Pakistan bans the Saif Ali Khan - Katrina Kaif movie 'Phantom'

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For the past few days there has been a lot of debate going on in Pakistan about the release of the Kabir Khan movie 'Phantom'. 26/11 mastermind and Jamaat-ud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed's had submitted a petition demanding a ban on the release of "Phantom" in the country. "We have a clear set of laws and rules as legislated by the parliament. We have to comply with the law. (It's as) Simple as that," Fakhr-e-Alam, Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) chairman, had mentioned in an interview.

News now has it that a Pakistani court today confirmed the ban on the Saif Ali Khan - Katrina Kaif starrer. 'Reuters reported lawyer AK Dogar as saying, "The government has been told that the film should not be presented for showing in Pakistan and to take necessary steps in this regard."

Yahya Mujahid, spokesperson for Hafiz Saeed said, "This film was calling for an attack on Hafiz Saeed, and this was clearly terrorism on the part of India, to release such propaganda. So we think the High Court has given a very good decision on this."

"Phantom" is a political thriller inspired by "Dongri To Dubai" writer Hussain Zaidi's "Mumbai Avengers", which is based on the aftermath of the 26/11 terror attacks in which 10 Pakistani terrorists sneaked into Mumbai from the sea in November 2008 and killed 166 Indians and foreigners.

Pakistan had banned Indian movies in 1968 but lifted this ban later. Aamir Khan's "Taare Zameen Par" is said to have been the first Indian film to make its way into Pakistan's cinema halls after the ban was lifted. Since then, a plethora of Hindi films have entertained movie buffs across the border, thawing the otherwise strained bilateral ties between the two nations.

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These kind of movies are for Indian audience because it represent their approach and fantasies.

I think even if this movie does well Fitoor won't . even if fitoor does average financially, Fitoor is based on "Great Expectations" so the expectation to garner crtics praise is high, which I think Katrina Kaif won't be able to manage. Lets see what happens.

Pakistan have a reason to ban Phantom.
But why india banned bin roye? It is a simple love story why then?
any answer people?

And Pakistan's reason to ban Phantom was because Hafiz Saeed demanded it!!!

Bin Roye released in India in 81 screens on 7 August 2015, making it biggest release ever for Pakistani film in India.

Because its world's biggest democracy.That may be one reason *smirks*

Yes we are a democracy. We don't have army generals doing a coup and taking over the country.

Yep,who needs army generals when you have Shiv Sena :P

You do...Didn't Your army chief put your elected prime minister under house arrest and declare himself the president and rule it for 7 years? ROFL! Shiv Sena is dead and burried!!! He never dared touch any PM of India and his dominance remained with in city limits of Mumbai. But again, who am i arguing with? You don't have a coherent thought. Neither can you make a cogent argument.

OMG is that Salman khan?Shouldn't he be in jail?

OMG!! Is that Hafiz Saeed. Shouldn't we shake his hand and get his autograph? FYI...that isn't Salman. I'm not that pedestrian!!!

Ok you are.LOL

agree ;)

If someone offers you coco or weed just say NO :P

LOL yaar

Even though it's banned, people in Pakistan still will be able to get hold of the movie. Many rules are usually not followed or obeyed in almost all countries in the world. The people who banned it feel they have to do it to please a certain section of the population but they know that many people will be able to get hold of the movie easily. And anyway, many Pakistanis live in UK, UAE and US and they will be able to watch it freely.

Good riddance... who would want to watch a baseless bravery fantasy. This can only happen in a movie.

Good for them, they won't have to tolerate Katrina.

Actually Fiza,lots of uncles here want to tolerate katrina :P

wish they ban terrorism in the same way ...oh forgot terrorist himself has asked to ban the movie ....

Sharon Diva try to be a bit mature dear. Get over the narrow mindedness.
Your country is also full of corruption and terrorism. Its Pakistan that is being targeted by alot of other countries including yours.
You need to appreciate us for tackling with so many agents living here in Pak planning to destroy it.
So, please :) Get over the hatred u are holding for pak. JUST GET OVER.

One needs to think before she/he speaks !!!! If you are enough mature I am sure you get it.

one should keep her mouth shut , when they dont know anthing!
you are no living in PAKISTAN so you cannot say anything!! you dont have any idea how hard our FORCES are fighting with it!! >>anyways its human problem to blame

You are giving in for a terrorists request so please dont preach us ...when u give milk to snake no guarantee that it will bite only neighbours, it can bite you too

i Reapeat you are not PAKISTANI ,so dont act like "you have correct knowledge about everything that is happening around the world".
to know something is to experience it!
> "it will bite only neighbours"

chal chodo ... where was Osama hiding??? where is Dawood hiding ? where is Hafeez sayyed , the architect of India Taj hotel terrorist attack , and the one who is asking to ban this movie, residing ??

so many questions !! let me ask you just one what about JAMMU KASHMIR?
ONE THING if i dwell in this topic you are surely going to say me that i am putting blames and all that!

Yeah what about Kashmir? Pakistan attacked Kashmir, Hari singh, the maharaja of Kashmir accessed to India and then India sent its troops. Kashmir is split into 3 parts is controlled by 3 nations only because Pakistan attacked it in first place. Read history, not the one printed in your dodgy textbooks.

I have a house someone comes and occupies doesnt make it their house ... so u got my answer.
I am out of it as it looks like never ending .

Good decision from you and absolutely agree with what you said

So you agree?ok thanks

Yes kkk fan you are right.What do indians have to say about Kashmir?PV did not post single one of my comments


WE the public of PAKISTAN dont want to watch such movies. okay? WE !!!!!!!!!!
so our government did exactly what we would have done if put incharge. Relax yourself. This hatred for pak u are holding will consume urself and wont harm others trust me :)

It does not matter , as long as the movies get released in other Asian countries, UK, and US , Indian movies will be okay

Er the last time I checked the UK and USA are mainly white countries where desi's are in a minority....

THe movie is awesome. Y ban it. seriously ban all their actors. starting fawad weirdo khan

hahaha your female public loves him and want to watch his movies. why would bollywood ban him

I wish this movie was banned 2 weeks ago in india also, that would have saved the indian movie nation lot of headache with this katrina tamasha. If only, if only

but why,it's just a film yah

I wasn't planing to watch. Lol

Ban their actors in India, so many of them.

indian cinema wants to have good and pretty actors.
Mahira and shahrukh together. well even the king khan wants to work wid Paki actors :)


Good, I wasn't planning to watch this anyhow -.Katrina is still so wooden after all these years it's actually cringeworthy to watch her.

India banned Bin Roye so it is good thing that Pakistan bans Phantom.

Now hipsdontlie should not have any problems with pakistan anymore.Happy na?

After DP, now you are obsessed with me?


Seems like you are obsessed with yourself!!

Better me than a stranger!!!

U wish.If I have Deepika,you have Sonam in her place,so whats the difference (not that I am flattered by the similarity :P )?

I comment about Sonam only on her posts, You talk about DP in almost every post. There is a huge difference between criticism and obsession. I'm actually offended by the comparison. Go figure why :P

All the people who are commenting against movie, don't bother to watch. We Katrina fans will definitely watch movie.

This film will flop so baldy. And people will realize that Katrina has no star power and she was surviving on Khans and item songs for the past years!

This doesn't surprise me. I am hoping this movie flops so Katrina can hide for a while I feel bad for Saif though

India need help

India banned bin roye only cause shiv sena said, yet it was a romance why expect money others to take it, why went their money.

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