Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Stuns at a Store Launch in Sydney!

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan surely knows how to set the temperatures soaring! The actress left us stunned with her appearance at the store launch of a watch brand that she endorses, today in Sydney.

Dressed in a off-shoulder grey gown, Aishwarya looked breathtakingly beautiful as she arrived for the event. The lady, as expected was mobbed by fans in Sydney, and also obliged a few with pictures.
We are loving Aishwarya's chic style and that lovely smile and are absolutely awestruck by her beauty. What about you?
Meanwhile, on the work front, Aishwarya is currently busy with Sarbjit which releases on May 20, 2016.
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Such a innocent and beautiful face even at 42.

#1 Post.

She must be so bored same thing again and again... well the lure of money will surpass everything else.

longines dressed her really well. love the look head to toe. very flattering on her figure.

Wow gr8 AISHWARYA looks so GORGEOUS at 40 and young

Aishwarya first international appearance of the year a true global icon love her dress and that figure to die for

Omg this is Aishwarya's first international appearance of the year and she looks like a million dollars cant wait for tomorrows Priyanka in your face thinking you were an global icon Aishwarya is the one and only global icon and international icon she is looking like a trillion dollars in that dress and that face omg she is never getting old. she is an evergreen beauty she is an international icon no doubt

What nonsense. There is no need to drag PC down to put Aishwarya up, they both occupy their own space in history and are both relevant and iconic. Please don't started anything here.

She is such a stunner! She has a million dollar face. Anything can look good on her.

She was very sweet to her fans in Sydney. Now I want to meet her once.

Am I missing something? This looks like one of her worst looks to me, the color doesn't work on her and she just looks frumpy overall

There is only one single Troll commenting again and again.

Love you Aishu. Keep rocking.

Can't wait for Cannes now

ugh Sonam would've done a better job..she does it effortlessly. Ash puts in SO much effort.

Sonam and her legion of stylists, sure but Sonam alone, nah bruh...try again.

Stay right there with your statement.
When Aishwarya wore the first outfit on an International platform, Sonam was going to school wearing socks and school bag. May be 7th standard
I agree that Sonam is one of the betters fashionistas in the B'town. But still... !!!

I am a HUGE Sonam fan, but please don't start fan wars. Aishwarya and Sonam are both gorgeous, talented, classy and charming. Both are QUEENS! :)

Okay Ms XXX.

Love love love those new pics

Some of her pics with fans are just amazing. She is nice to her fans. Some of her fans are commenting on Twitter that she was very sweet to them.

WOW.. the new pics of ASH downloaded is absolutely amazing.. she is Gorgeous.. her closeup pics are stunning..

WOW! Simply amazing!


Good to see her in gown.

OMG absolutley stunning, she is the Queen.. Love her..

Looking so good.

panama paper anyone?? does it really bother anyone. we are so after their physical appearance. :( :(

Nobody cares about it because it's FALSE.. Calm down..

Bachchans have been evading taxes and living off more money than they should be since a while. DNA has exposed AB in an article titled "Here's how AB survived yet another Income Tax Investigation."-- about a 2009 case when he paid off his loans using offshore entities. Wake up people.


Exactly. Look at how UK prime minister Dave Cameron explained his involvement, the poor man had no clue, the company was purchased and passed down to him by his father and he sold it off when he made a bid for office because he wanted a clean chit without speculation of hidden agendas. Suppose like Cameron, Aishwarya's parents had naively invested in this for her and her brother (a company that has since been dissolved and was worth next to nothing) how is this Aishwarya's fault and how is she dishonest? Bachchan's household pays close to 60 Crores in taxes per year (Rs 53.81 cr to be exact) and they pre-pay their taxes. You don't know the circumstances surrounding Panama papers scandal, no one does. Aishwarya remains one of the highest tax payers in all of Bollywood, every year she tops the women's list of top tax payers (because of her foreign contracts) and she is single-handedly second only to Salman Khan + she is the only female in the top 10, Kareena is #11 and Kat #12. You don't have to believe me...google is your BFF.

How about an article on the Panama Papers reveal?!?!?!?

What about Panama?
It should show you the documents ??
Let them show all the 500!
Including Kapoor sisters!
We found a scapegoat ((((
It looks awesome queen !!!!))

who is saying kapoors are right, we are talking abt ur fav in this post. you can start kapoors panama in another story line

Two wrongs do not make one right! Expose them ALL.

