The Penthouse S2 SOARS to a new all time high; Breaks previous season's ratings record

The Penthouse S2 has notched up impressive numbers, each better than the previous one. Read on to find out.
The Penthouse S2 aired its finale episode on March 27 The Penthouse S2 SOARS to a new all time high; Breaks previous season's ratings record
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It's safe to say that The Penthouse S2's biggest competition, in fact, is themselves. The Penthouse: War In Life has been a smash-hit with fans since its inception for its wonderfully construed premise, amazing performances and mind-numbing plot-twists. The second season of The Penthouse has seen it all, murder, revenge, people coming back from the dead, lovers, enemies and unexpected plot twists that no one saw coming! Now, in a recent report, The Penthouse S2 has soared to impressive new heights ahead of its season finale.

According to Nielsen Korea, the penultimate episode of The Penthouse S2 scored average nationwide ratings of 22.9 percent and 29.2 percent for its two parts. That's not all, they beat the previous all-time high of 28.8 percent achieved by the final episode of the first season of The Penthouse. Song Joong Ki's Vincenzo came second with an average nationwide rating of 9.3 percent for its latest episode. This was followed by JTBC’s Beyond Evil with an average rating of 4.3 percent. 

According to a new report by Daily Sports, The Penthouse S2 will be returning with a season 3 in June sometime. However, instead of airing it bi-weekly, it will air once a week only. However, an official from the drama's production team revealed that "Nothing has been decided."

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