PENTAGON’s Kino, Yuto and Wooseok take on a new form of evil in the ‘Cerberus’ MV

Published on Aug 18, 2021 07:53 PM IST  |  202.3K
Stills from ‘Cerberus’ MV
Stills from ‘Cerberus’ MV; Picture Courtesy: Cube Entertainment

On the 18th, the digital single 'Cerberus' with the participation of Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok of PENTAGON was released. 'Cerberus' is reminiscent of the three-headed monster guarding the gates of Hades in Greek and Roman mythology. It also means that when the three youngest members come together, they have as strong energy as Cerberus. With music of a different color from the PENTAGON style that they have shown so far, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok are ready to attack the hearts of fans.

When asked about the song, Kino said, "This is a hip-hop song with the motif of Cerberus, the three-headed monster that guards the gates of hell in Greek mythology. It means that the three of us, the youngest members of the Pentagon, are as strong as Cerberus when we get together. In the music video, the three of us turned into villains. We were able to show three villains with different personalities thanks to their different personalities. I can tell you that you can choose the three spicy flavors to your liking". Wooseok said, “It would be interesting to look closely at the chemistry between the three of us and their fast-moving expressions and gestures, etc. Finding the concepts of the three different villains is also a point to watch.” 

Regarding working with the other two members, Yuto said, "It was my first time filming a music video with the youngest members, and it was a very different experience. The process of freely generating ideas while filming, and every moment of filming together was really fun." Wooseok added, "We've been talking about doing it for a long time, but time and opportunity came up, so we started working on it. Like the content of the song, we wrote it while playing together, so we thought about the video and expression method like 'this part, this part, that'. I remember the things I worked on.” 

Wooseok sent a little message to their fans, saying, "Being the youngest members of the PENTAGON, we got together and had a lot of fun working and filming a music video. I hope our joy and energy reach our UNIVERSE. I would love to perform this number on stage soon.”

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