The Penthouse S2 continues its winning streak; Revolutionary Sisters takes the No 1 spot in its time slot

The Penthouse S2 was the most-watched drama of Saturday night, continuing its dominant streak in the second season. Read on to find out about the ratings battle.
The Penthouse S2,Revolutionary Sisters The Penthouse S2 continues its winning streak; Revolutionary Sisters takes the No 1 spot in its time slot
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There is no stopping the greed for wealth, power and status amongst the key players of the Hera Palace in The Penthouse S2, and there is no stopping the sky-high ratings of the show either! According to Nielsen Korea, SBS’s hit drama The Penthouse S2's popularity sky-rocketed as the new season commenced and remained as popular as ever in episodes 7 and 8. The Penthouse S2 scored an average nationwide rating of 19.9 per cent and 24.8 per cent for its latest episode. The makjang blockbuster drama was the most-watched drama of Saturday night.

Meanwhile, the new entrant, Revolutionary Sisters is off to a promising start. Revolutionary Sisters tells the story of an entire family becoming murder suspects after the family’s mother is killed amid her divorce proceedings. The drama combines family dynamics with the thrill of crime and a dash of romance and comedy. According to Nielsen Korea, KBS 2TV's Revolutionary Sisters' viewership ratings for the March 13 premiere of the new drama soared past the 20 per cent mark, with the first episode scoring average nationwide ratings of 20.3 per cent and 23.5 per cent for its two parts. It seems like the Korean audience has a penchant for crime dramas and thrillers.

Matters in The Penthouse S2 continue to heat, with Lee Ji Ah's re-entry in the drama, the mystery around Bae Rona (Kim Hyun Soo)'s death and the beginning of Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon)'s downfall. With only four more episodes to go for season 2, we can only hope for more drama and action in the forthcoming episodes.

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