Shweta Bachchan and Hubby Nikhil Nanda Come Together to Support Dad Big B

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Amitabh Bachchan received the Lifetime Acheivement award at the 'NDTV Indian of the Year' in Delhi today. Therefore it is but natural that his whole family came in support of him. Seen here are daughter Shweta Bachchan and her hubby Nikhil Nanda, who is based out of Delhi. Also seen is Abhishek Bachchan, who congratulated his dad and mentioned that he was very lucky to be Big B's son. 

Big B mentioned that he was merely doing his job and that he was thankful for the award. He also said that he is lucky to be receiving acting offers even at this age. Big B tweeted, "NDTV Indian Of The Year Award , Lifetime Achievement Award .. so blessed and honoured ! Thank you !!  Flew in by the evening to Delhi for Award NDTV and back at home now .. a joy-family on stage with me !!"

Other winners of the night were Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Irrfan Khan among many others. 

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A heatiest Congratulations to Bachchan Sir for wining most important Award.

Our best wishes always with " THE BACHCHAN FAMILY.

LOL Son in law didn't show up when amitabh won padma vibhushan but showed up to this. This family is all sorts of drama!

Where is bahu rani? All the nautanki in unraveling.


This is what happens when you marry off gals at young age, who don't have a career of their own. They may have money, but seriously money can't buy everything.

Poor Abhi, his whole life he has to either see or collect his father's awards. Man, must be terrible having nothing to collect.


Surprized to know that Nikhil and shweta got married at the age of 23 only. Nikhil and Shweta are only 1 day apart(thanks to wikipedia). This is surely mid-life crisis. I do not believe that they would separate, Shweta is not stupid to get take that drastic step..If they are not doing any PDA doesn't mean there is crisis in their life. People who are married that long hardly do such things. Hope everything is perfect in their life.

A happy couple image immediately after rumours most times has ended only in divorce or breakup..

Media pushes couples to split and divorce breaking their sanctum of marriage.

I'm just happy to see Jaya smiling :-)

Of all the photos around, why would he post a pic without nikihil in it? I mean you know he's standing next to shweta but you can't see him. And you call it a 'joy-family' Mr. Bachhan? Pretty disrespectful IMO. I really think this family tries so hard to maintain this goody-two-shoes image in public when there's so much going on behind closed doors. First all that aishwarya Jaya thing, all that rekha nonsense and these shweta-hrithik rumors.

The only strange thing going on in Bachchan fam is Aishwarya and her daughter staying on one side and the rest of the fam on the other side. Shweta's husband is not from the industry that he will be seen around in media, and perhaps a very busy businessman. Aishwarya not seen in this event, and not seen around with Abhishek, attending and going everywhere just with her daughter is very much visible. Not sure what the clashes are, and def it is here.

Sweta and her husband's body language is not good. They are trying very hard. Now I can believe those Hrithik-Sweta dating rumours.

3 and fourth picture expressions sums up the whole story, Mr Bachchan stop fooling people, everyone knows what's happening in your family..

he is always in DEHLI..he appeared bc this event was in DEHLI plus obviously He may b wants to show to media he is very much a part of his wife's life as a lot of people are now wrinting in media about shweta all the time in Mumbai and in events always minus Nikhil nanda...she was married at a very young age and spent a lot of her early age years as a perfect wife and bahu..may b now she wants to enjoy life on her own terms and whats bad in it????

Body Language of Shweta and her husband towards each other is showing they do not want to be together.
However, Shweta husband appears very nice, simple and easy going guy. He went to very Good College in UK
and makes very good money and Shweta wants to be with Hrithik who never went to college.

Who told you that Hrithik never went to college? Check out his wiki page.

They shouldn't have done this...i mean, look at their body language..clearly shows that they are not comfortable standing next to each other, not smiling while everyone else around them (including jaya aunty) have a smile on their faces.

The first picture shows how close Shweta is to her hubby, it's all a sham to save big B image. Look how much enthusiastic Nikheel looks

This surely shows that rumors are true, I have never ever seen her hubby with her anytime, this is the the first time he is there, may be they just want to do damage control.. It is interesting how senior Bachchan fails to mention Ash and the little cunning family..

Were you guys born yesterday? Nikhil Nanda has attended many Bachchan events in the past, especially the ones held in Delhi.

lol! So true. Nikhil Nanda is always restrained, coming from very aristocrate family. Do not accept filmy hand to hand kind of behavior from him.

They are trying to play "happy families"

Dont like anything about Jaya's look - the hair, the color of the saree, the pink "shawl" - none of it looks good.

body language of Shweta and Nikhil not good.

Trying very hard to maintain their public image as a very much together married couple after all those nasty Hrithik rumour is doing the rounds! Hope it works.

Tha just proves the rumours were right!!
Nikhil hasnt been seen on occasions which were far and bigger for family, like the Civilian honours.
its just Image damage control, when the news of their dead married life are all over gossip blogs.
Image is everything for these bachchans.

Correct, something is not right and I'm pretty sure Nikhil-Shweta are heading for the worst!

Where is Aishwarya? And Aradhaya? Are they not part of the family? Senior Bachchan should at least mention them in his comment.

Why would he? Aish didnt mention them also when she received the award. she mentioned only her parents and aradhya.

She did not mention word "family", first get your facts correct. And how about Aradhaya? You also have an explanation here?

Like the photograph and its angle (being wicked ;))!

where is the good bahu Ash !!!!

Finally she has come out with her hubby!!

First time I'm seeing her with her husband...

Man when you see what these women are married to, you can't help but to think that it is all about money. ickhhhhh!

Grow up people! Those HR rumours are baseless, you can see the woman is happily married and all is well in her paradise. She got close to Hrithik because they hang out with the same pals Kunal Kapor and wifey who happened to be Shweta's cousin and media is ready to link Hrithik up with every single woman he meets coz he didn't update them with his current status and who's better than Big B's daughter to grab the eyeballs? PV don't ignore my comment, please!

Shweta Bachchan got lot of work done on her face Wow.

Like what?

So Shweta Nanda will support her hubby too. Too many rumors are going around of Shweta and Hrithik. Will Bachchan family clarify the rumours
since both of them belongs to prestigious families.

Shweta's hubby looks so decent, wonder why she is having an affair with HR..

Even Farhan Akhtar looked decent !

Looks decent does not equal being decent.

Just because someone got divorced does not mean they are not decent. In fact, I think they are being more honest than all those couples who stay together just for the sake of the kids, even though they hate each others guts. At least he was honest enough to admit that things were not working..we dont know their story...maybe they tried to make it work but it still didnt..who knows?

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