Aishwarya attends Jazbaa premiere with family; looks like a dream!

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan attended the Jazbaa premiere and looked very pretty in the white dress. She was seen with her parents. Looking very beautiful, all eyes were set on her.

The Sanjay Gupta film starring Aish is lead role has received good reviews from the critics. She is seen as lawyer in the film who is a mother and fights to protect her child. An adaptation of Korean film “Seven Days”, the film shows the beautiful diva in a tough avatar. It also stars Irrfan Khan, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Shabana Azmi, Jackie Shroff and others.

Touted as her comeback film, Jazbaa seems to be a good choice on her behalf. Read our review to find out more about the film.


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Looks amazing

I think this caftan would look fab on someone like Lisa Haydon, who has a natural boho vibe.

Did Aish forgot to wear the curidar ?? I really wonder.....

toned down makeup!!! layers of foundation concealeer....over lined lips ....she really has to stop overlining her lips it looks so cheap also half of her face becomes lips only ruins the proportion thus looks ugly


love the split on the sides

She looks so fresh! Love her toned-down makeup.

her dad hugs the cast with so much pride in them

parents look so proud of her

Poor parents who had to sit through that headache of a movie.

so fresh

Stop saying and wonder I smell something fishy here,almost everybody here response exactly the same and pity voices writer to try back up ash now,just why run from the topic,the movie review is good ,only that remake remake things has mess up the whole industry now like no other surprises of our own special story, wheres the ideas gone, and this isn't kurta,kameez or kaftan but this is maxi+kurta,....

does this make sense to anyone? including the the person who made this comment!!!

Most Beautiful, Heroine Aishwarya Rai is back & wow, Deepika, Kareena, Kangana start packing your bags, poor Kareena all the films will go to Aish now,

Kim kardASHian of bollywood ASH

Don't like Ash (her profile, in particular, is bery unflatering) and the dress is terrible, but her mom looks great. Beautiful sari and jewelry! I am hoping you will post this, but am not very sure.

It's a kaftan not kurta

It's a kaftan not kurta

I see the kaftan is coming to India now. I love wearing them, so comfortable.

Her first movie after 5 years, and her inlaws and hubby couldn't be bothered to turn up. Guess they didn't wanna watch Jazbaa either.

So love Aishwarya Rai.....a good daughter to her parents , fits in all roles of life be it professional and personal so well......You Go girl....More power to you....

she looks lovely but what is this outfit exactly? it looks like a very long kameez without a salwar. these designers are so overrated.

Thrusting that leg out in her solo pics is so unnatural. THe model cud carry this off, Ash is always 'perfectly done' n this attire is sort of bo-ho casual chic. Those shoes she be open toed. Doesnt go with this outfit. PV post this.

every actor needs to skin exposure / sexy things somehow to survive including aishwarya rai just like when she did in dhoom 2 the crucial point for her just like when she shows off her legs now in other photos under long white dress so she is not different from others -typical bollywood actress who tries to look as white as possible and tries to market herself as white whereas shades darker and shows off body for popularity &create controversy
she must stop pretending and embrace what she is indeed

Rani did the same for her film with Shahid, she was prolly younger than Ash when she donned bikini but then her career hasn'rt seen the light of the day for almost a decade now.what say? yes, every actress flashes to survive but then how many make it up to Ash's level? was this because only she flashed? apparently not, its only dhoom 2 but then it was in 2006.She is 42 now with 5 films.

no point in giving examples, the main point is even the bachchan bahu aishwarya has to show off some skin for popularity and box office of her movie
we have seen how much effort she is paying; so no matter if you type all names here around world- the issue is...aishwarya also needs what others need : skin bleach and skin show... here full stop whether you like or not

What has Rani got to do with anything? :/ Have you forgot Mardaani? It released last year. It's the movie that Jazbaa wished it could be. ;)

What is she wearing...she looks awesome but what is that, is that a Kurta, dresss?

She will lose 7 kg for ADHM :D

Curves are great for naturally curvy people like Sunny Leone, Kajol and Katrina but finely-boned people like Ash need to be slim as they are not naturally curvy

Those arms

She looked fantastic back at the Jodhaa Akbar premiere, the Guru premiere and the Umrao Jaan premiere. So svelte and beautiful. Now she is so heavy and frumpy :( Hopefully she loses weight for ADHM

Shabana Azmi is in the house!

I think the make up is good but the body is too overweight...she is naturally skinny like Shilpa and doesn't suit the extra weight

She really needs to lose weight

Where is Aishwarya Rai in these pictures?

Bring back Dhoom girl

What is this? A nightie with some bling ? The Bachchans should have turned up for her , when she's off Twitter for them . She's always been the dutiful DIL & mum.

I have seen this gown on the model unfortunately aishwarya fails to carry this gorgeous gown off...she ruins the beauty charm of the gown so ends up presenting it like a pyjama or say nightgown!!...her shoe choice makes her feet a lot bigger and white stockings looks bad she should have worn something skin colour all these and aishwarya's posture is not cool enough for such exotic pieces whats more such heavy makeup and hair also destroy the look...these kinds of dresses are for woman who wear almost no makeup who are natural not heavily loaded like aish....

