Is Saif's Daughter Sara All Set To Join Bollywood With This Amazing Transformation?

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We know that Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's daughter Sara Ali Khan is currently pursuing her studies at Columbia University. Proud dad Saif had mentioned, "Anyone in the world would give their left arm to go to an Ivy League university. I wish someone would have told her that I would have her shot if she even thinks about leaving college.She can get a job anywhere in the world."
Well, true to her dad's wishes Sara is eager to complete her studies before joining Bollywood. However, check out this latest picture of Sara, who looks like a million bucks. News is that this amazing transformation is for a Bollywood movie. Now, what do you think of that?
Sara is clicked here during a vacation at beach city Malibu. Apparently, the pretty daughter of Saifu was staying at the Four Seasons hotel and was up for some pampering Spa sessions. 
News is that Sara made a special effort to get into this fit avatar. She lost oodles of weight and is now all set to stun us on the big screen. 

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PEOPLE ARE SOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS OF SARAH. She's beautiful because she "TRULY" is. She's academically smart because she "TRULY" is. Why is that surprising, her Aunt Soha graduated from London School of Economics. Besides, you CAN'T get a kid into an Ivy League school on donations alone, they also have to have merit and her daddy may be wealthy, but not that kind of wealthy. Leave her alone, she's dressed pretty typically for her age at a beach restaurant in Malibu.

Poor girl, just leave her alone, she's just having fun on vacation.

Poor girl, just leave her alone, she's just having fun on vacation.

I think short dresses look really cute.. but that dress looks more like a top.. even if she wore some cool mini shorts with it, it would've looked nice.. this just seems very off..

I thought she was beautiful before....are you that's sara??

She has lost a lot of weight ! Wow

Bollywood mirrors the society in India. It's all nepotism. Hard work and talent doesn't count. Its all about who knows whom.

If she can act as well as her mom and dad, she will definitely do well !!!! Amrita Singh was a very actress. Those of you who haven't seen her movies should do so. Chameli ki shaadi!!! Wonder why they did not remake this one

Saif is so pretentious. Who says that about their own kid.

Sara is a stunner. i wish her well.

she has got her mothers thick bones....even with the weight loss something is off about her. people saying she will rock bollywood - are you for real? you dont even know how well she can act and how can you keep accepting nepotism??

He would have her shot? Is no one else disturbed by those words?

having famous parents isn't the same as having talent

if she really is as smart as people say she is then she would not join bollywood!

She looks great but Saif sounded a little dumb with his comment. Especially considering she is the rich daughter of a BW actor and granddaughter of a famous cricketer. She would've gotten into any university of her choice even if she had average marks (which here wouldn't even get you into the local uni leave alone Ivy league). It's the ones that get full scholarships due to their outstanding personal profiles (academic achievement, volunteer work, and leadership abilities) that are noteworthy. If she chooses to go into BW, I wish her luck and stay away from SOTY2!

All people commenting about how saif paid for her ivy's not that donations, they mean real big a buildings and stuff. Only ambanis can (and have) afford those.. having said that everyone from amrita to soha have said that she's extremely bright ..Soha has a LSE degree and knows what exactly 'bright' is..

I think she will do well in Bollywood.

She looks amazing, not gonna lie. Pretty face and great body!

are you guys sure that is sara?saif must have given columbia a very healthy endowment for her admission, but thats okay because it is the norm for all extremely rich people who want to get their kids into the ivies, many chinese, japanese, korean businesspeople also donate large amount for kids admission. even rich americans do. and when i say rich, i do mean RICH. a million or two doesn't cut it, for an ivy school you gotta give more than 20 million. of course saif is a nawab with a MASSIVE estate and inheritance plus his wife is super wealthy independently, so he can easily afford it.

That's for rich people who are not famous. When it comes to celebs, they are considered as adding prestige to the Uni. I doubt Saif can afford to donate $20 mill !! Cmon.

She is pretty, but all the new girls are pretty much girl next door. I find shraddha, parineeti, to look gorgeous in comparison to these star kids emerging. I don't find jhanvi, kushi to be lookers imo at all. Sara's def prettier than the two

shraddha and parineeti are SOO plain looking, both look like plain girls even with heavy makeup so with no makeup they would look like random girls you see in malls. frankly all bollywood stars look plain without makeup. shraddha and parineeti arent gorgeous even without comparing.

