Saif-Katrina promote Phantom at Umang 2015!

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Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif are busy promoting their upcoming movie 'Phantom' and it was for one such promotional drive that the duo went to Umang 2015 - the college festival of Mithibai College in Mumbai.

The two were given a roaring welcome by the students as they stepped on to the stage and were seen interacting with them. While Saif looked handsome in a black shirt-blue jeans combo along with a brown leather jacket, Katrina looked elegant and beautiful in a black and white shirt paired over white jeans. 

Saif and Katrina play secret agents in 'Phantom' which has been directed by Kabir Khan and is all set to release on 28th August 2015. 'Phantom' centres around the scenario post the 26/11 terrorist attacks on India and on the issue of global terrorism. The film's trailer has been received positively by the netizens.

Untitled from PINKVILLA on Vimeo.


Lovely katrina

she is so tall and gorgeous! I would rather give the best body award to someone like Deepika who has better proportions and is always fit.

I like the fact that she is trying. She is always going to be my gorgeous lady.

Love it!! She looks amazing! Next time no white!! and some hairstyle change! Kat you are getting there!!! Love it!

What's with all this hatred people!? Agreed she isn't the best actress to have worked in Bollywood, but she's still been successful - give her some credit for her persistence and hard work? And the most ridiculous thing people blame her for - for using Salman Khan to get to the top! Are you serious? Have you not been tracking his life? He got away with murder and you think he's dumb enough to be used like that and still be friends with this culprit?. God! sometimes people are like the BIGGEST disappointment on this planet!

WORD! lol. she's gorgeous and that's all that matters in BWOOD - it's always been like that - looks will always overpower talent. you might not like me for saying this, but there's a reason why we all are here writing anonymous PV posts and she's up there making her life grand.

kat is realy beautiful ,i love her dress,very elegant

The second pic is like totally hawwtttt. Sexy Kat.

Is it just me, or has she upped her fashion risk factor post the Cannes festival??
And her attitude as well. Sonam's comments on her safe fashion sense must've gotten to her.
Either ways, I'm liking her new attempt atleast at trying out non-safe choices..except for the hair..that never changes.

Hottest bod

i prefer open toe boots for this look

Reminds me of her statue in madam tassauds!

This girl is so natural...she doesnt even have to try! Love her clothes and look cant wait for movie

Hi Ranbir! We get it lol

lol, kat face

She looks great. He looks old, tired and the jeans look dated.

Saif looks good but Katrina???? Her face looks so unnatural that I feel uncomfortable looking at her.

She looks old n lost the charm. Her face my its better to say nothing

She is dressing like younger girls these days. But her face is getting bad she must let go easy with fillers n botox.

whats wrong with her face.why so puffy?

using the same hair style to cover her lopsided puffy face

she look so comfortable and great. i love how she doesn't mind repeating her outfits.

Repeat? She never repeat her clothes. Where she wore this dress n shoes earlier plz post pic

she's worn her white denim a couple of times.

The boots have got to go

both look really good

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement