Katrina and Saif promote Phantom in the capital city

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Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan are busy with the promotions of their Kabir Khan movie 'Phantom'. They are clicked here in the capital city, along with their director Kabir, 

'Phantom' has been written in coordination with author Hussain Zaidi's book Mumbai Avengers on the aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Recently, Pakistan announced its decision to ban the film in their country. The team of Phantom, including Saif, was very disappointed with this development. Saif had said, "Unfortunately, certain films that they (Pakistan) will make, we (India) will ban, and certain films that we make, they will ban. If you don't want to get banned, you have to make other films like 'Race'... which is fair enough because certain political issues are very sensitive between the two countries."

However, the team is looking forward to the big release this weekend. Kabir, who saw huge success in his Salman Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan, said that he is not looking for numbers. He said, "A film should be successful according to its budget. And if you feel that every film should touch a certain number, then we'll make the same kind of films, which I didn't want. As a director, I want to make different kinds of films. All films should be successful, 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' was successful and I want that 'Phantom' is also a similar success."

Well, are you looking forward to catch this movie over the weekend?

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This movie does not excite me. Maybe 'cos kat gives the vibes of "I know this movie will be a hit cos I am in it" Is someone's arrogance rubbing on her or is this how strong silent types reflect to us?

her face looks funny now when she laughs. power to botox

she is beautiful even in that suit. i really can't imagine any actress in that dress

3rd pic old aunty

Katrina getting younger and more beautiful day by day..

Saif should be more formally dressed for d event like Katrina Kaif who is looking like a perfect angel..

well i m dead sure it will surpass bajrangi collections easily

Best Movie of the year sure shot blockbuster

3rd pic is horrifing. wtf happened to her face ?

I think overall in this recent time promoting this movie in these pictures she looks the best. I thought she was quite pretty back in the time she started working in Bollywood. She looked decent and natural. Right now, her face is fully pumped injecting botox. She lost all her charm. She has a body to die for, surely.. but face wise she has 0 appealingness. PV please post.

She looks horrible and ruined all good features she had deo to botox surgeries and don't think so she will be able to survive in bollywood with that kind features she got specialy with tough competition from other bollywood actresses (kriti, sharrdha, alia, jacqueline) which had 100 time more
good pretty and natural and fresh beauty.

Movie looks ridiculous.

She looks good here.Old ,but good.

She is super cute...hot and sexy.

Saif is so much older then her but in these pics he is looking so much younger. Apart from her side pic in the car all the other pics she is looking like a whole new person, looking more chinki (chinese) these days. pv post!!

Beautiful, Kat is simply stunning

Saif is checking up something in the second pic lol

3rd pic : She is peeing secretly lol xD

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement