Celebs Attend The Miss India 2016 Beauty Pageant!

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Many B-town celebs attended the Femina Miss India 2016 beauty pageant held in Mumbai today. Seen here are Ekta Kapoor, Yami Gautam, Sania Mirza, Kabir Khan, Manish Malhotra, Manyata & Sanjay Dutt, and Dia Mirza among others. 

Pankhuri Gidwani, Priydarshini Chatterjee and Sushruthi Krishna were the queens of the night and were crowned amidst much glitz and glamour. 

Dia Mirza won the Eternal Beauty award at the event. She tweeted, "He would have said "the woods are lovely dark and deep and you have promises to keep".My father.My hero. #MilesToGO."

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Who is the lady wearing the crown and in red gown, she is super gorgeous, Karan cast her opposite Varun instead of Alia in your next.

Nice Ekta! Love the risks taken here, no to the pantyhose though. Dia looks like a goddess & the winners are ragic! What are those gowns & the awkward looking crowns! Yikes

please don't be overcritical of Ekta guys. she has actually lost a lot of weight and now looks glowing and healthy. the outfit is not that bad. she's finally out of wearing black baggy clothes and hiding from the camera. please be kind so the girl feels encouraged and try out different styles.

All bunch of jokers, I mean seriously Etta tops the list, only yami looking nice , rest all are so meh!

Of course she attends the Miss India pageant - she is looking for a potential new "friend".

I hope Ekta has fixed her missing side teeth by now, its ridiculous to know someone so damn rich cant be bothered to fix such an obvious problem

I have a name for what Ekta is wearing. It's called loin cloth! Remember Gandhi? He wore those. The only difference is, Ekta's is a fancier version! While Gandhi commanded respect wearing those, this girl is inviting ridicule! Please post. Thank you.


Ekta is looking very bad... Don't know y she always wears all these. Ekta pls get a stylist

omg what is ekta wearing????

Ekta kapoor never gets it right ! The biggest irony is that she is also a designer ! I mean who would wear a ekta kapoor saree??

Have Mercy! Ekta!!

Loved Yami's dress +_+


So many beautiful girls.

OMG Ekta Kapoor! Is she wearing skin-colored pantyhose under that dress?? Even 70 year olds don't do that anymore. Someone get her a stylist.

Kate Middleton does,ok , does she need your styling advice too ?

Kate Middleton wears some times. But not always. Also she lives in UK. The weather there is cold and women wear pantyhose a lot of times so the legs do not get cold and dry. In India wearing pantyhose is stupid.

OMG !!!. How can Ekta be let out of her home dressed like that.sandals with tight . That leg !!! Mightmare !! Horror of horrors.

Ekta looks so baaaaadd in that outfit!

Ekta Kapoor is scary AF. No girl, Go home, put on a black dress, some decent heels, a red lipstick and were golden.

Ekta should hire a stylist or fire the one she has atm. LOL

Who on earth chooses Ekta's clothes for her ?!!!!

does ekta make it a point to be tacky

Omg ekta kapoor has gone beyond comment.. She is a sinner on red carpet

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement