Watch! The Stunning Katrina Kaif Is Rocking It At The IPL Opening Ceremony

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The lovely Katrina Kaif is seen here grooving to her popular beats at the opening ceremony of the eagerly-awaited Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016. Katrina performed to Afghani Jalebi from her movie Phantom and also to the title track of Bang Bang, which had the audience all excited.  She also performed to the remix track of Dhoom Machale.

Katrina also struck a pose with DJ Bravo. Also performing at the event was Yo Yo Honey Singh. 

Check out Katrina grooving for the melodious beats.

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I'm really curious who Ranbir will end up with! He is the Kingfisher Calendar girl type and is done with most of them anyway!!

Kat's performance was the best. She completely overshadowed everyone present at the IPL ceremony. Goes to show how good a dancer she is and also how hot she is. My eyes were always searching only for her in every frame.


Honestly the mean comments are just stupid. You can hate all you want but you can't deny that she looks smoking hot here ! She's worked insanely hard for her body it's not easy to be that toned. And I hope Ranbir does see these pics Bc he will not get a more gorgeous girl than katrina and ESP one who stood by him for so long ( don't forget guys she was w this guy for years through all his fling rumours). As for katrina she can get any guy she wants! And I hope no matter what she does not take ranbir back ever. And finds a gorgeous sweet man like her

She can get any guy at first but isn't attractive enough to have a long term trusting relationship because she is very insecure and insecurity is very very unattractive no matter how beautiful or toned you are.She must work on cultivating positiveness within herself,then she should think about a relationship.

are you talking about Deepika... the most insecure of them all?

Why bring here? Kat fans obsession with dp is insane. What harm she has done to you? How you know above person is a dp fan? Fyi the most insecure of all is katrina that's why always leak personal information n pics whenever ppl talk about rkdp or their on screen jodi. She was so insecure to give 2 para ans n admit first time that salman was her bf. She even leak those valentines news the moment pics from tamasha sets were out. More tge day of tamasha release she leak that rishi papa thing. Asking basu to highlight rk n her chemistry more. Dp isnt insecure and no issues or never leak such news when rs was working with anu . I m not a kat hater respect her for her achievements but u force me to say it. Post it plz pv

This is what you call a good body, even at her skinniest she is so nice and curvy like a girl. She has such a toned body but so feminine, I don't like girls with straight bodies and showing manly abs. She has a such a nice body, I love when she gets this skinny because her body is skinny yet curvy.

Amazing body! Hopefully she does some good acting also in her next. She could be so much more if she really improves her acting.

makes me remember that post by Neetu Kapoor - Money can't buy morals-manners-integrity :P

hot hot hot. best bod in btown

How the heck does every woman who breaks up with Rambir becomes sassy, endearing and likable? My guess it's probably coz the stress of dealing with his uptight and demanding folks is no more...

She is stunning!!!.

She is not the best dancer in bollywood Priyanka Shraddha even deepika dance better than her. Showing body , acrobatic and doing sexy moves is not dancing. little Shraddha can alone beat her in grace and dancing.

i hope she sticks to performances such as these and gives the movie goers a break. Hot body or not!

The only thing kat has going for her is her body. It's a shame that people only do us on that instead of what her real profession is supposed to be. Don't be biased PV post it

Face is really off , doesnt look like it did even 2 years ago.

Honestly the best bwood has the offer!

Poor girl. Deepika opened 2013 IPL with Kat and went on to become a superstar. Then Anu performed in another year and went on to do better work. Jacky has now come this year and Kat is still there where she item girl.

Such a hot bod neck down, but what a shame the botox ruined her face to the point when she smiles her eyes are closing up.

luv u katrina, baar baar dekho and jagga gonna be blockbusters....the west indies loves u even more now.

That is a damn lie ! I am from the west indies. I am not a katrina fan.

I think Katrina is ridiculously gorgeous, but I don't see her as a good dancer. Yes, she's worked a lot and now she's decent, but she lacks natural rythm. The thing with her is that she is narurally very attractive and has a perfect body.There are other beautiful women, like Jacky for example, but not as 'hot' as Katrina. I don't think it's her merrit though, it's just the way she is.

Maşallah face and body very beautiful katrina

she doesnt look worn out nor washed or aged or any kind of opinion i read here. she has tones of make cause its a stage performance.

and then little red riding hood said - oh my grandma, what a big belly button u have.. PV please be fair and post..

Killer abs, she is really toned them.

Uff! Katrina is beautiful, gorgeous & way too sexy.

Too much of makeup on her face n body to make her skin look flawless and shinny. But it all melt and make her look ugly.

