Hot! Ranbir-Katrina Exit Together From Aarti Shetty's Bash!

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Looks like, no one has much clarity at the moment as to what is brewing between Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif. The ex-lovers separated from each other in the beginning of 2016, and since then have been grabbing all the eyeballs & how.

Reportedly, RanKat has been often spotted together, away from the media glare. Be it at a skin clinic or late night drive, the rumour mill is abuzz that is not over between the ex-lovers. And guess, there's more to come. Last night, at producer's Aarti Shetty's party, many biggies from the B-Town were present at the bash. However, what caught our eye was, Ranbir-Katrina left the party almost together. Though they both left in their individual cars, but as soon Ranbir stepped out of the party and drove off, barely a few minutes Katrina's car also zip, zap, zoomed off! Interestingly, as per our sources, the duo's cars headed to the same direction only!

*We Wonder*

Now are we reading too much between the lines, or RanKat is busy dodging the media glare and are back together... We have to wait & watch.


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plz Ranbir get a pr manager or plz called out pr against you.

everybody knows that Ranbir doesn't have pr. if he have one then he never allow negative publicity.

ranbir and his PR, is trying hard to make her look like a desperate ex. the fact that KAT is not playing a depressed DP and enjoying her life, is hurting his male ego.he is searching for some satisfaction in KAT bashing done on PV. pv plz post this.

Katrina best katrina salman best katrina super jodi ranbir and katrina together movie

well rk was madly in love,engaged and sometimes secretly married to kat in her pr stories,why wouldn't he patch up with her in some of them,lol,seriously though how desperate of her to follow him just to spark patch up rumors,i got her desperation to get married to him,she was seeing him and he might have promised to marry her but to pretend that she got back together with a guy who walked out and made it clear that he doesn't want her back is just a whole new level of desperation,des she have any shame?this kat needs a dignity transplant asap

Katrina and PR goes hand in hand lol

"Ranbir and Kat arrived separately around 11 pm and left only after the bash ended early today. Inside news is, the former couple did not look away when they bumped into each other during the course of the celebrations. They exchanged pleasantries like civilised people and moved on."he's over her,he's not going to take her back but it's sweet to see kat and her pr getting excited as usual also kat you'll be a Kapoor only in your dreams,pr stories and clearly pv comments,in reality he'll never put a ring on it

You were the fly located where? Which vantage point? LOL! You guys are too funny.

#1 POST (Sorry Voices XD)

Kat stop all this PR drama and concentrate on your career for once! look at how badly your films have started doing..

real desperate days for Kat that she had to resort to follow RK to prove they are together.. oh how the mighty have fallen!

this woman has zero self respect man! she is so determined to prove they are together, that she is following him around..

Kat chasing Ranbir around to prove that they are a couple.. haha, looks like she's the real 'silly ex' :P

There are two silly "exes" in Btown. Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan.

they have broken up for sure.. she knows people are assuming their break up is a publicity stunt which is why she is feeding the rumors.. Kat is just trying to save face after Ranbir dumped her in such a humiliating manner.. she just wishes he was still seeing her.. with the skin clinic incident, she parked her car there after she found out he was there and even in this case she left after him and it was her car that followed his and not the other way round.. she is literally stalking and following him to prove they are still together.. she knows no one will ever take a non-actress like her seriously if her name isn't attached to a famous boyfriend.. Fitoor flopping post her break up is proof enough.. wow PV u are purposely not posting my comment, please be fair for once and post..

R people commenting down blind...they are not in same car.look at the seat color..use ur brain before commenting.

Had you used yours and read the entire article, you won't have come across sounding daft.

Heard he is dating Anushka now

Katrina and Sidharth Malhotra should get married

They can still be friends. And yeah so what if they are back together or never broke up in the first place? It's their life, they can do whatever they want!

You must have been really taken aback with the news, try some proof reading next time before hitting the post button. Case and point: 'the duo's cars headed to the same direction only!'

lol!! what rubbish is this...they r not even in the same car....the one ranbir is sitting has orange seats while kat one is whitish...and the drivers are also different so how come....stupid reporter do u think we are foolish

They both look DRUNK!!!!

Both look miserable

Give them a break

Becoz they got to shoot jj nxt morning lol

WOW! 200 plus K views. People are so invested in RanKat! Love them, hate them but y'all surely can't ignore them.

