It's just us tonight, says Gauri Khan as she rings in hubby SRK's birthday with kids!

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Shah Rukh Khan rang in his 50th birthday today by unveiling the teaser of his upcoming movie FAN. He also waved and thanked the numerous fans who were waiting to catch a glimpse of the superstar outside his bungalow 'Mannat'. However, back home inside his Mannat, SRK had a quiet and cozy birthday celebration with his loving wife and children - Aryan, Suhana and AbRam Khan

Gauri shared a picture of SRK and the family cutting his birthday cake. She captioned it as, "Happy Birthday @iamsrk .. It's just us tonight!!" The Khans usually have a grand celebration and love to entertain on special ocassions. However, the 50th birthday of Shah Rukh was apparently all the more special and the Khans sure had a great family time together, it looks like. 

Well, isn't that super adorable? We wish the Khans a wonderful day and year ahead. Many more wishes to SRK on his big day!

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feel so sorry for priyanka it must really hurt but i guess now all rumours are over people can rest now and leave her alone btw hbd srk

Happy birthday srk ( belated ). And woman please stay away from this beautiful family ! You know who you are.

Lovely picture! Both looking good and relaxed :)

SRK and Gauri look lovely together, now a days fans just do not follow stars blindly, they check their favourite star's behaviour and then follow him or her. SRK is a great actor but also a wonderful family man. We, as his fans ,should learn to accept his happiness. He looks so happy with his wife, children and sister. God bless them.

Shah looks so calm and relaxed as he is with his family.. aww..... I guess Gauri and kids at home are the only ones that see him differently... At home is a father, husband, brother. :) Thank you for being you Shah! Keep on being yourself.. don't ever change! God bless you and your family.

Happy birthday SRK.

missing shakuntela's essay

They went back together again! Gauri seems relaxed with him. She always look lost without him.

looooooooooooove you shah rukh. happy birthday. keep rocking!!

If SRK is happy I'm happy. What he does in his personal space is his. I just wish him lots of love, health and all that he wants.

What happened in between SRK and PC looks like it ended now. He chose his kids above all.

Putting a dagger through PC's heart. Both women are too good for this .

I think he's a good man in a bad situation between his heart back then and now and his children.

It would be better if SRK has any hint of a smile at least. He looks great though.

SRK is LOVE,period. I see no one next to him when I see him.

Don't like Gauri ( she has nothing to like) but this is very cute.

Finally something I would say so sweet about this spoiled woman. SRK is a dream.

Sweet words. Gauri ( despite the new lips) look nice and warm for a change. SRK looks pissed though, sexy but I see no warm expression in his face at all.

He is so charming. HBD


Love you SRK. Be happy always and I love you regardless. Cute pic.

Wish you love and happiness SRK always in whatever things you do and road you take. Love from Germany.

HAppy birthday to the king Shah Rukh. You are loved and admired by millions around the world.

The only time his wife looks graceful and likeable is when she is with SRK. Not the opposite for sure.

Such a lovely family. SRK should not blow all this in the chase for looking youthful and glamorous. May the family be blessed with love, confidence, respect, and happiness.

She loves him more than he does. But he is way sexier than her and beautiful.

HBD SRK. Wishing you love and more success in life.

HAppy birthday to the one and only SRK. I love your family because of you not the other way around.

Happy birthday SRK. Your wife is lucky to have you. You are sexy, handsome and very polite and respectful man. Cheers.

HBD SRK. I love you and wish you happiness. Your relationship status never have been part of my love to you. As long as you are happy and doing what you do and being nice to fans I'm happy. Much love to you. XOXOXOX

Happy birthday SRK. Your wife had enlarge her upper lips apparently as well.

She has distinctive features...with no make up,I can say she is an attractive lady...loved the photo

I don't find her pretty, she done her lips now also, but for sure better looking than the bad make up and hair she is doing in events.

Ages since we've seen them together.

Yes. Almost a year or something.

Yep, It is being so long since they have been spotted together anywhere.

I think SRK looks so handsome and getting sexier with age for sure. His wife done lots to her face but she looks ok here. Better than the over done looks.

but now we have seen them happy together in an intimate lovely pose...dont u like that??!!!

Those claiming the famous rumor is way he will give such pix to the media if he is having an affair coz it will definitely hurt the other one...I somehow was not sure of I am sure..HE IS NOT WITH ANYONE but his dear wife

He didn't give the pic but his wife did.

Maybe not now but sure in the past with PC.

Happy BIrthday SRK, may you live another 50 years with your lovely wife and children. You look best with Gauri, forget this studpid PC. I live in Europe and I can tell you that most of your fans love you because you are a good husband, father and wonderful human being. May God bless you and your lovely family.

I love love love the first photo...Keep rocking against all odds..ur a wonderful couple indeed...

Happy bday srk

SRK is bi


Good to see them together and wishing him a long fruitful life ahead. What I don't get is, when PC and him go to great lengths avoiding each other, why do they still follow each other on twitter?

they will work together again in Don3. You should focus on your followers instead what they do.

Because they love each other but can't be.

why not? Do you know them personally!! Maybe they avoid each other in public for the news, but still maintain love and respect to each other in private. Don't act insecure about it.

There is nothing private about social media.

Happy to see Mr and Mrs Khan together with their kids. Love you GAURI and Happy Birthday to King khan

It must have hurt PC.... alot!she is tweeting constantly

She's been mum lately on twitter.....

it looks like you are hurt since you writing here.

That's a very sweet picture. With age comes sense & maturity. I hope he spends more time with his family now onwards. He does look the best & most stable around Gauri. Im sure their relationship is special. He has got an amazing family. Happy Birthday SRK

I think his wife looks best with him. I dislike her nature when I see her next Karan and in those tacky parties while her little son with the father an a nannies.

I agree with you. But unfortunately SRK does not spend much time with his wife so we don't get to see moments like this often.

I think SRK always have been responsible, mature and sensible in that front. Even more so than his wife when I saw them speaking in public. He is pretty much the head of the family and he takes care of them to the max of his capability and wealth and education/careers.

Better to be on your own then with fake friends.

that's how it shd be....where's the baby?

Good I think you need to keep things just you. Keep your family close, well done Gauri.

Happy to see them happy together...Gauri is such a graceful wife..Haters gonna hate :p

There is a difference between grace and weak. Just saying. No hate at all but truth to be told.

happy family..sweet family...happy birthday shahrukh..

many many happy returns of the day SRK, we love you because you are a good, faithful husband, good caring father and a wonderful human being and plety of acting talents

Happy Birthday Shahrukh! God bless you and your family. Wish you all the happiness and success in the world.

Happy Birthday My Love stay blessed always. ❤

Such a cute way to get your love for your better half told with grace and respect.

Happy birthday King!

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan :)

now this looks special!

happy birthday u loads.....muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Shahrukh. May you always stay happy, healthy, in love and with your family. I know how much family means to you and I'm sure you had a wonderful time with the three kids and wife beside you. Wishes and blessing from countless fans across the globe and from your parents and God above. You are the best and there can never be another one like you.

aww this is sweet

This is so precious. Happy birthday, SRK! Thank you for giving me a billion reasons to smile and making every negative day into a positive one. May you live another 50 years with nothing but happiness, love, prosperity, success, and good health. May you continue entertaining your fans for many more years. Lots of love all the way from the United States!

I 'l say the same. Happy birthday SRK, from West Indies!

Happy Birthday! A good and charming actor, a good father and a good husband!

That is sweet!!

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