Omg the best body in Bollywood!!! no one cant deny this

She looks worn out!! So fed up with the fact that this sexappeal

what kat was doing with bravo lol she looks so desperate and all she did is the same old pelvic thrust wth hands up and no expressions.

She looks so hot here!

Because of her stunning looks Kat has found renewed fans in the lustful lot. Bar bar dekho will be a hit. Kat you are so smart darling. You know that Indians who make Grand Masti and Hate story a hit are sleaze balls and can't resist to see a sexy woman so they'll insult you on PV but BECAUSE OF YOUR BODY will sneak to the cinema hoping to see you reveal your FAIR body which they worship. Smh

She looks fabulous. Off to youtube her performance now.

have you guys seen her act? everyone was sleeping whiel she was on stage and doing her job. camera was on people all were bored and many fell asleep. lol her performance was worst.

Hi DP!

she looks AMAZING!!!

Say what you will about her acting but her body is amazing!

Her agenda since last year Diwali- EXPOSE ABS! LOOK AT MY BODY. Did the same for all of Fitoor promos.

I disagree. At what stage during 'Fitoor Promotions' did Katrina show her abs?

Her body... Oh my!

THAT body yay! But cant say the same thing about the face. IYKWIM ;)

Now go and rock Hollywood in a Rob Marshall musical...

shes hadnt made an appearance in so long. looks like shes been dieting/ exercising... ive never seen her looking so svelte! though the tanner and oil was a bit overboard..her bod looks amazing.


She can't act at all but dang she has the best body in the business

not her fan but she has the best body in the business my miles, and her dancing skills outshines everyones elses

She looks amazing! Anybody that says otherwise is either jealous or blind. I am not even a fan and she is an amazing dancer and looks great doing it. Appreciate the hard work sheets into staying this fit at her age, it's awesome! Why can't people just appreciate what she is good at and not bring up other stuff here! Sheeesh!

At Jacqueline Fernandez 's performance the director makes the camera away from her .. he didn't show us her dance .. I didn't see her steps very well I was just see the stage .. unlike Katrina performance .. I think the director was unfair .. maybe someone told him to make the camera away from jack .. please PV post it

Dayum! #DatBodyDoe

Anyone else think her belly button just looks weird??

Looks too big

lol she has more well defined abs than ranbir. she must have been the dominant one in their fun times ;)

She always wears black pants for performance. Last performance at IPL was also black.

Seriously, this girl is STUNNING! RK and his parents must be crazily delusional. Sonam was not good enough. Deepika was not good enough. Now Katrina is not good enough. Who is? RK is ugly anyways, whereas these girls are HOT.

Maybe for some people, there's more to life than "hot" girls.

Yes there is. But too bad Ranbir has an ugly personality too. Aside from being "hot," Sonam, Deepika and Katrina are strong, independent and successful women. Now go cry in a corner, RK. Nobody cares about you anymore.

what a flexibility KAT has got. absolutely no competition. also wish Hrithik n kat performed together for 1st 2 songs. they make this stunning dancing couple. hopefully 1 day.

Face body best dancing cool wonderful girl

not her fan though... she dances really well... big applause.... i can remember her dance with akshay kumar in those old films n wit bsallu in her first movie... practice really makes man perfect!!!!

not her fan though... she dances really well... big applause.... i can remember her dance with akshay kumar in those old films n wit sallu in her first movie... practice really makes man perfect!!!!

not her fan though... she dances really well... big applause.... i can remember her dance with akshay kumar in those old films n wit sallu in her first movie... practice really makes man perfect!!!!

She looked amazing and danced really well. Dear gym, I now want to live with you.

Katrina looks gorgeous.

Finally she is doing what she is only good for.. All the Katrina madam, I know u know ur worth well.. After u need money for living..

Lawd! Indian Beyonce. Katrina, you rocked.

Katrina kaif awesome fantastik actress

Honestly ive seen her perform better. It seemed a bit lazy this time

Kat had cut down on the item numbers and stage performances to bag the Kapoor bahu tag.. now that she's shown the door, it's back to those hard-hitting pelvic thrusts and belly dances..

Super amazing performance by Katrina.

She was mind-blowing, especially in bang bang song.

Kat is great ,nobody could match her gorgeous looks and dancing skills.

Kat is great ,nobody could match her gorgeous looks and dancing skills.

Kat is great ,nobody could match her gorgeous looks and dancing skills.


can she ever do anything except belly dance? she's been doing the same stuff for years now..

