These Photos Tell Us Why Gauri Khan Is a Fashionista In Her own Right

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 Noted film producer and interior designer Gauri Khan was recently spotted in New Delhi at the launch of Satya Paul’s latest collection. At the event, she seemed to be in a good mood and enjoyed herself to the fullest. Moreover, she also posed for a few photographs and interacted with some friends who were in attendance.

Dressed in a stylish saree, Gauri looked graceful. As expected, she carried off this look with effortless grace and gave strong proof of her style statement. Now that’s what we call making a mark! Interestingly, Gauri has always maintained a low profile and rarely opened up about her personal life. As such, her presence at the event made things even more special. Right folks?

On the professional front, Gauri is currently gearing up for the release of Raees, which she has co-produced with Farhan Akhtar and Ritiesh Sidhwani. Touted as a thriller, it stars her hubby and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

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When SRK speaks to reporters he's comfortable with (like Barkha) he converses easily about Gauri. It's only with the gossipy tabloid types that he looks irritated and gives short answers. SRK and Gauri have their lives sorted out and it seems they'd rather be together than apart no matter what's going on. So why do nosy people keep looking in and passing judgement?

One person wrote a comment that Srk realised it late that gauri is not that pretty.... Dear plus send their old photos.. U will know who looked how... And I think both Srk and Gauri are getting hotter as they are getting old.. Let the haters hate.. It's their work

I love the comment ---- ANYONE CAN BUY A BEST HOLYWOOD AGENT ----

Reply to -- DAMN U PEOPLE

Damn you people! Don't expect (Judge) her to look like a Bollywood diva/ Super model because she is not, she never was. She is 45 years old, mother of 3. She is his wife (BETTER HALF) since 25 years, much before he debuted,much before he was NOBODY.

No matter what the bought out haters are saying this space, Gauri Khan is a beautiful, attractive Indian lady. She is the only factor in SRK's life like he admitted on K Jo's show once. Guys how could you all be so mean? How else do you expect a 40+ mom of three to be? She looks stunning and has brought up the kids well. That's the greatest achievement. SRK is lucky to have the woman he so hotly loves all for himself. God bless you haters.

Whenever i see her, i see directly beyonce. they are like sisters in my opinion .

She looks good. She has aged really well and is one classy lady. I don't understand the hate for her. I don't get it if it is because she is SRK's wife or because they rather see SRK with PC. Haters can hate but she is the wife and mother to his children so hate all you can it won't change anything. Anyways whatever it is,through all of the affair drama, she conducted herself so well. But go ahead dislike my comment, delusional fans. Post this PV.

No thank you. I have eyes.

stay kalm....and let the jealous idiots go on!!

Many say here, that people are jealous of her, so giving caustic comment, those thick despiratre housewives, who are jealous. but in reality it is not so. that ppl not thick and most look good and smart and have talentes.
The truth that this woman just did not have the worries in the life, doesnt need something to overcome and she is in the happy world in which her husband take care of her and around the supports. Each begins to think what it is? after all, no beauty, and even more so the mind and talent she possesses.
everything is very simple - luck. lotteries playing by millions and win one.
take it calm, people.

She is not fashionable and not stylish, but looks sleek, living in comfort and prosperity, her expensive clothes and jewelry are not suited to each other and have no common style, but it is clear that this Person has not worked a single day in her life and just lives for fun, besides, she looks good for her age compared to other wives of superstars.

I think she did something on her face...

Gauri --- you are Not just Beautiful, but a Woman of Substance .

sometimes i wanna know how this ghost actually looks

Gauri is extremely beautiful.
She is not a 30 some movie star who is obsessed with plastic surgery .
So please don't compare her with anyone .
She is a Mother of 3 , and looks DAMN GOOD

Queen of SRK
Queen of Mannat
Queen of hearts !!!
Go Gauri .
God has blessed with you All--- family, money and humility.
It is because of YOU, his love story was admired and cherished by so many of us
It is because of YOU, we loved him .
And though it appears there are many people hating on Gauri, but that is NOT TRUE, we all know this DESOERATE SINGLE ACTRESS who spends all her time on twitter, follows every move of Gauri .
So sick , and for sure someone is having mental issues .