First prove it's wrong... David Cameron explained how his name got mentioned in the list... Before 2003, it was illegal... Ash or her family invested in 2005 and the company got dissolved in 2008... Nowhere it was mentioned that the offshore entity was used for wrong purpose...

In India she is in sarees and anarkalis. Why?

Beautiful ! She should dress like this in India too.

WOW.. she looks so young & beautiful..


Love ASH

She looks like a plump little hen. On time with the appearance to counteract any negativity around the Panama Papers reveal. #shameful

LOL. You are on commenting spree. Ofcourse you could not digest the fact that people still love her.

Iceland PM has resigned over #panamaleaks. Voicewriter wants to say " guilty until proven". LOL, coz we have seen that truth cannot be suppressed in india by the Rich.. PV plz port

Ash's agenda on her trips
1. Look gorgeous - check
2. Have her PR talk about her beauty - Check
3. Open offshore bank accounts to stash away money and # avoid taxes- Check Check
4. Make sure mango people always fall for " keeping it real" phrases- Check Check

By that logic, Kareena and Karishma have the same agenda...troll

Have u fallen on head?? #idiot

I love her 2nd outfit too, PV please update.

She looks like a sweet, plump, maternal, character-roles actress now. No wonder Sonam replaced her.

Sonam too will soon be replaced, it's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Sonam... ?????? lol

She is probably in the best shape of her life, but we cannot see that because of the horrible gown. Her face on the other hand looks AWESOME.

Dear Ms. Rai,
Is that gown bought with avoided tax?

Nope. This was actually free of charge, too bad you have to pay for one if you can afford it. Troll, bye.

Aishwarya is Elegance. Aishwarya is Grace. Aishwarya is Beauty. Aishwarya is Aishwarya.

It looks like a Ralph Russo design based on the fact that she wore a simular dress at Cannes last year. I think as a whole: Makeup, Hair, accsssories, (I want those shoes) shes Aces high, but the dress itself, by itself, nope. Not my cup of chai. I do think the color is divine though, if this was a sari, or a bias cut gown, I'd have the chills.

It's Toni Matičevski actually.

Gorgeous ASH..

Oscar Winner Dress from waist up...waist down horrible...Can we have the designer of the dress and the shoes in the caption please.

i have seen some other photos of this event the dress is too tight for her specially from back it looks like the dress is going to tear ...her skin flooding from dress
also in some photos she is brown while in others super white
another edited aishwarya selfies photoshopped images i cant imagine her real self :(

Get a life:)

The dress is horrible waist down. Love it waist up!

clearly that dress wasnt meant for her..she lost weight but the dress needs to be a couple sizes bigger.

Please, more photos, they are teeming with twitter

fat and now getting old and wrinkled as well - flab and all

Just like you booboo, just like you.

She looks so small, like during her miss world days.

She looks like a doll. She looks so young

Love Aish! She looks amazing as always! Gorgeous!!

MY GOD...will she ever age???

She looks like a 23 yr old girl. So beautiful!!

fair and lovely campaign??

She is looking so small! Cute!

Lovely Ash.....

She is a Goddess.

Deepika was trying to fight THIS elegance :o She must be deluded.

Deepika I can still believe, even though that blind was placed by a rival - but imagine SONAM replaced THIS elegance :0 Kalyan must be deluded.

OMG she looks so young and beautiful. Aishwarya is Class Apart!!! No actress except Bebo can even come close to her classiness. I am so lucky to be born in 90's. I have literally grown up seeing her movies!!!! :D

Aishwarya looks amazing
But that gown is awful, she lost so much weight around arms too. so why is this gown? her stylist should be fired now.

She is always so calm and cool. I am more fan of her personality.

Aishwarya we LOVE U


I am so lucky I love her

Love you Ash

Her stylist is doing great job



Aishwarya is Aishwarya is Aishwarya. Gorgeous.

OMG so pretty! Abhishek is soooo lucky! and so is Aish to get a loving family!

Looooooooove the second pic.

Aishwarya is Aishwarya! And sadly Bollywood has not been able to produce another Aishwarya! Sigh

beauty is such an overrated concept. People get away with all kinds of immoral acts just by the virtue of being beautiful. Sad world. #PanamaLeaks

Say this to Kareena, Karishma too because they are on the list too...#PanamaLeaks #NotGuiltyUntiProved

Immoral acts? Guilty until proven innocent? Yeah that sounds like the rule for Aishwarya.

She is so poised always. Love her.

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