud. It was so much fun all throughout filming, so it’s a project that I’m very sad to have come to an end.”

Kang Min Ah said, “I personally felt that I gradually got closer with So Bin as we progressed, so I felt really sad when we were about to end. I also noticed the viewers adoring the character of So Bin more as time passed, so I felt proud. It was my first time playing a leading role on public television, so I think it’ll remain in my memories for a long time.”

Bae In Hyuk shared that his most memorable scene was the ending of episode 8 when Nam Soo Hyun accepted Yeo Joon’s offer to live together. “Nam Soo Hyun couldn’t help but put down his pride, which he seemed unwilling to throw away even if he died, and despite his miserable circumstances that couldn’t get any worse, he somehow seemed comfortable. I think it was a turning point for him.” he added. 

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of “At a Distance Spring Is Green” recorded average nationwide ratings of 2.2 percent. 

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