Unfazed by Fitoor's Box Office Reports, Katrina and Aditya Are all Smiles!

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Unfazed by the box office response that Fitoor has garnered, Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur were all smiles as they attended the closing ceremony at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai. 

Dressed in traditional wear, Katrina and Aditya posed for the shutterbugs. Katrina looked lovely in a beige lehenga choli while Aditya looked smart in a Nehru jacket. They also received caricatures of themselves and they seemed visibly  amused by it.

Fitoor that released last Friday has collected around 7.50 crore in the first two days and has shown limited growth over the weekend. It seems Aditya and Katrina are still going all out to promote this Abhishek Kapoor directorial. 


Nobody came to the premiere promote Fitoor. Look at how many people turn up to watch Neerja. It speaks millions, consider it had backing or UTV and SIddharth Roy Kapoor
Even industry wants nothing to do with or scared of this manipulative lady, who knows she may end up asking them to cast her in a movie

They look so good together!

I don't think Katrina EVER had star power. The hit films she was in was not even because of her, it was the heros of the film. The films in which she did "good" in were because she had more than 15 minutes and more dialogues than usual. Her acting has always been average. She should stick to her skimpy dancing items and she will back on top in no time. (the thing is, I think many people are tired of seeing heroines do those kind of roles these days).

Kat's fans are trying to make every excuse in the book to why it hasn't done good or that it will eventually! YEAH RIGHT!

LOL why are they smiling? sanam re which has much less known stars is doing way better than fitoor!

Sonam and Katrina! Such great actresses.. I dont know what will be worse to watch in the coming day!

Shes all smiles bc shes trying to lure in Aditya. Hes her next prey after Ranbir

Cant wait for fitoor and neerja to release in Trinidad and tobago. Btw Katrina Kaif is a huge star in Trinidad and Tobago.

Now kat fans are living in bubble I cudnt watch 25 mins of movie just walked out like others she was a duster in the movie

Now kat fans are living in bubble I cudnt watch 25 mins of movie just walked out like others she was a duster in the movie

Some people saying Katrina is in late 30's ? Are you fools? Since when is 32 late thirties? Watch her early films like Singh is king and maine pyar kyun kiya she looks 22-23 year old young girl so shut up with your lies.!

stop it kat

Hey I am from Trinidad and its embarassing that you think that kat has star power or that she can act. Kindly speak on your own behalf and not for the rest of us. Saw bagirao mastani today and it was superb. Ranveer Deepika and Priyanka were brilliant. Saw the preview of dilwale and had no further interest.

Well Fitoor needs to hang around until next week. U need to see Sonam's acting to realize what a gem Katrina is! I still think Fitoor has a chance to reach that magic number!

Sonam is an AMAZING actress when she works with the right directors (Neerja, Khoobsurat, Raanjhanaa and Delhi 6 prove this, heck even in her short role in BMB she was fantastic). Katrina is an AMAZING dancer. As an actress, she's very limited. She does well in western roles like Namastey London, New York or ZNMD, but does poorly otherwise. However, both are immensely successful in their own right. And this is coming from a Deepika fan. And honestly speaking, I don't get why we always have to fight. Why can't we just watch the films, appreciate what we like, ignore what we don't like, and get on with our lives? Deepika, Sonam and Katrina probably don't even care. PV post this.

Sonam is a great actress. Katrina may have more star power but they are both equally talented. Neerja and Fitoor will both be super hits.

ahem ahem!

Worst part is whnever there is a news about Kat, she would come out and clear it. First spread the news and get limelight and then deny and again get focus from media. Talks always about LOVE as if she is love guru..gosh I couldn't tolerat eher in recent rajeev masand interview..she talks endlessly about love..why can't she clear the rumor saying she has borken up or doing publicity stunt..she wants to fool audience..but goo audience have shown her real face with fitoor BO collection. Earlier people use to go to watch their superstars(males) not hers..she was just an item girl who would dance wearing skimpy clothes..

They ve been paid loads of money
.ofcourse they are happy

Dilwale was great, so was Fitoor, Katrinas performance was mesmerising, why all the bad reviews? She can carry a film alone, the only actress with enough star power to do so. These figures at BO are shocking.

Thanks Kat. We know its you.

