Saif-Kareena attend 'Phantom' screening!

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A special screening of Phantom was held last night at Sunny Super Sound in Juhu (Mumbai) and a few selected guests were invited to the same. 

The lead actor of the film, Saif Ali Khan, entered the venue arm in arm with wife, the very beautiful Kareena Kapoor and the two seemed to be in a jovial mood as they posed for the shutterbugs present at the venue. Both the actors had gone for a casual look with Kareena choosing to wear a fun white shirt with the words 'The Hangover Club' printed on it with a pair of dark blue denims while Saif sported a grey T-shirt paired with blue jeans.

They were also seen interacting wth the other guests at the venue like actress Dia Mirza.

Also present at the screening was the director of the film Kabir Khan as well as producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Producer Sidharth Roy Kapur was also present at the venue.

'Phantom' also stars Katrina Kaif and is all set to release on 28th August 2015.

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isn't it summer in india? the sweatshirt is heavy for such a humid weather

Is it winter in India right now?

I am not a fan of hers at all but she is killing it in this casual look. She looks 10000X's better than Katrina here. There was a time when Kat was more beautiful than Kareena because of the sweetness on her face but with the Botox blowing up the sweetness she unfortunately is no longer as attractive in my opinion. I wish she would stop cause I do like her, especially during her Singh is King days.

She really knows how to dress.

Bebo mein Bebo...I love you darling. You and hubby are adorable, real and beautiful.....
Enjoy your life .

kareena never lets me down! Love her look her and everything about her really! Go kareena!

Love u Kareena u look beautiful.

two men

Kareena is beautiful. Kareena you need to do different movies and good meaningful role.

Would like to see her in remake of Chaal Baaz of Sridevi movie.

Jaw dropped by her killer looks...!!

kareena has a very laid back life now,doing less films and hanging out with her girlfriends and hubby.She must be one happy woman.

and here she looks pretty and youthful again! keep it up! and she looks her best in light colours and natural makeup (concealer!)...
i feel she looks aged in dark clothes.

Funny how Kareena didn't pose with her brother or/and her sister -in-law considering they were attending the same screening of the film. Are they only loving towards each other in interviews and in front of the media?

I like these two together...they do seem like in a very good relationship where no pretentiousness..they seem real. And no, I don't find Kareena too mesmerising...I do think there are some flaws here and there in her face...for example, I don't find her face very feminine 1. she has a very large/long face and 2. her cheekbones too wide/narrow jaw ...and for me no matter how dark or fair you are, you have to have that feminism in you to be attractive..anyhow, that's me...I am sure there are millions out there who find her extremely beautiful...she certainly is..from some angles she looks too divine...point to the matter is, she is natural and honest, momentarily she throws dumb comments every now and then but I like her honesty and true personality. Wish to see more of her in good movies, not in some 100 crore movies just dancing for 10 mins and that's it.

such a beautiful couple! mashallah..both are lucky to have each other!

Kareena loves those espadrilles. Me too! Love you KKK.

saif promoted phantom n katrina affairs and hatred towards other actresses.

This pic is adorable

Ignorant mind blissful face. No big deal.

Woah so stunning bebo! All the best to Saif for Phantom #bebothebeautiful

Ok even being Kareena non fan I have to admit that she is one of few actresses in Bollywood who can look this good in simple cloths and less make up ( very often even without make up). This is how natural face looks, fresh and glowing!

for me bebo is the epitome of feminism...
she's got looks, style, sex appeal and a happy face....
just love her.....absolute beauty

i think she means femininity. though bebo isn't the epitome of it..she is looking very sweet here.

how old are you? Do you even know what feminism means? lol

epitome of feminism? lol

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement