Penthouse actor Park Eun Seok issues a formal apology for offense caused by racist portrayal of new character

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Actor Park Eun-seok poses at the Vive Studios VIT launch (Pic credit - News1)

Artists are responsible for providing audiences with responsible entertainment and portraying the character in the right light, especially if the person belongs to the minority community. On June 12, actor Park Eun Seok, best known to portray Logan Lee in The Penthouse, came under fire for the offensive and racist depiction of his new character Alex Lee, who is shown to be Logan Lee's brother. The actor sported knotted hair, tattoos and an accent, native to the African American Vernacular English community.

Naturally, the racist portrayal did not go down well with the African American Vernacular English, who deemed the look as 'racist' and 'offensive' and signed petitions, demanding the show to be taken off air. Netizens ire increased to such an extent that actor Park Eun Seok, who plays the new character, Alex Lee, issued a formal written apology on his TikTok to his international fans. He clarified that the intention was not to harm, mock, disrespect, or discourage the African American Vernacular English community. He further stated that rather than cultural appropriation, it came from a place of deep love and admiration for the community. He admitted that they did go wrong and it came across as cultural appropriation. 

He issued an unconditional apology to his international fans, stating that as a member of the minority community (Asian community in America), he should have known better. He also hopes that fans understand that their intentions are pure and that Alex Lee admires the community and does not mock it. He hopes that his international fans forgive him. 

Meanwhile, The Penthouse 3 has continued its reign over Friday nights. The Penthouse 3 remained the most-watched program of any kind to air on any channel that entire day. According to Nielsen Korea, the second episode of The Penthouse 3 scored average nationwide ratings of 15.2 percent, 17.5 percent, and 17.5 percent for its three parts.

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