The saree is gorgeous. Printed silk is the best and classiest kind of saree in my opinion. but a different blouse and a hairstyle would just nail it for her.

Im not Indian so dont know what are your standards of beauty, but in Europe this woman would be considered very beautiful.her fetures are delicate and feminine. and for her age she look extremely good

Anyone can become fashionista if you have husbanded loaded with money.

and anyone can buy the best agents in Hollywood if you have a loaded superstar married boyfriend.

Pure, understated elegance! Mmmmm, why doesn't she dress like this always? What she needs is a make-under, which should include more natural looking eyebrows.

Someone called her snobbish. I don't know whether she is or not, but she could just be a shy, introvertish person unlike her husband. Shy people can be mistaken for being snobs. Her high-arched eyebrows also make her look that way, kind of standoffish! Just a food for thought.

So much hate for mrs.khan here! I think she is one of the classiest star wives , doesn't shoot her mouth off or shout from rooftops about how perfect her superstar husband is . Those complaining about Gauri,look at mantyata

Gauri.. Go.. Enjoy your husband, his money , love and the family. Let the haters spew venom here. You live your life.

SO BEAUTIFUL GAURIMA !!!! You always look Best in a Saree :)


I think SRK realzed too late that she is not so good, and I'm not talking about looks... She just comes across as snobbish

She is not even worth calling good in dressing forget about Fashionista.

oh the paid media....fashionista!! I mean really!! Should I laugh or cry over this. She can't even have good hair day and looks greasy all the time.

hahaha! Thanks for the laugh. Love SRK to death. he is sexy and all but he should think twice about promoting this as fashion icon. Reminds me of his mistress singing career.

LOVE LOVE LOVE reading posts (comments, actually) on SRK - Gauri. Look at all the haters! Do even 1% of you guys know them in person?? I bet NO! She is THE MRS SRK. Love it or loathe it or stay jealous for eternity. Also, they are never parting away, not in this lifetime. There's much more to their relationship then the PC's and whoever the current chick is. SRK is a thorough businessman - sharp, shrewd and sensible. I have come across so many friends with spouse's at a very high position in a white collar job, even doctors - VPs and Senior VPs, BOD etc... they work 14+ hours on site/ globally. They barely have the time for their personal lives, but that does not mean that they are philandering or are going to separate from their wives. Similar to the likes of SRK, they have together constructed a marvelous pillar for their families - THE LIFE. Look at the luxuries and the comfort. So so so privileged. Something that you haters will never comprehend! Stop hating and accept them for what they are meant to be - entertainers! As far as SRK is concerned, he doesn't give a flying ****!! Ever seen him backstage for his performances? Ever? You know the drama the staff has to endure? The atrocious demands? Ever wondered how he manages to call the ugliest girl on the stage and make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world..? Coz he's down few pegs! So, it is not SRK but Gauri who has continued to deal with a huge star. And honestly, I admire the way they have raised their children. So much better than the others in the industry! PV please post my comment.

I think it's time pink villa stopped covering Gauri Khan. She is asking you to post her pics yet you do just so people can bash her for no rhyme or reason. She is SRK's wife and not his enemy holding him at a gun point. She doesn't deserve the whiplash comments she gets here and the underserving hatred. To love SRK is your right but hating her is uncalled for.

Her eyebrows is the worst. And she's far from being called fashionista. No amount of paid media will make me fall for that. PV please post this.

The title!! Really PV!!! ...haha.

SRK I believe is not more than 5.7 inch tall. SO people calling him tall are really delusional to say the least. Also I think SRK's PR is attacking Gauri to just make way for his impending divorce. I hope Gauri gathers all strength and walks out on this malicious man.

