Inside Pics! B-town Stars Shine With Prince William & Kate Middleton

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Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on Sunday kick-started their first visit to India.  Landing in the metropolis just before noon on their seven-day tour of India and Bhutan, the royal couple went straight to Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, where they were accorded a ceremonial welcome. 

On Sunday eveningm they attended a gala charity reception and dinner for raising funds for various NGOs, in the presence of top stars of Bollywood. 

Seen here are Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Sophie Choudhary among others. 

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Shakuntela even posted negative pictures of Bebo on her Twitter account. So annoying she is

Here is yet another example of Shakuntela creating fans wars - see how slyly she mentions that Kareena is missing, driving home the idea that maybe Kareena wasn't invited etc. I have no problem with another comment that openly says where's Kareena in a mocking way - as a Bebo fan I can deal with that kind of remarks against my favorite since it's straightforward...but see this Shakuntela's remarks - so sneaky and acting-innocent. Can you guys all see the pattern? Same thing she does on DP's posts. I am a huge DP fan too. Never liked PC's acting or personality and dislike her even more after Shakuntela's antics. I seriously think Shakuntela=PC.

It's a fundraising event for the prince'so charities, so the guest list is not exclusive, its more the merrier.. more money will be collected. All present had to donate something. Kareena saved her money by not attending.

How does Sophie make it to all party? And yet no films? Who pays her bills for expensive party clothes?

These so called royal family don't deserve the treatment which they are getting as their family was responsible for suffering of so many Indians for more than a century. Secondly, what is wrong with these fake celebrities, look at their stupid smile and eagerness to get clicked with these 2 free loaders.

Who is the woman between William and Sophie ?

#1 Post.

Very tacky. Please choose the right people to portray India with more dignity....

You guys do know that these celebrities are paid to attend such events, right? Otherwise, how is it possible other stars didn't attend and socialites and other B-lister actors were attending? I'm glad Bebo, Kangana, Saif, Salman, Kangana, Katrina, Aamir didn't attend. Although no offense to Sonam, Arjun, and SRK fans, others were just there for publicity. PV pls post, you didn't post my earlier comments, thanks!

That group photo is just embarrassing. Who are these attention seekers even. They don't even get the dress etiquette correct. Aishwarya, Madhuri and SRK have that charm, the beauty and the stardom and are amazing representatives and were more than enough to welcome them. This also happened when Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey came. It's nice that India as a friendly nation and respectful nation welcomes its guests in an amazing way, but these extra's really don't need to be there. It only adds tack to the whole situation.

Well I think Jacqueline Fernandez, Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari, Huma Qureshi and Manish Malhotra are okay. They've made a name for themselves and have established career's in Bollywood. However, I do agree people like Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit and SRK would've made much more sense in this picture.

exactly like Parineeti.

Sophie behen tum karti kya ho??? Sirf party mein free ka khake bore nahi hoti?

Parineeti looks gorgeous

Kate looks effortlessly classy. The rest look try hard.

So much bling, midriffs display and cleavage baring going around. Tackiness overload at such an event. These girls have no sense of proportion or knowledge of decorum. This is not an award show. These people totally lack class! Kate is dignity personified without sacrificing allure. She is royalty in every sense of the word, although not born into royalty! To those who may accuse me of being in awe of white skin, let me tell you I am only stating what is obvious. Besides, I live in the U.S., so white folks are no novelty for me! Pls. post, PV. Thanks in advance.

sophie must be the biggest vela off all.....i dont know how she gets her money to attend such high class events

It is just sad that in India no matter who visits - be it royalty, sportsperson or any other famous person- they showcase bollywood . It just looks so cheap as if you have nothing better to showcase in India than these bolly wood types whose only claim to fame is acting in a few bad movies.

Well, they are in Mumbai, do you expect them to ignore Bollywood completely? At least they disguised it as a charity gala, lol. The royals also visited Dharavi NGOs and site of the Mumbai terror attacks, all in one day, I think they've covered all the landmarks of Mumbai pretty well .

they probably came to mumbai for bollywood's popularity! even when the olympic torch came, aamir khan got it and not other sporting legends... oh then there's cricket. its sad foreigners only see these stereotypes - slums, bollywood, cricket take it a bit further you get snake charmers,yoga and elephants. india should do something about its image seriously!