We can't stop these star kids from entering Bollywood. But at least we can be grateful that at least one of them will be educated!

Good for her on getting healthy!

she's pretty. as long as she shows some talent and dosen't go the route of every other star kid (kjo films) she will most likely be accepted by industry.

I thought acting talent is essential to be an actress but it is just not true for bollywood. No wonder real talented people get disillusioned.

She looks like Sonal Chauhan Here.

She should not join BW.

She's really pretty. Prettier than Jhanvi Kapoor and Navya Naveli Nanda and the likes.

Anyone can go from fat to thin like her when they have tonnes of money (for the right equipment, foods, trainers) and no job needed to cover off any expenses or bills. She doesn't look like shes worked a day in her life!

Secondly, people that have tonnes of money can buy their way into ivy league colleges...don't forget that!

It still takes tremendous will power to not eat delicious food! But yeah, rich kids can get into ivy league especially when they have celebrity parents.

You can go from fat to think without the money too. I'm lower middle class but with hard work and determination I lost over 60 lbs over the course of a few months. I could never find clothes that fit me before, and now I'm a size 2. My doctor started dancing in her office when she saw my blood tests come back and how fit I had become. So please, stop being bitter and spiteful. If you want to lose weight, you can (the healthy way). Just put down those chips and coke, grab an apple, have some green tea and hit the gym (actually, you don't even need a gym anymore. There are plenty of other choices now too like outdoors, or even buying some dumb bells or leg weights -- they aren't that expensive). Oh, and I did all this while being in my third year of Sciences at university, having a part time job where I'd work during the weekend and getting a decent GPA.

PV post this.

thats amazing. How did you do it?

Oh my ! What a transformation.. She will rock the Bollywood world. Way to go!!

Do as I say..don't do as I do.. C'mon Saifu..Youve done loads without being "shot", now stop bossing her about..

What is she wearing??? You can be sexy without looking cringe-worthy.
She looks like a young fit lady, I hope she takes some fashion tips from Kareena and presents herself better.
Whether she has talent only time will tell..

It looks like a cute little romper. I like what she's wearing.

Her mom is an actress too...if she is half as good as her mom Amrita Singh she will make it in Bollywood

Beauty with Brains, but has to probe her mettle on screen, have to wait and watch. :)

She is very short. She was not raised to be an actress. She was more interested in academics. There are lots of talents waiting to get a chance. She has a good degree. Atleast she can choose a decent job.

Aapko Bollywood Mai kaam karna hai toh aap karo. Lekin SOTY2 jaisi movies mat karo. Dhanyawad. Jan Hit Mai Jaari. PV post.

ok. lets see now the transfomation of Shahid' brother.

Unfortutunately, he can not transform his face :P

Can we please stop with this bollywood nepotism... The last few star kids have flopped hard. I want to see some actual talent!

Rahul Gandhi also went to Harvard, If you belong to a popular family it's easier to got to an Ivy League university. There is this thing called "Happy Bottom Quarter". Read it on Quora.

One can go to ANY college if one has money. You think colleges don't need that extra money to function and expand?

Been working on them legs. Look good.

Woah! Gorgeous! Somehow we hear and see less of her than other star kids!

Saa, you are gorgeous just like Karena Kapoor, your step mom.

Wow that is some transformation...She is 23 so its perfect time for her to make her debut.I hope she can act well.

Wait, I thought she was 20? Isn't she born in 1996? She finished high school in May 2014 and started university in September 2014 if I recall correctly.

shes a carbon copy of her mother amrita singh

It looks like she forgot her pants.

The photograph is taken at Nobu restaurant in Malibu

She's good looking alright but just when I had respect for Sara for pursuing education and not becoming another Star kid on the block and now there she is..

Sometimes I feel the reason star kids end up being in Bollywood is because Indian people give special treatment to movie stars and there's no respect for other professions in general. Money and perks are more important than anything else. They want to be rich and famous because they think that's the ultimate thing.

Saif seems to be really unaware about education at least. There are so many people who go to top Ivy League schools including Harvard and Yale. And most of these people end up there on full financial aid after proving their mettle. Given you have tonnes of money and considerable name and fortune in India, it would have been relatively easy for you to send your kid there. So kindly stop bragging !

Now i m sure that she is debuting with SOTY 2

She is so gorgeous . All the best Sara

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