It is SRK's PR and teams whom giving such titles to his wife and trying to shoving her into our throats as designers and all that fabricated titles. Keep your insults to yourself. And no one said SRK is tall! SRK is good hight with perfect lean structure. so WTH you are even saying. Get it together. His wife is enjoying the comfort life he provides her with.

I have a strong feeling after watching trends on sites like PV that its SRK/PC's (or whoever he is dipping it in these days) PR machinery at work against Gauri. I mean look at the number of consistently hateful comments and likes for negative comments Gauri gets. Who is probably interested in making Gauri being perceived as non attractive or non glamorous or as the undeserving wife of the great King Khan? I am sure none among us mere mortals. SRK is quite the manipulator who is prepping up for an impending divorce. Just wait and watch.

SRK is 174 tall. No one called him tall. he has a good normal hight. And FYI SRK is the one who paid for Gauri's works and projects. Even hired a manager for her while she is just posing and doing nothing. Don't write rubbish to insult SRK. She herself said that SRK support her 100 per cent.

Fashionista!!!!!! Who????

She is beautiful!!!She married Shahrukh when he was a nobody......put your mom or sister in her place.What is your response them.She is Mrs Shahrukh Khan and I a proud of her.She is like a lot of Indian women who live with their good looking high profile husband and support them by taking care of their life around them.If Sharukh did not have Gauri, when he needed her, there would have been no Superstar Shahrukh.

Are your serious with the title! I can understand you use it for Sonam, Kangana but this!! No thank you.

Her face is not moving. And that hair should be taken care of.

I respect that she is SRK's wife ( they seem separated though). But fashionista, stylish, pretty...Not at all. And I won't comment as such if she didn't say that she is fashion designer.

I do not know, but according to me she is a sloppy dresser, really a joke to caller her Fashionista, she is always dressed badly, no grace or elegance, I mean look at her in these pics? How disinterested she is.. Please cover yourself woman, the way she is taking that pallu.. gosh, really a bad dresser.

If you don't know fashion then don't speak fashion. SIMPLE.

The fifth pic!!! oh dear...

Guys for god's sake lets leave her appearance and how she looks or dressed up alone..Why do we tend to forget that she is an acting pillar in Khan household and she is not an actress.. Agreed she has the access to all the money but there's something we all should respect about her is that she has NEVER been linked to any other man or so. She looks really good here and in saree. Let this women stay outside of all the hatred comments.

According to the post and the title she is a fashion designer and fashinista. That's why people are laughing.

Blame the title, her being in the media nowadays for being a fashion designer. I would agree with you if she is just not talking fashion and designes. But she does. Just like a bad actor taking acting as a job. it is as simple as that.

i think srk pr is on full swing, preparing fans for his separation becuase someone who is not biased would not hate a lady for no reason. That plastic ka khusra srk used to say "gauri gauri main juro ka khulam" etc. all the time during 90s. Now he doesn't feel the same way anymore and shame on the comments (and the likes on those negative comment) that think srk should leave her just becuase she is not good looking, I will pray may Allah does same to their mothers. if man succeed in life it doesn't mean he should change his wife.

LOL! She call herself fashion designer and the media are calling her fashionista. She put herself in the position of criticism. clam down.

I'm sorry but she looks really weird. and she is selling FASHION. now go calm down.

What are these topic names...This is the proof that she is blah blah.or These photos tell you blah blah...I think we as audience have intelligence to think or deduce about what is posted rather than you telling us what we should think or understand...Try to make better topic names

I agree with you. I hate paid news.

Sorry SRK but she looks really bad.

I wonder if anyone close to her is honest telling her how bad she looks in events and stuff! she really looks clueless.


close up pics are bad. so many injections and those unbalanced drawing eyebrows are not helping.

have better hair extensions, grow some eyebrows, do something to your neck, stop botox and use natural looks. You will look better.

buy a stylist first! Being a designer is looong way to go.