I gave that comment. I am not Katrina btw, just a fan from Trinidad and Tobago. It is the truth, she has massive star power, in Trinidad and Tobago also, just as much as SRK.

Speak for yourself darling. I am from Trinidad and I am no fan of katrina !

Speak for yourself darling. I am from Trinidad and I am no fan of katrina !

Katrina Kaifs star power alone can and will carry Fitoor to 1000 crores. Hopefully, it will beat PK.

Like Bombay Velvet, Fitoor’s One Of The Biggest Disasters Ever

Fitoor will be a hit, it has Katrina Kaifs star power to ensure that. Fitoor was great, Tabu was phenomenal, Aditya was great and Katrina was perfect. Dont forget Prachi Desai`s Bol Bachchan reached 100 crores eventually, in 45 days.

IF a movie flops in bollywood, it's a sign that it might be worth watching.

RGV Ki Aag is worth watching? Pls

Katrina and Adi- Kepp going! Your movie was not that bad. I actually liked it. I had so much high expectations with Sharukh's Dilwale and that was so baaaad. Failures are a part of life and you will get there!!

I'm aware of the irony, but I was reminded of an old Sonam Kapoor quote on Katrina here: "I don't know how she does it. You need a certain kind of commitment and a certain kind of shamelessness to do certain things."

Oh wow! when did she say that and what for? :D

She said that in one of hers KWK episode. Katrina is certainly shameless woman.

No. She said it in an interview, but she was actually misunderstood. By shameless, she meant free/no inhibitions. She was talking about how she does badly in commercial masala films, but Kat can pull them off. She just didn't use the right word to describe her feelings.

love katrina's look

Katrina is the type who will never give up! Her dancing was bad initially and she worked on that. It took her a while but she got there. Her acting is not that great and her Hindi diction is not either. HOwever, she has started focusing on that more. Her interviews especially are all done in Hindi now. So, she will get there. She is the type that will keep trying till it gets done. She aint going anywhere!! Katrina reminds me so much of Hema Malini. Her acting and Hindi were very bad but she was the darling of the masses.

How can compare Hema with Katrina ? Hema may have been the reigning queen for commercial entertainers , but she did attempt different roles - Lal Patthar , Rihaee , Ek Chaddar Maili Si , Kushboo , Kinnara ....

This is slander. Hema Malini's acting was NOT bad! She was celebrated for her beauty, but she's always been lauded as a great actor as well. Seeta aur Geeta (for which she won the Filmfare for Best Actress early on in her career) and Sholay (where she made Basanti a legendary character in a movie starring Sanjeev Kumar and Amitabh) are just two examples.

Exactly @Ms. Bong! And HEMA MALINI was ALL NATURAL! Who is naturally a great CLASSICAL dancer and acted well. NATURAL BEAUTY. She spoke hindi too (broken but at least). She also did serious roles beautiful 'Khusboo', Kinara, Meera where serious acting, emoting was required. Please do not INSULT Hema ji by comparing Katrina to her. It's really not a joke. PV PLEASE POST THIS!!!!

Side note, the movie theater I went to see it in was packed. I remember the most packed I had seen this theater was when Dhoom 3 came out, but it was similarly crowded just for Fitoor, which I was very happy to see. So maybe BO projections may change soon, or maybe they are being misreported. Regardless, Adi, Kat, and Tabu have made excellent work and should be very pleased.

BO Disaster of this film proves that it is the Khans (Salman,Aamir,SRK) and Singh (Ranveer) surname that has more public love. Sorry Kapoor's and their gf's & ex's.

Are u serious? One box office success does not mean ranveer can make every film a success, that is something only the khans and akshay kumar can achieve

Akshay has given many flops in his career esp at the start to arrive where he is today. Ranveer can most certainly arrive at that position in the following years provided he doesnt lose focus from acting.

Kat n adi has done a great job. Looking forward for lot many movies..

Kat n adi has done a great job. Looking forward for lot many movies..

You can only be unfazed by BO when your performance still gets praised by the critics or audience. That is not the case here, nothing stood out in this film, the fact that this film hasn't just flopped but is heading towards being a disaster definitely will affect them.

