Captured! SRK’s kids Suhana and Aryan at the airport

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Have you seen these recent snaps of Shah Rukh Khan’s kids Suhana Khan and Aryan Khan? While we go ‘aww’ seeing the SRK’s youngest kid AbRam, his older kids Suhana and Aryan have grown oh-so-pretty and handsome. SRK's eldest - Aryan Khan - who has been pursuing his studies at the Seven Oaks School in London, is back in his city, and rocking it.

Aryan, sporting super stylish look with a new hairdo was recently snapped at Mumbai airport with sister Suhana is looking no less than a fashionista. She sure knows how to pull off the airport style like a pro. And one word for Aryan – HAWT! 

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Nice that SRK sent his daughter with her elder brother to study at the same city.

OMG .... The 3rd pic has the slightest hint of a smile !! Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!

Let kids be kids. They are not celebrities yet, no need to chase them with cameras

Lucky kids. No envy but stating the truth.

Suhana is like WTH bro! hehe. Cute.

Can I have her hair!!!:((

Cool kids. Like dad. Though, Abram is his copy paste as child. Suhana has such a small face and nose!

my god, shahrukh has strong genes, both of them are looking like shahrukh.

Yeah! And the third one is his total carbon!!!!

Suhana is just like SRK

Good looking kids , and sporty like their dad.

Good looking kids. And I like how sporty they are like his dad.

Suhana looks like SRK's sister. She seems strong.

Lucky children to have SRK. He gives the world with best education and what not.

Lucky kids to have SRK as their father. Great comfortable life style and never to worry about jobs after.

Aryan doesn't have straight hair like his two siblings.

I wish I have a great type hair like Suhana. Lucky girl.

Wow suhana is beautiful.. Those small face and attractive eyes.. She is a good looking gal, and Abram is handsome too..

Fit and looking confident. I like. Suhana is like SRK's sister...small round face,nose and pouty lips and perfect hair type. Aryan is becoming like his dad except the straight hair and eyes. AbRam is SRK's carbon.

Pretty kids...and the reason they r in news is because they have king khan as dad...don't u see jolie's kids clicked every now n then or beckhem's clicked. Its normal. They have a famous dad. stop getting jealous of those kids.

Arryan is damn hot for sure..

Omg, they are kids, leave them alone and stop calling them HAWT!

sandals doesn't go well with his looks

So British!

Thoda has bhi liya karo.

Of the 3, I think Suhana looks like SRK the most. She even has the same skin tone. But she looks like a regular kid (as she should!) to me not some FASHiONISTA! And

From all three AbRam is his clone. Both his elder kids don't have his eyes, eyebrows. Suhana has more delicate features and look like his sister.

Had he worn boots instead of the sandals it would have been the perfect look :)

Taking off and putting the boots back on can be a hassle during airport security checks!

aryan looks more like ...ranbir from bombay velvet....wid dat hairstyle

Aryan is a good looking kid

Even Sahana is like "what the hell bhai?" I guess Aaryan is going through a phase. It's good it's not another starkid. Rock it Aryan.

Theyre children, what's HAWT about that?

When Aryan was a baby, he didn't look like SRK at all...but in the last couple of years he's started to look alot like SRK. Aryan has the same neck, jaw and chin as SRK. Unfortunately, Aryan doesn't have SRK's gorgeous thick straight hair, or his magical brown/hazel eyes......but it's okay.....we have SRK's little clone in AbRam. As for Suhana, she looks so pretty and elegant. She reminds me a bit of SRK's sister.

You said it all. I agree.

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