In a way she's the winner.All she can do and has to do is move her white girl belly seductively and millions of people go blind in love.Who to blame,certainly not her,she knows her strength,her hips and belly and she puts it to work.It's a democracy after all.What people want is what they get.

well at least you're admitting she has no other talent than moving her booty.. whatever floats your boat, Kitty Kat..

Well I was actually saying that Indian audiences are the reason that the likes of Katrina with only hip shaking talent gets super-stardom.No point in blaming her.She is here to earn money not to do charity or enlighten people.People should keep that in mind while criticising her.Like I said audience wants bad art form, they get exactly that.

true.. Indians are always after fair skin and obsessed with goris.. but she is to blame for sure for not honing her acting skills all these years.. that's why all these recent films she did where she tried to 'act' have flopped.. now her career is almost over because she can't keep shaking her hips post a certain age as people won't wanna see that :P

all these cheap stunts won't land u a film Kat..

Isn't Katrina a GREAT dancer?? I thought so! Why does she look SO awkward while she is dancing???

It was a lazy performance.No energy.May be the atmosphere was such that they were all bored and just wanted to get it over with.

Katrina.... your body be banging! Ufff....

The Belly Dance Hottyyy

Forget Acting, Even Katrina Kaif's Dance Can Make You Fall Asleep. ;)

But you are still Awake and enjoyed her Hot performance ? You Lair ;) Dp fan na ? LOL

why dragging deepika here? how are you sure above person is a deepika fan. stop this hate. i am a deepika fan and posted a good comment here on kat. you guys always start fanwar. shame on you.

hot performance? lamo delusional much. kat act was the worst of all with no expressions and what she was doing in afghan jalbi? only turning round round and giving jhataks to her hairs and head. weakest of all. post it

get a life, she is d bestest ever, kat is an angel

Angel lol plz dont insult the word angel and change the meaning. She is not an angel she is the worst. Angel dont lie or hurt/ cheat anyone like kat. Angels are pure wheras kat is unpure(so do every star n human)

how would you know she did that? you were never there when she did that. fool

Everyone knows n now its a known fact she lie alot be it about her father or any smallest thing . Her lie got got and exposed by many including rk and her friends. She cheated on salman which he hinted many times. She is a liar.

Amazing is the word for ya Kat !! Superb i would say :*

One thing is sure.... No one I repeat NO OME can dance like Kat!!!!

The reaction of the cricketers says it all. Katrina gets great songs but her dancing is very average with some simple steps that's all.

Ha ha in that first video when the song stops and camera cuts to the faces of the players they look bored out of their mind! Lol Mantrina cannot even make one of these young men excited even after trying so hard.

look at her face lol. btw to be honest she was ok . kat lost her charm and looks. now she looks all plastic and bad. First two songs was ok but same expressionless face. for a change she didnt dance on chameli and sheila. What she was doing on afghan jalbei? all she did is to turn round, one salam step and spinning her head and hairs. worst choreographed song. her performance was the most boring one. i though she would rock it as coming on stage after 3 years and earlier her acts were always entertaining and fun. This time it get me to sleep infact you can look at the faces of the people who looked bored.

She is stunning beyond imagination, I to freaking love her since 2005, and its growing with years, drooooool

I just watched Katrina and Jacqueline performances and both of them were amazing but I find Katrina's performance best. She just nailed it. Stunning :) I wish I could see Katrina and Deepika together but it's never gonna happen. I'm Deepika fan but I think we should stop fighting each other. Both are amazing in their own way. Katrina might not be a great actress but I have to admit today that her performance was FANTASTIC!! Deepika is a great actress while Katrina is a great dancer. Hope all goes well and they both (Katrina and Deepika) meet each other to show their fans that "We are friends and first of all Human" so we shouldn't fight. I hope it doesn't hurt anyone.

Miss Kaif you overshadowed everyone in IPL ceremony.

She was just mind blowing. It was her best performance till date. :)

u see that look in her eyes that"look at my hot bod rk and see what ur missing" look which everyone else misinterprets as just an evil and thirsty look coz it's just an evil and thirsty look,lol,well kat,he know what he's missing a hit,a respectable career,a girl he truly loves ,a girl who won't ruin his image with her never ending drama and pr games and it ain't you,he won't have that with you,he's Gone for good,showing off your abs and hot bod will not bring him back,so get that through your head,give it up and move on

what you mean he's missing. He doesn't need her anymore. wink

Please just take your meds and calm down!

Dj Bravo checking out katrina :p :p what a body she has "sighs", she oozes sexiness!!!

OHH MYY GODD...supa hot!!!

Katy you stole the show , love u my beautiful

Katrina 's performance was the best

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