They look so good as usual. And you know what, I LOVED the film. Like seriously loved it. I see why it hasn't done amazingly at the box office as it is not for everyone but what I don't understand is why it hasn't been critically praised. Katrina gave her career best performance in my opinion (which isn't saying THAT much, but I got lost in Firdaus and didn't feel as though I was watching Katrina all the time, and that's what I qualify as adequate acting), Aditya was stunning and flawless as Noor...people give Deepika praise for acting with her eyes but Aditya did it just as much and was amazing, his face can tell a whole story without even opening his mouth. Tabu was magnificent. It was a very beautiful story and I really don't think it was as bad as people seem to think it was. I really really loved it, so they should be all smiles!!!

actually it has been critically praised.

Fitoor was a lovely movie. Kat acted well. But its sad that these type of movies dont fair well at the box office.

She looks beautiful as always! don't let jealous haters get to you gorgeous girl! the collections is all due to you! in my city all the cinemas halls are full!! why? for you, this movie can be watched on DVD but we are coming to see the movie for you! so remember the bigger the star the more the haters. You have maintained a dignified persona so keep it going. Thats why we love. Your fans are loyal.

Katrina can dance good, she improved her dancing skills but totally ignores her acting ability, she was unbearable in Fitoor and Tabu was the most powerful element of the film, while Cinematography was amazing and i loved it very much the main leads were so low and they were empty of feelings and reality. Kudos to Tabu and Ajay actually, their presence was the most watchable part of the movie.

Success and failure are part of life and same goes for films. One who shines today will definitely meets failure in the coming days. So nothing is new. Gotta be happy to be bogged down by failure: that's Katrina's motto.

the box office numbers are highly embarrassing. but what other option do they have but to smile at the promotions? they can't go around showing how disappointed or dejected they are with the response to the film. knowing Kat she will probably pretend like Fitoor never even happened just like she does with Phantom. highly delusional woman who thinks she's the best thing to happen to Bollywood. I wonder y no one is yet asking them about the failure of the film. according to reports Fitoor is not just a flop, but a disaster like Bombay Velvet. PV please post.

She looks Beautiful... And personally I liked Fitoor very much. She acted well and did good job. Fitoor is an amazing film. Its a sensible sensuous film. People who have taste of good cinema liked that film. And I think Neerja will be great film too .I fail to und why Deppika PR keeps on posting abt Katrina and sonam. I personally think deepika is overrated. I liked Piku but I think it was because of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan even if Parineeti/Shraddha/ Alia would hav been in that film probably it wud hav turn same or even better. Why she keeps on sobbing at awards function. Award season this year esp filmfare awards was biased and unfair. Instead of Deepika Katrina must have won the Award. and Ranveer acted good in Bajirao Mastani so he deserved Best Actor Critics Award. Best Actor Award goes to two Pple Ranbir kapoor for Tamasha and Amitabh Bachchan for Piku. It shud have been a tie. Even Irfan Khan was brilliant and well deserving than Ranveer Singh. Varun Dhawan also acted brilliantly in Badlapur. Even more than Ranveer Singh. Why pple esp females follow Deepika. She is FAKE. Her acting is okay not that good......sonam was right its her PR agency ..over enthusiastic... I like Katrina bec she is more talented she can do action, dance so well , she emotes also very well.. Infact when she speaks hindi she sounds so cute and genuine... She is real example for Young Girls to Follow that Dreams do Come True for that you dont need famous father ..If you have will there is a Way....!

Im a fan of both Deepika and Katrina......why do people feel to like Katrina u have to hate Deepika and vice-versa. They are both phenomenally talented and beautiful. Katrina has more star power and Deepika is slightly a better actress, but both are great. I do however, like Katrina a little more.

Lol!! Katrina fan's ranting like crazy.

Hello KAT!!!

Sensing a new couple in the making. ...

She actually studies dp. Her clothes and mannerisms totally reeked of dp during these promotions.But hey dp is the real deal.

Fitoor a big hit okay. Kat fans on vacation. They all will watch her film this weekend it will get a 20 Cr India biz.lmao.

Making up excuses for your fav will not save her film dear. Keep dreaming

She tried hard copy Deepika. Her sudden style evolution, visiting temple before release, talking about parents and now this getting cozy with your co-stars. Lmao kat desperate times are here. PV post please.

