Park Shin Hye’s Sisyphus: The Myth is keeping us on our toes and craving for more

The first premiere week of Sisyphus: The Myth has left us with a mind-puzzling cliff-hanger. Keep reading to learn why we are eagerly waiting for the next episode!
The official poster of Sisyphus: The Myth Park Shin Hye’s Sisyphus: The Myth is keeping us on our toes and craving for more
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JTBC’s 10th Anniversary special drama ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’ starring Park Shin Hye premiered with average nationwide ratings of 5.6 percent on Wednesday, February 17. It recorded a significant jump in ratings in its second episode, aired February 18, with average nationwide ratings of 6.7 percent. The drama is a time travel story between a genius engineer Han Tae Sul (Cho Seung Woo) and his savior from the future Kang Seo Hae (Park Shin Hye). Right off the bat, the series seems to divulge quite a lot of information and yet keep us shrouded in darkness.

The first episode begins at a warehouse with people queuing up to be sent to the past. Here we get a glimpse of our main female lead Kang Seo Hae who seems to be very upset about leaving her father behind. He tells her to start running “as soon as she arrives”, “not to trust anyone” and the most important of all, “stay away from Han Tae Sul” before she embarks on her journey to the past. Arriving at her destination, she does what her father asked her and starts moving. Suddenly she finds herself surrounded by people in protective gear who seem to have been alerted to a radiation spike. She navigates via train carriages to get away from them and hides.

While our main female is physically strong, growing up in what seems to be a dystopian future, our main male lead is a mad genius. Han Tae Sul is a man with solutions. The plane in which our male lead is traveling is hit by an unknown object, killing the pilot. Han Tae Sul seals the cockpit window and works on helping the copilot. Meanwhile, he misses a board meeting of his company Quantum & Time, infuriating his best friend and colleague, Kim Seung Bok (Tae In Ho). Han Tae Sul video calls Kim Seung Bok to prove that he is not lying and gives a breakdown of what will happen to his finances and assets in the likelihood of him dying, while he’s trying to fix a plane.

We are made aware of the fact that our genius lead suffers from trauma. His elder brother, Han Tae San (Tae Won Seok), died ten years ago. His last encounter with his brother ended up with him striking Han Tae San down. Han Tae San seems to have spotted quite a few people with black suitcases, like those of our time traveler female lead, who seem to be after his younger brother. The brothers might also be other time travelers, considering Han Tae San’s words “We’re not alone”, unless he was talking about aliens. Han Tae Sul seeks the help of his therapist and ex-girlfriend Kim Seo Jin (Jung Hye In) for his problem.

We meet another character in the series, Choi Jae Sun (Chae Jong Hyup) who becomes Kang Seo Hae’s friend/acquaintance because she could predict lottery numbers. Their encounter leaves us questioning whether she is a human or sort kind of hybrid. There is a glimpse of the black suitcase. It seems to contain some trinkets from the owners - Kang Seo Hae’s diary and pendant and Han Tae San’s camera which has pictures from our main leads’ future wedding - and jars that contain some blue substance.

The Control Bureau seems to be a very mysterious organization that is capturing the time travelers. They’re first mentioned when they identify the object to hit the plane to be a bird while the dashcam clearly shows it to be a person, who looks suspiciously like Han Tae San. That prompts Han Tae Sul to begin looking into it. They detain Han Tae Sul and enquire about the suitcase.

The ending leaves us with a possibility of an encounter between our two main leads and a horde of questions surrounding the Control Bureau.

You can watch Sisyphus: The Myth on Netflix now!

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