The Penthouse S2 Ep 11 & 12 RECAP: Shim Su Ryeon kills two birds with one stone & Oh Yoon Hee is no more?

Shim Su Ryeon traps both Joo Dante and Cheon Seo Jin in her master revenge plan, but will she lose Oh Yoon Hee in this battle? Read on to find out.
The Penthouse S2 will air its last episode on April 2 The Penthouse S2 Ep 11 & 12 RECAP: Shim Su Ryeon kills two birds with one stone & Oh Yoon Hee is no more?
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It is no secret that The Penthouse S2 continues to make mind-boggling numbers and we are one episode away from the finale episode, due to air on April 2. According to Nielsen Korea, the penultimate episode of The Penthouse S2 scored average nationwide ratings of 22.9 percent and 29.2 percent for its two parts. That's not all, they beat the previous all-time high of 28.8 percent achieved by the final episode of the first season of The Penthouse. In the previous episode, we saw Cheon Seo Jin joining hands with Oh Yoon Hee to bring about Joo Dante's downfall in a cleverly executed game plan. We also discover that Bae Rona is actually alive. Now, in episode 11 and 12, we are taken through the entire masterplan, by the OG queen, Shim Su Ryeon! 

In episode 11, Ae Gyo complains to Dante that Logan Lee is trying to get close to her, thinking she is Shim Su Ryeon. Dante's henchmen drag Logan Lee to the warehouse and Ae Gyo rings Mr Hong and announces that she is, in fact, Su-Ryeon. It is shown that Logan lee and Shim Su Ryeon planned this all along. Secretary Jo and the others are attacked, with the latter forced into Logan’s position under the hood. Dante is furious and rings Ae Gyo to check if she is loyal to him or not. Ae Gyo assures him that she is still on his side, but we know, what's cooking. 

Shim Su Ryeon discovers a trap door under the rug and when Dan-Tae leaves, finds the key and descends to check out what’s there. Cheon Seo Jin promises Oh Yoon Hee that she will join hands with her to bring about Dante's downfall. Oh Yoon Hee refuses to believe her and says that she needs Seo Jin to come clean about everything and Seo Jin confesses that Ha Eun Byeol did slit Bae Rona's throat, but did not stab her with a trophy. Bae Rona calls Seok Hoon, who is shocked to know she is actually alive! He charges out and heads straight to the park where Rona happens to be sitting on a bench. He lovingly embraces her. 

Rona confirms that Dante stabbed her and tried to kill her. Seok Hoon is boiling in rage and promises to avenge his father's criminal behaviour. However, his anger sort of melts when he gets to know that Shim Su Ryeon is alive and in fact saved Rona. The mother-son duo share an emotional hug. The next day, Yoon Hee and Su Ryeon (under the alias of Ae Gyo) sign the contract. After, Su Ryeon manages to convince Yoon Hee to team up. Yoon Hee realises that she is in fact, Su Ryeon herself!

Ha Yoon Chul continues being reeling under shock about being Bae Rona's real father. In fact, the pain is so much that he has the other inmates beat him down. Unbeknownst, to him Bae Rona is alive and kicking! After a big day of betting on the different plots of land, all the Hera Palace supporting cast gather together. There, they learn that they’ve won over Cheonsoo District. Yoon Hee shows up at Dante’s penthouse to gloat not long after, asking the Chairman just why he cancelled the contract.

Dante realises that Ae Gyo has tricked him and run away with his money, enraged, he tries to manhandle her, however, Logan Lee shows up on his motorcycle and manages to take her away. The same evening, Ae Gyo is run down on the road by a mysterious man. He bundles her in the boot and takes her up to a pet funeral home. Paying off the owner, they head inside and burn her inside the furnace. This, as we soon find out, is all a big, elaborate scheme to avenge Joo Dante.

On the back of this, the police show up at Dan-Tae’s apartment and arrest him for the murder of Ae Gyo. Cheon Seo Jin puts up a stellar performance as an innocent wife who knows nothing about Dante's wrongdoings. The police discover burnt clothes and footprints and arrest Dante, unbeknownst to him, that Su Ryeon, Seo Jin and Yoon Hee have teamed up to bring about his downfall. To pin the blame further on Dante, Yoon Hee shows up as a witness. She recorded their conversation in the morning, including Dan-Tae clearly stating that he wants to kill Ae Gyo. In the last part, we see a shocking twist, the police raid Dante's cottage and discover Su Ryeon and Bae Rona locked up inside the trap door. Su Ryeon is looking bruised and beaten and weeps loudly claiming that she has been kept hostage there by Joo Dante.

Episode 12 begins where we last ended episode 11, a bruised and battered Shim Su Ryeon and Bae Rona are rescued by the police. We discover that, unbeknownst to Seo Jin, Yoon Hee and Shim Su Ryeon have meticulously planned everything to kill two birds with one stone - Dante and Seo Jin! So, Seo Jin drugs Dante's drinks, as he passes out. She texts Ae Gyo pretending to be Dante. Ae Gyo is chased by the car and she dramatically rolls on the ground. We soon discover that the man in a black hoodie, is in fact, Logan Lee. Logan Lee and Shim Su Ryeon burn a dummy person at the pet funeral.

Yoon Hee picks up the burnt ashes and passes them on to Seo Jin, who plants them in Dante's study. Once the set up to trap Dante is complete, Seo Jin demands Eun Byeol's bloodied necklace. Yoon Hee hands her over the cottage keys and claims that is hidden there somewhere. Seo Jin rushes to the cottage and tries to find the necklace but to no avail. The alarm goes off and Seo Jin is forced to return to the penthouse empty-handed.

At the police station, an enraged Dante charges towards Yoon Hee and grabs her by the neck. He threatens to kill her. In the hospital, the police record Shim Su Ryeon's statement, who puts the perfect act of being pitiful. Logan Lee arrives and embraces Su Ryeon, kissing her and assuring her that he will be by her side. Su Ryeon, however, is not sure. Seo Jin is rejoicing Dante's arrest and asks her secretary to get the divorce papers ready, however, her jaw drops to the ground, when she realises that Shim Su Ryeon is alive and that she unknowingly helped Su Ryeon accomplish her revenge plan.

Seo Jin is arrested by the police on the grounds of false imprisonment and abduction of Su Ryeon. While she’s taken away, Dante suddenly realizes that he killed Ae Gyo and not Su Ryeon, sending him spiralling into a fit of incredulous rage. He plays his final trump card and rings Logan Lee’s Father. In the hospital, Seok Kyung finally meets her mother and the two embrace in a touching reunion. 

In prison, Yoon Chul receives a letter from Yoon Hee promising that she’ll help free him soon and knows that he didn’t kill Rona. However, there are more pressing concerns here, her letter indicates that she possibly may end her own life. Soon enough, Logan Lee and Shim Su Ryeon discover Yoon Hee's letter and get worried. Yoon Hee has apologised for her wrongdoings and begged for their forgiveness.

As we cut across to a bridge in the heart of Seoul, we see Yoon Hee’s scarf blowing in the wind. This seems to hint that she’s jumped to her doom... or has she? Tune into The Penthouse S2 episode 13 on April 2 to find out.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Yep, Logan Lee might turn out to be a villian. Anything can happen. It keeps you hooked with all the twists.