PHOTO: GOT7's leader JB looks breathtaking in an impressive bathroom selca leaving Ahgases stunned

GOT7's leader and talented vocalist Im Jae Beom aka JB posted a breathtaking bathroom selca, leaving Ahgases stunned with his ethereal visuals. Check out his IG post below.
PHOTO: GOT7's leader JB looks breathtaking in an impressive bathroom selca leaving Ahgases stunned
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We are getting so much GOT7 content, and frankly, we aren't complaining at all. Last Saturday on February 20, we were treated with the soothing and soul-stirring track Encore, celebrating the septet's glorious legacy and their genuine camaraderie. The members may have gone separate ways and signed with different agencies to pursue their solo careers, it doesn't take away from the fact that they are a team and will always be. JB even put up an Instagram story where he mentioned in Korean that GOT7 is not disbanding and we, are here for the septet's second innings.

In his latest Instagram update, JB shared a breathtaking bathroom selca. In the selca, JB has tilted his head sideways, using his arm for support. His sharp features highlight well against the soft lighting of the room. His white, long-sleeved tee complements the pastel background very well. His phone has some intricate designs, as well as cute pig and flower stickers. The photo has already amassed an immense amount of likes. JB also trended on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, with the keyword, 'Jay B'.

You can check out JB's breathtaking selca below:



A post shared by Def./JAY B (

Meanwhile, GOT7 members have signed with different agencies or currently scouting for one. JB is in talks with a hip hop label as well as a global music label. He is currently planning to find the right company that will help in his solo career. Mark released his solo song, One In A Million in collaboration with EDM producer Sanjoy, Jinyoung will be appearing in the courtroom drama Devilish Judge, Yugyeom has signed with Jay park AOMG, Youngjae has signed with Sublime Artist Agency, Jackson is the CEO of Team Wang label and plans to continue with that and BamBam will try to balance his work between South Korea and Thailand with the help of a content production agency.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Love GOT7 members they are all so real as a group and standing on their own. The music is very real