A Kiss For Mom! This Pic of Aishwarya & Aaradhya Will Make Your Day!

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Check out this adorable pic of mother-daughter duo Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan. Hands-on mom Aishwarya had spoken about Beti B recently saying, "She gives me a reason to be grateful everyday. I am extremely grateful for having her in my life. She is the embodiment of love. Mommy is extremely emotional today. And I am like tearing up too. It's a very special day for me and it was a great platform to share it with all of you. She is my world and I can go on and on."

Truly emtional words from a proud mom. Aishwarya added, "We always tell her that we love you infinitely and I don't know how she has picked up those words already - eternally, infinitely, unconditionally ......... That's all there. These are words. Words aren't enough to quantify."

Aishwarya and Abhishek were blessed with this little doll on November 26th, 2011. She is apple of their eye and the centre of their world. 

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Cute pic. Aish is an intelligent woman who is teaching her child the meaning of words. Good for her. Gee there's some bitter and twisted people on here. Get a life.

Aww cute

Good for her but why is this a news!!!!!

ASH.. ASH.. Baby..

#1 post as always for the Queen

Lucky Girl Aaradhya .. Those all are lucky, whose have mother..My mother has a brain tumor and now she even doesn't recognize me :'(

I pray and wish for a miracle for your wonderful Mum and you

thanks sweetheart :)

I am truly sorry to hear of your mother's ill health .Hope she gets better soon.

Stay blessed lots of love

awww thank you guys :) it meant a lot to me !

So sorry to hear that. I hope your mother gets better. God bless her and your family.

Photo have in normal quality

Why can't people let a mother have a moment with her daughter?

You mean a public moment with her daughter LOL

Ummmmmmm A kiss from my child will make my day .

Adorable pic.......

Plz dont drop so negative comments... Any mother having a child feels the same.. She never mentioned she is the only mother who feels this or loves her child more than any other mother.. Why expressing her love for her child attracts so much negativity.. I am not her fan and never liked PDA towards her husband and father in law at the starting time of her wedding but being a mother of same age child I can understand her feelings and love.. It is different that she expresses her love towards her child more often than any other Bollywood mother..

Oh my God...what a news... Breaking news isn't it...come on guys you'll want to make news of every move these guys do?

Ofcourse it is Aaradhya. Do you really think Ms. Aishwarya Rai will be so close and pally pally with somebody else's kid.. No way

This is from when they took the Maldives trip to celebrate Abhi's birthday.

of course you would definitely know:)

Who says "I love you unconditionally/eternally/infinitely" to their 4 year old kids??!!

answer: An artificial person attempting to groom their kid into an artificial lifestyle

Aaradhya picked up those words and she says infinitely and all when speaking to her mom. I think it's cute, most kids pick up words and want to use it is part of growing! Also so many kids say how much do you love me "this much" "THIS much" while increasing your hands.. it's just a cute playing thing! Why do you guys care soo much? Even something simple like hugs and kisses with your daughter will be negative on Pinkvilla.. sheesh! She was asked about this at a Woman's event (the loreal one) so she spoke about her love with her daughter and their bond. I don't see anything wrong with that unless she was asked about this at a Mens event or something.

Aishwarya "I love you unconditionally and it's an absolute honour to be your mommy"

I hate Ash..but this is Adorable..I don't want to comment anything Mean about this. And that's aaradhya! we normally saw her in Chinese-cut hair,but here her hair is Looking different coz of the wind.but it's aaradhya.

i think aish is the only mother on this planet only she loves her daughter unconditionally all parents who takes the same pain goes through the same emotions are not human being but Zombies.well i think she has to do all this for money and fame becoz hubby is just a FLOP HERO father in law is getting too old now and most important a super GRUMPY Mother in law who is no worth so now the poor kid is like a hot selling property .


This is not aradhaya

It is her.

that doesn't look like Aaradhya

This is not aradhaya

It is her. Abishek posted this pic today titled mother-daughter.

Haha.....I think she has some problem.....can someone pull out of her "fairytale Cinderella world".....please someone tell her ....the world has changed.....she is in "tech world".....Every one love there kids unconditionally,infinitely and blah...blah ...blah...

Agreed she is little now. tell us 15 yrs from now. This kid is mama's kid.

She does not look like Aardhya.

Why are some of the people think she is kissing her daughter just because of publicity? Is it any different from some of the mothers who always post pictures of their kids? Should we say that's show off too? Because she is a celebrity, people are just nitpicking at every little thing she does. However I do agree she should give the little girl some space to bond with others, and meet people because watching all unfold feels suffocating.

Aaradhya hoes to school so she does not spend all day all time with Aish, but obviously we are not gonna gets clicks of her learning to write her name and unpack her tiffins and that's the way it should be. She'll be with a phone on Instagram soon enough...

Where is Vicky Donor Abhishek

she genuinely comes across as a GREAT mom!

all of u relationship experts should become psychiatrists.. get a life...
its a cute pic...!

That's really sweet, lucky kid .

So what's the big deal here? All good mothers (most of them are) love their kids. Nothing special here and why would this snippet make my day??

Aaradhya is cutest Bollywood baby. she has some innocence about that makes her so cute. may be south indian looks too. Most of my relatives kids look similar.

lol aishwarya acting like she's the only mother in the world who lives her daughter. there are mothers who have given up their lives (literally and figuratively) for their children, get over yourself.

Some bitter and angry ladies on this site. Pinkvilla is an entertainment site,where we can have ample amount of fun and enjoy our likes and dislikes as adults. It is sad, the way readers take out their frustrations on actress whom we know nothing about in close quarters.

It's a sweet picture compared to ones of war starvation and terror.. Sometimes you just need a break.

at least she could get rid off that red lipstic before kissing the baby. a show off kiss just for public pic

uh ok.

I love the bond between this two mother-daughter duo.

show off! if you really love something then you do not have to make it a show piece for everybody. don't you think this girl needs her father and her grandparents, this says a lot about aishwarya's obsessive nature

I'd proudly show off my love for my kids publicly!! seriously, STFU! And let them be...

Aww, that's really sweet!

I could see some relationship experts have already visited this post..

lol I had the same thought reading the comments section scrolled up saw ur comment and bang on dude **high-five**


Pic taken using 1920s camera... why would Ash want to blur the image and then approve its release ?? Someone is insecure about their looks. PV please post.

The other post commented just I now its we :)

nov 16th not nov 26th

i see a babita-karisma kind of relation in the future, if aish doesn't give her daughter some independence than aradhya will stay dependent on her mum for everything

this mother is not going to stop using her kid in the future and kid is going to end up with mental problems. this doesn't even look like aaradhya. I guess ms. rai doesn't like her kid without photoshop and thats why she had to get this pic photoshopped. This 4 year old kid needs to hang out with the kids of her age. Her mom has to stop using her for her own benefits and let the kid go where it belongs and that is preschool. I never see pictures of this kid with other kids. I know she's enrolled at preschool but does she ever go there?

Seriously?? She's a little kid. We were all dependent on our moms/dads when we were 4!!

she's 4.

Why should it make my day? Why?

LoL... I know! The sappiness is sooo annoying!

She doesn't know where the kids picks up those words.. The kid must be reading mommy's interviews in the mags LOL

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