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Gorgeous Sushmita Sen & her daughters celebrate Durgotsav!

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Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen was snapped along with daughters Renee and Alisah at the Durgotsav celebrations. Dressed in a silk white and red saree, Sushmita looked absolutely beautiful.
The actress has been religiously visiting the Durga Pooja celebrations every year with her daughters. This year too she made it a point to attend it.
Sushmita was also seen clicking selfies with few fans at the venue.

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She is a real beauty with a beautiful heart..how many of us can adopt two girls and make them own family and treat with respect and love...sush is the representative of maa Durga women power.

she has led such a free life. What a contrast from aishwarya. I know comparisons are totally unfair but it's just interesting how their lives worked out. Sush didn't get as much professional success but ended up defying social constraints and has two beautiful daughters now. She seems happy and free. But she doesn't have a life partner yet. But does a life partner has to be a spouse? can be your friend or family member. And aishwarya on the other hand has received global success and has found a legally declared life partner from a famous family with customs and traditions in place. But somewhere in there there seems to be a lack of freedom and something seems off. I wonder if we asked girls to choose a life between aishwarya's life and sushmita's life, which one would they choose? I hope both are happy in their lives.

God bless her, she is a true humanitarian. In a country where girls are shunned and even killed for being girls what she has done is no small feat. She has dedicated her life a cause that many overlook, you are a true miss universe!

pretty family

Lovely family. The hot guy's her brother, right ?

Her saree is beautiful,we Kannadigas wear such sarees in our weddings.!lovely

She is true MAA..adopting kids and giving them fabulous life sin site of being in film industry..kudos to her

She is a wonderful woman. What a great role model she is. Wish we could see her in more films.

Beautiful!! Really a woman of substance.

Very beautiful but love the whole personality of hers. Somewhere she was probably not so ruthlessly ambitious and hence missed out on earning money and fame as much as others but she is very real and cool.

Renee is growing up to be such a beauty! And she remains untarnished unlike the Bollywood Kylie Jenner Khushi Kapoor

She is still so very beautiful, she looks so happy and content with her children and her life...

Sushmita comes across so warm and friendly. She's amazing!

She is one perfect woman with a perfect family.

Sush is so adorable and beautiful...Hope to get see more of her

Love the sari! And I admire Sushmita's love for her daughters. As a single mother I am sure she faces many challenges. What a role model for her daughters!

Gorgeous, Gorgeous and more Gorgeous... and very real.. love ya Sush... nad a very Happy Dusshera...

Stunningly beautiful woman!

sush has the brightest most radiant and glowing smile and face. and her daughters are always dressed age-appropriately and not like celeb wannabes. oh, to top it all her brother is so yummy

very graceful, gorgeous, beautiful, elegant lady sushmata

such a beautiful family

she is a true human being. hope GOD helps her in some form.

I love her -- a woman of essence :-)

Her inner beauty shines on her face, always.

good going sush!! hope youre having a good life whatever you are doing......

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