She is trying so hard to get him back and to stay in the news. How desperate

You are trying so hard to make her look like DP but it aint gonna happen. Katrina is no doormat.

She is desperate thats why her mom n sis calling rk begging for a patchup n she made her makeup artist to say on camera that its temporary and they love each each other lol. Dp is not a doormat like kat she left him after he cheated her and refused to take him back when he asked for a second chance. Kat is a doormat thats why bear all and refused to leave though rk has asked her thrice to leave the house. Its she who visited him on sets not rk. Kat is a doormat. Pv plz post u arent. Dont be biased

Where did the makeup artist say that?

dp took the hint and left,he told you to leave plenty,but you were too undignified to leave so he ran away for his life when you were in delhi,you're the definition of a dormat,the kapoors and their son were walking all over you for years and you stuck around until you got dumped kitty kat aka doormat

YOU are trying so hard to make it look like she's chasing him. How pathetic.

In all the excitement, Kat's PR got her last name wrong ;)

Katrina should start sleeping with Hrithik with whom she cheated on Ranbir. Hrithik is going through a rough phase.

haha.. both are silly exes :P

They are made for each other without a doubt. I want Rankat to have a happy fairytale ending. Living happily ever after.


hi rohini ! long timeeee :p

These two know very well how to make fool out of ppl. They are playing this dirty games to get audiences attention and so that ppl run to cinema and watch their chemistry in their flop movie Jagga Jassos. Their breaks is all drama and nothing else. That's their idea and the teams since they both had flop movies back to back that's the only option left to make a flop movie into a hit. wake up ppl stop getting fooled by these celebs they don't even care for us all they care is about themselves, box office, money, fame and etc etc

Obviously they are still together...their breakup was just a PR stunt.

Wait a minute, they are not even in the same car! lol

Always knew about their drama for publicity

Katrina's one woman who looks so much better without makeup. She looks so young and fresh without all that stuff. Somehow she looks much older with all that makeup. Wish her makeup artist would give her lighter more natural looking makeup.

This proves that their relationship definitely over and Ranbir in not interested in getting back with Katrina even if she is....


kat hasnt broken up with ranbir at all n this so called honest and dignified lady is fooling all and playing dirty PR game for making her flop film a hit. She is so shameless to use her EX again whom she ignored for 2 years and calls him anyone and somebody as wlel. she is the one who avoided him and run away from him now her career is going down the hill she again went back to her EX lying to media and fans. No honest or dignified lady will stoop this low to spread fake news and ignore her friends when they need them but go n lick their ass when she needs them. She doesnt care and respect for her partner and destroying his image also involving innocent people like salman , rk parents ,dp and alia in her dirty games. i lost respect for this woman. just wait after fitoor she will do a patchup drama with ranbir and blame media again for her mind games. then will u respect her for playing with her fans and media? pinkvilla plz post u arent

Kat is after him so desperately.. move on with dignity, woman..

she left right after he did and went in the same direction.. isn't it obvious she followed him post the event to generate news? she can go to any extent to prove they are still together.. but truth is he's moved on and how.. PV u are only not posting my comments so please be fair for once and post the truth..

katrina kapoor???

I wish!

They never broke up!

My RK is shoo cute!!

Oh my god... Is this really true... Wow, I mean wooooooowwww... What have they been waiting for...

THANK GOD THEY'RE TOGETHER! so happy for you Kat-RK you belong together

Damn, she looks super sad.

How is this 'together'?

My most favorite couple. Made for each other Muah love to moon and back

Maybe they had to go for jj shoot!

It's all fake drama they want JJ movie to be hit badly that's all.

They exited in different cars, right? Why is that a big deal since they are doing a movie together. I hope like an anon commented below this whole break up crap isn't a publicity stunt though.

lol it's like they want to be hated

Seriously now getting bored of this drama!.

they are not in same car ....

And the drama continues.....

It was all a Fitoor Tamasha and now gearing up for Jagga J !

all that was done to promote FITOOR, that was obvious

Wow wow wow wow wow wow

Wow wow wow wow wow wow

Wow wow wow wow wow wow

Ranbir kat pls stop are making us sad nothing more...Keep your anger in your pocket and pls patch up

Lol they exit in different car..

who cares.

let them be

I hope this all break-up drama wasn't just to create a buzz for Katrina's movie Fitoor....if it was...this is the worst kind of publicity!

It is good to see them. Can't wait to watch Jagga Jasoos!

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