Beautiful lady!

Stunning and fashionista my foot. zzz. Next..

I never understood this tiny woman style, hair and make up. Always tacky. Even the sari she ruined it

Gauri Khan is a stunner, has always been. She has been with SRK since he was nothing. And now he's too good for her. People can be so jealous and mean. I wish that their husbands (present/ future) become super successful and rich, and age really well; then I would like to see whether their perceptions change. She is a strong woman and has aged so well.

good sari. Hair and face...NO.

I think she looks pretty. I don't understand why ppl think she's not good enough for SRK. She's been with him from the beginning and supporting him.

Great to see so so much better than that botched nose job, pig-impersonator *oink*oink* Pigyanka Poopra!!!

aren't you tired

She always being too short with below average features but she was clean looking and simple. Now she looks so messy.

She looks so weird face wise. and I know she is not blessed with good hair but her hair was better in the 90's.

Why SRK married this!! He is sexy, talented and with great classy taste in events with the best suits. She is just the opposite.

Absolutely Stunning!!!!!!!
Haters can take a dive in dirty pond -----

zero looks and zero styling make the worst combination.

Looking very pretty

Looking very pretty

Great to see so much better than that botched nose job, pig-impersonator *oink*oink* Pigyanka Poopra!

and this is natural looking woman!! I mean come on! lol

She has all the money and designers at her feet, but her taste is so tacky

I don't like her eyebrows BUT I do thinks he's actually stunning and sometimes wonder how Gauri fell for SRK (sexually I mean) she's such a babe with a very womanly figure and SRK these days is pin thin!!! His body is not the best but otherwise he has the face of a God.. god I love SRK. Ok I understand Gauri. Anyway! She looked really good in the OSO final credits where she comes out of the car. I wish she would dye her hair again to a dark brunette and relax with the eyebrows and make them a little fuller and airy looking (not so colored in).

LOLlllll! Love the sarcasm at the beginning.

Kidding right!!! She has nothing work for her. She is tiny..half SRK's height. SRK is quite fit with lean body and gorgeous hair and perfect manly natural face. I smell sarcasm.

LOL thats funny. SRK is neither tall or fit (no one is as naive to believe this pseudo six pack), he´s aging not well because of his smoking habbit so he deserves Gauri absolutely.

I'm not talking about abs only. SRK always being fit and very lean all his life. And he has a good height not model but still looks great with all those female actresses models. Truth of the matter is his wife is half of his height which makes her too short ( the truth). SRK looks so damn fine now and that beard and hair and firm neck. Just stay away if you are that insecure of him.

I respect that she is SRK's wife ( they seem separated though). But fashionista, stylish, pretty...Not at all.

What happened to her hair style?

just cracked up with the title. money can't buy taste or class.

Never understood why she can't correct her ugly eyebrows.

i like that she is not changing her fashion sense with each season. These eyebrows suit her face

She used to have good matt make up and good clean black hair in the 90's! What happened?

Pretty Gauri Khan - SRK's wife, love of his life, mother to his kids, queen of his castle. The other fames h*s - add all wannabes names pc, urvashi etc. etc. - can only hope to be associated with SRK's fame and destroy his blissful family life.

No one put those names but the media and blind items. And thanks to SRK being traveling all alone and stop talking about his wife people are started to question things. You seem living in a bubble now.

Nice sari she wears. Otherwise she started to look so plastic. terrible colored hair extensions.

lol...coincidence that PV`s most obsessed Priyanka fan post this pics? lets the bash start again :p

Really lol

Her eyebrows is the worst. And she's far from being called fashionista. No amount of paid media will make me fall for that. PV please post this.

Stop with the injections!!

LOL! Whatever...

Simply STUNNING! Mashallah x 100.

oh god already anticipating the mean comments

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