The Penthouse S2 Ep 13 RECAP: Logan Lee is brutally murdered by Joo Dante (?) in a shocking final twist

The stage is set for The Penthouse S3, will Shim Su Ryeon avenge Logan Lee's death? Read on to find out.
The Penthouse S2 Ep 13 RECAP: Logan Lee is brutally murdered by Joo Dante (?) in a shocking final twist
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The Penthouse S2 is officially over! It is hard to spell it out, let alone believe it! The Penthouse S2 has been a stellar success since inception, and if the numbers are to be believed, a smashing hit for the past two seasons. Set against the elite backdrop of South Korea's capital city, Seoul, it explores the story of the rich residents of Seoul's most luxurious residential complex Hera Palace and their never-ending greed for money, power and status. They are so ambitious to conquest their greed at any cost that they are willing to do anything that it takes to reach those heights. 

The drama is filled with bullying, revenge, murder, adultery and memory loss played out amongst one another to fulfil their greed beyond avarice. The entire season witnessed mind-games, elaborate plans for murder, wife and child swapping and people literally returning from the dead, unscathed! The Penthouse S2 ended on a solid, high point with one of the most beloved characters of the show being brutally murdered by the show's main villain or has he? 

Episode 13 of The Penthouse Season 2 begins with Yoon Hee walking into the police station, deciding to turn herself in for Min Seol A’s murder. Meanwhile, at Hera Palace, Ma Ri tells Kyu Jin that her husband is returning to Korea soon. All of a sudden, they are interrupted by the news that Cheonsoo has been completely flipped upside down. In fact, the value has plummeted and it’s now worthless. The police come to Hera Palace and confirm that the residents need to come with them. Min Seol A's murder case has been reopened thanks to Yoon Hee’s confession. Yoon Hee is visited by Logan Lee who confesses that Rona was alive and that Shim Su Ryeon was the one who saved her. A shocked Yoon Hee watches Rona wheeled out and says that she cannot face her daughter because she is wrecked with guilt.

After, Yoon Hee visits Seo Jin while she’s in the prosecutor’s office. There, she outright admits to killing Min Seol A. At the same time, Su Ryeon breaks some home truths of her own, admitting to Joo Dante about switching identities with Ae Gyo. Logan Lee meets Dante in the prison and confesses that he is going to expose everything about Dante to the world. Dante, who was unperturbed by everything so far, is shocked to know that he killed Ae Gyo with his own hands. He is distraught, his first time showing some real human emotions!

Meanwhile, Ha Eun Byeol comes face to face with Bae Rona and Seok Hoon. She is shocked to know that Rona is actually alive! Rona declares matter of factly that she will ensure Ha Eun Byeol pays for her deeds. A scared Ha Eun Byeol runs back to her apartment and hugs Ms Jin in fear. Ms Jin, who seems to have grown overly possessive of Ha Eun Byeol, insists she call her 'mother' from now onwards. 

Two months later, there is a courtroom trial to pronounce the guilty with punishment for murdering Min Seol A. Cheon Seo Jin, Joo Dante, Lee Kyu Jin, his wife and Ma Ri appear before the court and plead innocence. The court case goes ahead, with Su Ryeon up first as the witness. Yoon Hee confesses to pushing Min Seol A off the edge. On the back of this, all the residents decide to gang up on Yoon Hee and confirm that they’re not involved. However, there’s the burning bus video from The Penthouse S1 that acts as evidence to prove their claims false! Yoon Chul, who is wrecked with guilt speaks up and confesses, confirming that what’s being said is true.

On the back of this, the different residents receive their sentences. Ma Ri and Sang A are sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison. Seo Jin receives a jail sentence of 7 years. Yoon Chul and Kyu Jin also receive 2 years in prison. Mastermind, Joo Dante who plotted the entire murder, is given a life sentence. Yoon Hee is also sentenced to a jail term of 3 years.

Seok Hoon and Seok Kyung meet Dante in jail and denounce him as their father. They declare their Su Ryeon is their guardian from now onwards. Seo-Jin grins, but not for long. Of course, the video confirming Seo Jin killing her Father could be shared now and give her a larger sentence. Seo Jin pleads with her Seok Kyung not to discuss the video with anyone, but seems like that is a possibility for season 3! 

Su Ryeon makes a queen like entry into Hera Palace. She throws away every inch of Joo Dante out of the penthouse and instead puts up new memories of her renewed life with Seok Hoon and Seok Kyung. Seok Hoon and Seok Kyung warm up to Rona, while Yoo Jeni and Lee Minhyuk vow to avenge Rona for causing this nuisance in the first place. Rona visits Min Seol A's grave and places the Daesang trophy on her tombstone.

On the back of this, at the prison, we see a prison guard hand over a newspaper marked in red ink to Joo Dante. The newspaper hints at D-day for Logan Lee in 9 days. Logan Lee reaches Korea and waits in the parking lot for Su Ryeon. He plans to propose to her. Su Ryeon is standing on the other side of the road with a bouquet in her hand. As they approach one another, a homeless man suddenly spins around and looks at Logan. The car he’s next to completely explodes, killing Logan instantly. 

The Penthouse S2 bows out with yet another shocking twist, in true Penthouse fashion. Now, if Logan Lee is actually dead or this is one big plot twist only time will tell. The Penthouse S2 is all set to return sometime in June this year. 

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