A Graceful Aishwarya Spotted at an Event

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The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai was recently spotted as she attended an event organized by a leading brand in Australia. Sporting a classy and stylish dress, the 42-year-old beauty looked absolutely stunning.

Moreover, she carried off the look with effortless ease and gave strong proof of why she is a timeless beauty. Interestingly, her lively and dignified body language too added a new dimension to this avatar. We are sure she must have made countless hearts miss a beat. Right folks?

After posing for a few photographs, Aishwarya also interacted with the some of the guests in attendance and gave away some prizes.

On the professional side of things, Aishwarya was last seen in the Sanjay Gupta-directed thriller Jazbaa. At present, she is gearing up for the release of Sarbjit. The film, which is a biopic,  features Randeep Hooda as the titular character. Moreover, she will also be seen in the eagerly awaited Ae Dil Hai Mushkil opposite Ranbir Kapoor.

This Day That Year


She looks every bit her age.

That face is so beautiful that nothing else matters. Even her corruptions. #PanamaList

NO! Between the hair the fascinator, the lacey skirt, the heavy makeup & the frilly top, i don´t know where to look!! Horrendous mix

There are better ways to look young & fresh really.

Im inspired..for my next cupcake icing

She looks so uncomfortable in those clothes, she is looking like a gift box, I wish she just stuck to her sarees or salwar. She seems like she's trying to be like Sonam and Kate Middleton and doesn't know high way to go- fire your stylist ash!

This is what happens when u r dark but whitewash ur face it ends up looking ashy, may be thats y ppl call her Ash ;D. In addition to that these super fat arms & hideous dress make her an eye-sore.

Get a life:)

Get a life:)

at least she could work out. or else dont wear sleeveless dresses. the dress is awful and the hat reminds me a bird

It's her choice whether to work out or not..

I can't understand the comments i see passing by about Salman Khan loving Aish and still has a soft spot en what not.That is soo rubbish come on if he really did loved her she would of never walked away . She loved him a lot you could tell en he did her terribly wrong he never treated her right. And he is a abuser cheater and they don't care how beautiful a woman is they continue doing their thing. And why would he talk bad about her? She is a bachan bahu en they are very well respected . PV please please publish

She is perfectly appropriate for the theme of the event. Other women are dressed in a similarly quirky and glamorous manner. It reminds me of a Wonderland Tea Party and she is the most stunning of Alice's. When the book was first published Alice had dark hair and wore yellow.

Sirry,did not like the dress or the lady.Aishwarya looks tired.she needs to work more on her makeup to create the flawless look she haz.

Flawless goddess


Nice, but Aishwarya's stylists can do better than this.

Looking old and tired. sorry... need to step down at the right time.



She is trying hard to smile here, she is not able to carry that outfit as well.

Very fresh look.Rai is more fair than Australians?

Now I am waiting for Cannes eagerly.

Eh she looks like a fashion victim here, whats txt on her hair and the colors...

I liked her white gown look more. She looks great in gown and sarees.

Love her


I'm sorry but now she started looking 40 and old. Before giving birth at cannes, she looked her face wise.

The woman with sad sad eyes again

Liked her look

Dear hater she has a lifetime contract with this brand she has to appear till the last day of her life. She is rich what's your problem. She is the highest taxpayer. She is not the only person who is making money.

Let them bark..:)

The day she would loose her face that day would be last day of her career. She has achieved every single thing in life for that pretty face and still achieving. When she was on maternity leave even those years she was the highest taxpayer. How much money this woman has earned just having a pretty face.

Stunning face but so cold and plastic

She's been relying on the face for her living. NO effort in toning her body or acting. Got to respect Shilpa Shetty and Karisma who work double harder. This on just turns up, makes money and keeps it hidden in Panama

Breath in. Breath out. Calm down. #HerBodyHerChoice

Okay Quirkbox..lol

Karishma is in the Indian Express list too :P

Good to know. Looks like Karisma and Ash go for the same things- Bachchan Surname and Lots of immoral cash hahaha

Please prove it immoral.. Ash has submitted all the documents and her team said it's false.. Karishma's team is yet to reply..

