Pataudi Diaries: The pre-b’day celebrations of Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan have begun

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Here are some awesome gorgeous snaps of B’town’s coolest gang! Kareena Kapoor Khan is all set to ring in her birthday on September 21 with her family and friends at the Pataudi Palace.

Kareena recently completed her Delhi schedule of R. Balki’s ‘Ki and Ka’ and now she is totally excited for her birthday! Kareena Kapoor Khan, hubby Saif Ali Khan along with Karisma Kapoor and Amrita Arora Ladak were spotted posing in style. Both Karisma and Amrita have been sharing snaps of the awesome time they are having together.

Aren’t these two the most stylish, coolest and gorgeous sisters of B’Town? Karisma shared this pic of Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan writing, “Birthday Girl to be! #pataudi #palacelife #begum'sbirthday.”

And these BFFs sure know how to pout. Here’s a snap from Amrita Arora’s insta account which she captioned, “Birthday girl to be!!!! #pataudidiaries #royalsforaday!!!!”

Aren’t these gorgeous set of pics? We just wonder how the real birthday celebrations snaps going to be. Keep an eye on this space for more.

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all of them needs a reality.
i am 21. and way mature then them.

This is so ridiculous, I mean what are they ? 16? I just do not get this obsession of 40 something people of pouting and posing.. bunch of idiots..

Shakuntela. where are u?

karisma looks more fairer than kareena in these pics... wow...

Delusional much..Begum, huh? India has abolished royalty, we are a democracy...

Anyone over 21 who takes selfies posing like this, I can't stand. It's so embarrassing.

Love both the Kapoor sisters

Pathudi house worth 750000 crores wow!

that number literally boggled my mind... how much is it in USD?

Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor
It is clear why no man wants to stay with Karisma, it is all about her, mother of two , 40 and always seen in short clothes. She will be forever alone.

am sure you wouldn't say the same things about men!
look at saifu at 44!! acting younger on and off screen with an almost 20 y o daughter. clicking selfies in shorts and posting them on instagram ask the dudes to grow up too

So sad that we think like that. Every free spirited woman deserves to be happy. She will find someone special too.

all look stunning.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kareena Kapoor ... I hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter " May all your bday wishes come true!!

Kareena, Karisma and Amrita all are very photogenic.

Its sad to see a bunch of 40's n 35's come across as desperate and wannabe.

Stop hating on others..who are living their to the fullest just because you don't have one..Grow up

Look at Karishma's legs than look at Kareena's. Kareena really needs to work on her legs they are a bit thick, but she looks good neck up. Karishma is just pure class, absolutely beautiful, lover her.

For me it is Karishma. What legs , what style , what delicate figure love love

Gorgeous people. The Kapoor sisters are eternally youthful, classy and beautiful. Oh my, Karishma has the greatest, gorgeous, sexy legs but the girl never shows them off. And lovely beautiful and happy.

Gorgeous Kareena,just lovely

Gorgeous,Kareena has flawless skin.And even I noticed Karishma's hands,they look aged :O

queens of bollywood the kapoor sisters

It's refreshing to see her smile and not pout for a posed picture:)
i hope she wears something glamorous for her actual birthday celebration.

Saif & Karisma look like the married couple. There is something so much more classy and mature about Karisma. Kareena always looks a little spoilt, air head, princessy and very immature. Like she's still a baby. She also seems to choose to act that way.

rock on bebo,life is short.

omg look at karishma's hand in 2nd last pic

Kareena has the worst legs and arms, they are both so heavy.


OMG Kapoor sisters are stunners!

happiest birthday to the very gorgeous bebo.

kareena is just a freaking goddess,u cant help but stare at her.

how pretty are the kapoor sisters,lovely girls.

bebo is jus stunning... :) :)

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