Kat has been visting temples even before Deepika has. Its Deepika who copies Kat. Training with Kats trainer, her style etc. Deepika has no taste so she copies other actresses.

That was a different time. She is in her late 30s, and there are so many beauties around for item song and real actresses around for performance
Back then she was an attractive as she was new and raw, and salmans girl.

I saw fitoor and personally really liked it. It's not everyone's cup of tea and hence why probably not doing so well at the box office. Either ways Kat has immensely improved since her beginning days and thought she acted wonderfully in the film.

Salman will be there to.rescue her. All she has.to do is make visits to Galaxy and panvel farmhouse. And be part of his circle again

She didnt visit during his court cases. Now she will..

She still gets signed by the big producers so she isn't gonna care until the calls from the directors and producers start drying up. I havea feeling she will ask Salman for help again. He is such a good hearted person. Break up kyun kiya! She would have been Katrina Khan by now! Sounds better than Katrina Kapoor.

Katrina should stop promoting the film, and stop signing boring films.

Kat is totally inspired by Deepika, copying all her acts.

Atlast the reality has striked Kat and Ranbir that fake PR doesn't work with public. Public can see through stunts. Adi never had a fan following, dont know why Kat even worked with him. But atleast Kat realized that all the previous films worked because of big heroes. This guy Ranveer Singh has reached the super stardom status because of talent. So advise to newbies pr stunts don't work...talent does!

I admit Adi is no big star, but Katrina has enough star power to carry Fitoor or any film alone. And her hits were because of her vast star power. She powered Dhoom 3, Bang Bang, Ek Tha Tiger, Jab Tak Hai Jaan etc. to reach where they did with her star power alone, not AAMIR KHAN, SRK, SALMAN AND HRITHIK.

Sad. The poor girl has to continue smiling. And what an awful dress.

I think kat likes adi

They're still promoting it even when all else failed, that's admirable.

Kat looks really pretty.

Yes she is a stunning goddess always giving her haters sleepless nights.......hahahaha slay Katrina..post plsssss

They can smile. They got their pay cheques. Its time for their producers and distributors to cry. this is a big budget movie that has bombed badly at the box office. Losses on a huge level.

She never used to hug her costars. Why this over showing of emotions these days? Copycat much.

wowww she looks gorgeous... I always appreciated her style so different and beautiful

She wants him to want her. Very badly.

They need to promote it as much as they can before Neerja comes this Friday.

This event had been planned 3 weeks in advance. Valentine's Day was the last day to promote, always.

Hopefully, Neerja and Fitoor will both do great (atleast 200 crore) on Feb 19th onwards. Katrina and Sonam both have the star power to carry their films there alone. Katrina was amazing in Fitoor. Best aspect of the movie. Overally good film.

She'll b all right

Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor have lost the audience luv completely. Over hype doesn't work for too long. One needs talent to last in Indian/international film industry. Aditya had nothing to loose as he has only flops and medicore roles as track record. Kat and Ranbir are the real loosers.

Ranbir truly lost his star power, I personally feel he never had any though. But Katrina is extremely talented and a big star. She has massive star power that is 2nd to none.

aditya has aashique 2. solo hit. first time as a male lead. that is proof enough of his abilities and charisma. hes not a star kid. hes not being promoted by some god father and he carried that film with pure panache. the reason daawat e ishq and fitoor failed was because of his heroines. noone seems to like parineeti as a heroine and everyone hates katrina these days so they wont watch the movie even though they want to.

Parineeti is one of the most talented actresses and Katrina has massive star power that is uncomparable, shes also talented. So dont blame them. But I do agree he is talented, just not a star yet. Also, fair to say, AASHIQUI 2 success was more because of Shraddha, shes a way bigger star and more talented.

You are very wrong here, indian film industry is full of so many talent less mediocre and so called good looking people- Adi, Kat, Sid etc.

Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan are the two best looking men in the industry, Sid is the best male actor in Bollywood, Varun also on nearly same level. Katrina is one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. The Indian industry is full of male(Sidharth, Varun) and female(Sonam, Katrina, Shraddha who is the cutest and best actress, and Rani) talent. Btw Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor is the best on-screen couple in the world. Ek Villain also best movie ever, second Dilwale, then Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan DHan Payo.

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