Park Min Young, Kyuhyun & more: 5 Korean celebrities who have admitted to having plastic surgery

Apart from the bright bubble of Korean cuisine and almost wallpaper-ish, aesthetic looking destinations, is the desire to get a perfect face. Read on to know more.
Super Junior member Kyuhyun clicking a selfie in car; features in our list of Korean celebrities who admitted getting plastic surgery Park Min Young, Kyuhyun & more: 5 Korean celebrities who have admitted to having plastic surgery
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Plastic surgery in South Korea is extremely common and for some, important too. Many are aware of the stringent beauty standards the South Korean society holds itself up to. Double eyelids, slimmer face structure, slim nose, cheekbones, jawlines - and much more. No wonder it is called the land of beauty due to the extreme competition of inventing and creating the best skin care products - all in order to look their best, to fit into the difficult standards they've set for themselves. 


Television shows and movies of a particular country reflect the average society. So KDrama fans wouldn't be oblivious to the many dramas that show school students being bullied only for their looks, or the extreme transformation shows such as True Beauty and My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Beauty standards, their problems and their solutions are pretty evident in the nation. If this is an ordinary person, then imagine the celebrities. So while some celebrities still keep their plastic surgery under wraps (which totally depends on them), there are some who've already let the cat out of the bag, not that the cat is bad. 


Let's take a look at some of the Korean celebrities who didn't mind sharing their plastic surgery journey with us! 


Park Min Young

The famous What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’s lead actress, Park Min Young, is known for her perfect face with big eyes and double eyelids. In an interview with Sports Chosun, the actress admitted to getting a nose job and an eyelid surgery done in high school, in order to look prettier. Before the interview, there were a lot of rumours because her graduation photo was leaked and she looked different at that time. Well, there’s no shame in trying to look prettier! Our focus has always been her great acting skills! 


Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Super Junior, also lovingly called SuJu, was and still is one of the top most recognised bands in the K-Pop industry. Its member, Kyuhyun, admitted to getting plastic surgery done, for his own reasons on a talk show in 2014. However, he only did a double eyelid surgery and nothing more. Some websites speculate it’s because he was the only member in his family who had a monolid while some say it’s because of the agency. Whatever be the reason, we’re still in awe of that handsome face of his! 


JooE from Momoland

Lee Joo Won, popularly known as JooE, is a member of the popular girl group Momoland. She spoke about her nose job as if it was a normal thing (and we’re glad that she did) and even joked about it on a South Korean variety show! She said that she got a nose job in ninth grade, before her debut but many people started telling her that she looked better before the surgery! To this, one of the hosts replied that she made the right decision and looks pretty now! 



The What Type of X rapper Jessi is not only known for her incredible rapping skills, but also for her blunt honesty. She has never been the one to bow down to anyone and stands clear on her own ideas and concepts. In the start, she had only gotten a nose job and an eyelid surgery. After that, she openly admitted to getting lip fillers done too. She's even openly talked about her breast augmentation surgery. However, she recently said that she opposes plastic surgery as she received a lot of hate and even realised that she didn’t look “natural” on screen. 


ZE:A’s Kwanghee 

Probably one of the best sports when it comes to talking openly about plastic surgery, the ZE:A member Kwanghee is fun to watch at every show! He was the one who jokingly said, on a broadcast, that the reason for him getting plastic surgery was because he couldn’t dance and sing well, so he might as well look pretty! 


Don’t you just love celebrities who are straight-forward and direct in breaking some taboos of the industry? Plastic surgery to get the perfect modelled face exists, but not many have the courage to openly admit to them and take pride in their own decisions, shutting the haters like the ones on our list! 


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What are your views on the South Korean beauty standards that compel many to get a plastic surgery done? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!