Upload more pics. There are some more clear pics doing round on Twitter. Her Australian Team is uploading pics on their Instagram account.

Did she smell a rat??? Whats with the bored look?


Her face that makes the difference.

Looking fresh. I am impressed with her Australian team. They really did great job.

She looks really fat :( I wish she could lose weight and be skinny again like in Dhoom 2 and Devdas. She was the most beautiful back then

Gawd !! She has lost her charm and looks really bad here.

She looks great as usual but she doesnt do anything to keep herself fit..lazy

make-up is patchy

could she look anymore disinterested?

I am going to say this again. Aish is looking Amazing again. Better than everyone else. But that does not mean her stylist needs to find the ugliest dresses for her.

She doesn't look like she works out. Yoga doesn't help you tone up .

She looks the same same everywhere. The same style make up, hair, expressions and pose. She should loosen up a bit. Be more natural . This way she looks older and very robot like .

This isn't her best look this week but she still looks gorgeous.


She is so beautiful i wish she would be gentle with makeup!!

Pretty but poorly dressed

wow.. gorgeous..

that a funny hat and no its not stylish...not liking the dress too much mis color co ordinaton

Those arms need a zip code on its own!!! I doubt she can tone those!

no matter what you say here, Ash is the first one to put Bollywood on international map. All the Johnny come lately talk all they want to talk, it is not going to make any dent . Her up bringing is what counts. She never talk about, she never brag about, she is quite, low key and minds her business. Let us give her the credit. She is here to stay for a long time.

Just constantly promoting Longines,Sarbjit then Cannes. Blah, go home and care for your family as wel.


She's better than the many masculine kareena. She also has a bigger heart, travelling thousands of miles to be in time for the Royal British doo. Love Ash.

She looks 16 here.

that dress is awful as well as that hat. Seriously cant she find a decent stylist! Horrible

Its so hard for anyone to see a falling charm
There was a time when no doybt she looked beautiful
Now this style is off beat...
Public admire dp kat nargis kind of styles...
Sorry Ash u dont work for us anymore
Accept it n quit it with dignity n wait till ure daughtr grows up n achieve
Give chance to others to shine

dreadful outfit looks like a random top put together with a random skirt.

same type of dress but unfortunately this kind of shape does not suit aishwarya rai and once more she fails to carry it elegantly

also pretending lolita cannot make her lovely she just ends up looking like a clown

Bad dress sense. Is this a skirt or a gown? and that also on grass?

She looks like a barbie doll .. Gorgeous face.. wow..

that is a very ridiculous dress. really its not graceful. look at the lady next to her. thats graceful. and Aish so full of herself and white as usual. don't seem to like her real skin color.

the makeup and hair is beautiful..the outfit looks interesting enough..why are all the pictures of aishwaryas longines appearances such poor quality tho

I can understand Salman who loving this woman so much and till date has something in his eyes when hear her name. How someone can be so beautiful like Aish?!

Ash looks stunning .Perfect ambassador for an international brand.

This is what called beauty. Dignity, feminine, graceful. Not empty showing body like woman who has just body without beauty, soul and self respect

Well Longines used to a very sought after prestigious brand ages ago... clearly that's no longer the case.

Okay Ms XXX.

International Icon and Worlds Most Beautiful Women Aishwarya

She is stunning but the bottom half looks disjointed from the top half

Only blid can not agree on her being the most beautiful in Bollywood atleast !! Plz don't be mean and upload super good pics from today's event !

What about Panama Papers Ash?

Very bad choice of clothes by her stylist. She's my favorite. How can they send her in public like this.

She looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!

This makes her look stunted


I thought the 1st pic is from miss world days, looks so young.

There are lot of pics out there, post them. She looks so gorgeous

Omg, how stunning!

Gorgeous as always! :)

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