She looks amazing. I love what she wears minus those shoes!

the designer could make it a very beautiful 2/3 piece dress. But it all rubbish.

Luks gud! she is losing weight again for ADHM! Btwn i dont think this marriage is going to last more than a couple of yrs from now.....the Bachchan's n Rai's have been behaving too professionally with each other , not like family members/ even relatives. i Know marriage lasting for a life tym is v.rare with current generation , in b'wood!

expensive night gown worn by famous movie star. it is a news and fashion.

would've looked better as a long fitted gown.. the slits are distracting and don't add to the outfit.. but it's been a while since she's sported an all-white look so i'll take it. Hope the movie does well..

She looks fab but once again too much make up. Do not like her choice of outfit. It's not at all flattering. One slit would have looked elegant rather than the two.

the outfit kind of looks arab! she just needs the headgear to go with it
but she still looks good lol

Just watched jazzba. She is really a very good performer. I had no idea.

Wow.. ASH actually looks like a dream... She has lost weight... Gorgeousss...

Wow.. ASH actually looks like a dream... She has lost weight... Gorgeousss...

No Abhishek? No pictures of the couple staring into each others eyes??

The comments of haters has got silly day by day...
When abhishek accompanies her u ppl have problem... when he does not then also u ppl have problem..
When they stare at each other- they are being overdramatic and are just faking love
When they does not stare at each other- there is no more love... relationship is in trouble...
Huh... haters r just burning...
Get a life haters...

Cool night gown. She can go straight home from premier and hit the bed.

She is a gorgeous woman...but don't like the dress...It looks like a long kurta with no pyjama underneath...:)

she looks great in a Kurta. As its a simple elegant form. she does not need the ott look.

Dis she steal this dress from a saudi sheikh?

The dress looks like a nightgown

Critics say that it's a good movie.

She looks gorgeous in the vdo

JAYA BACHCHAN Attended the premiere ! Don't spread Rumors !

Her skin is glowing. Stunning! This dress is called maxi dress.

It's called kaftan my friend, kaftan.

Looking so beautiful.

Woah looking so beautiful and young!

Where is Aaradhya? I always look for her in Ash pics. Ash's cousin looks handsome. Might be trying for movies.

What's his name?

It is odd. Not a peek from Jr or Sr on twitter about the release either...

Abhi hasn't been on Twitter since August. Dont try to scandalize things.

That looks like a dressed up nightgown that a lot of women wear at home.

Ash has always supported the bachchan's now when it is time, they have disappeared, speaks volumes

her dress is beautiful and she looks stunning !!!!!!!!!

Jaya Bachchan attended.

I can't believe that even Abhishek didn't attend. Something is fishy!

The other half of her family is missing

seeing her hair tied back after soo long! she looks fab. except her dress looks like a kameez. ive always liked aishwaryas parents. they seem so sweet and caring. but just because she came with them doesnt mean things arent good with the bachchans.

I don't like this tight ponytail look on her. Makes her face look too full.

Looking amazing

This premier was organized in PVR juju very near to Bachchan's residence even then no one from bachchan clan attended the premier. Sweta bachchan is also in Mumbai Right now.

Always fishing for a chip in the paintwork yet you wonder why some celebrities choose to remain sternly private and guarded? Tsk tsk.

woah woah.. cant a woman step out with her parents????? does she have to be with her inlaws n husband all the time??? hypocritical much!!

its not that. she's coming back after so many years so her in laws should have come here to support her. When she first got married, she was always with her in laws and now she's all by herself everywhere. You hardly see her with her husband or in laws except that kabbaddi and cannes

It's not about being traditional. I believe a lot of people are confused as to why her husband and in law didn't come out an support her at a time that's clearly very important to her.

look like a dream ????????? ash is very beautiful no doubt but this one of her worst looks hair style make up outfit and even her weight

where's Abhishek?

In London, shooting.

Best acting by Irfan Khan. Go watch jazzba and you can see Irfan stole the Show. Aishwarya looks like dream but she is no Irfan khan in acting department. I will watch it again only for Irfan.

wow no amitabh, jaya or abhishek. speaks volumes.

for you.

She looks amazing! That white kurta light up her eyes even more (if that's even possible!).

No in-laws in sight, or even Abhishek ! Serious rift in the air.

yes, a superb holiday for you na? Enjoy.

Look at her bodyguard. So handsome! She does not use Bachchan's bodyguards anymore

Is she separated?

Is she separated?

Where is bachchan clan?

I have a feeling she is separated.

is smething wrong?is it to garner views acting like a true single mother! god knows the dramas these folks create! its gonna be a bad movie no matter what!period!

Critics say that it's a good movie.

she behaves like she is separated...except football matches...LOL

Wheres AB Jr , FIL and MIL? They shud have been here

Where is anhi big b jaya n her kid to look like a dream

Where is bachan clan

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