Penthouse writer Kim Soon Ok admits the show ‘lacks a sense of reality’; Shares thoughts on Knetz’ criticism

Read on to know what the writer of the undisputed King of makjang, Kim Soon Ok, thinks about her show, The Penthouse!
Official poster of The Penthouse: War in Life The Penthouse: War in Life poster.
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The Penthouse: War in Life is filled with revenge, betrayal, unimaginable twists and characters coming back to life, after everyone thinks they’re done for. Because of its high-paced storytelling, the twists and turns and the many limits characters cross, The Penthouse: War In Life was dubbed as one of the best makjang K-Dramas. 


Due to its unrealistic portrayal, the writer of the show, Kim Soon Ok, was nicknamed as ‘Anything is possible with Soon Ok’ and even ‘Kim Soon Ok’s mythology’. In a recently held Q&A session with the writer, she admitted to the show being unrealistic, and shared her thoughts while working for the show. She first talked about the nicknames and said, “I think these nicknames such as 'anything is possible with Soon Ok' came about because of the lack of the sense of reality. And I admit that." She elaborated by saying that she thinks there are too many incidents breaking out one after the other and it makes it difficult for the characters to express their emotions. She also said that viewers might be confused because dead characters came back to life one by one. 


The writer then talked about the criticism from the netizens while taking it in a good stride. She said, “While watching the drama, I self-reflected a lot. I always went, ‘Oh, I should fix that’ and then go, ‘I shouldn’t revive them’ but then, I find myself writing another incident and preparing to make another character come back alive!”


In the end, she thanked the viewers for their support and love while also apologising for the shortcomings of the drama. She also thanked the actors saying “they are like gifts” who put effort into adding a bit of reality in the drama with their acting. 


The Season 3 premiere of The Penthouse: War In Life opened as the most watched program on any channel on June 4, 2021. The show currently airs once a week, on Fridays at 10 PM KST. 


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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is exaggerated and overrated or do you think that’s just how makjang dramas are supposed to be? Let us know in the comments