This party looks like Ashwariya,Karan johar ,SRK ,Manish malhotra Gang .....where is our no 1 ...Ranveer ,deepika,irfan khan,...

Instead of the who's who of Bollywood....more like anyone and everyone is here.... Sophie Chaudhary? Parineeti? Alia? They should've stuck to an eclectic list of directors, actors etc... There are some faces even I don't recognise!

Where is Ranveer?? His PR said last week he will attend, didn't they??

In an interview he said it was clashing with his dates but he would try to make it work. I guess he chose work instead. Good choice.

It is so to see Sophie chaudhary in almost every party. seriously what does she do professionaly apart from attending the parties.? She has started to look so desperate and wannabe.

Can't understand why most of the actors in the frame are even invited to the royal party ?

kangana ranaut missing, liar liar pants on fire does not want to show her face in public

Why pointing out Kangna alone when likes of Kareena,Saif,Shilpa Shetty,Kajol,Big B,Irfan and many many more were also not their??

Shilpa was there with her husband Raj.

Most of them are Over dressed!
Ash, Kate and Madhuri look elegant.

B-list celebs are everywhere these days. Only A-list actresses are busy and never attend parties be it Anu, PC, DP

What the heck is parineeti wearing?

What if Modi goes to Hollywood, would Angelina, Brad Pitt will come to dine with him. Or if he goes to UK , will some of the A- listers actors will come to meet him

Hope they collected good money .Why don't they host some Charity galas when foreign royals are not visiting ?

only Aditi Rao looks good besides kate! the rest r looking so ajeeb..especially parineeti -___- yuckkk... and where is ash ?!

Kate is so tall and beautiful, she outshines all the Bollywood actresses.

LOL!!!! Lies & beyond. Aditi Rao & Jacqueline look awesome

Anytime anyone internationally famous lands in India b-wood makes a beeline esp srk & ash, pathetic to say the least! They temporarily turn like their own desperate fans aching to get a selfie with them!

Sophie and Aditi everywhere!! LOL..

Why must the Indian women wear such revealing outfits?! Whereas Kate is all covered up looking so elegant. They should learn from her dress sense. They all look like wannabes and spoil the photo infact.

Why are the all BW ladies wearing shades of beige? Jacqueline looking quite good in red. Parineeti and Jacqueline are same height!
Aishwarya anways is an evergreen beauty. She looks good in anything.

They all look like a hot mess!! Just bcos you were something hot off the ramp (apparently we only have one designer in Manish Malhotra dresses for every dang event!! except ofcourse Sonam's dress) ....these dresses are so busy, dramatic, item dresses and the hair!!OMG! I wonder if these actresses thought they were going for another award show!!

Sophie Choudhary will never miss a single event or party.

Thank God there was no Katrina..else, she would have started her belly dancing just to get work anywhere..

SRK broke royal protocol by touching kate middleton i thought he would have known better

Get over it, they are just regular people .

Why is Huma there? She is not even Indian..This is what we call taking advantage of being in India and bollywood..they will shoot our soldiers in our backyard and party with bollywood.

Huma is from Delhi, she is Indian !

She is perhaps a lot more Indian than you!

So even these lesser known starlets were invited but Katrina Kaif who considers herself one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood wasn't invited? And oh she has even lived in the UK for a large part of her life na? Hahahaha! She has become a nobody now, everyone avoids her.. PV please be fair and post..

Mannish didn't get to do his side glance-hand on Kate 's waist pose.

i think it's a law in B-town Sophie chaudhary in every bash , by the way i think the prince only knew srk

Kangana gave it a miss.

oh, so the very English Saif-Bebo weren't invited? I thought they considered themselves English and way above Bollywood, their source of bread and butter :P

according to royal protocol will and kate would have had to bow and curtsey to saif and kareena (saif is an erstwhile equilvalent to a king)., the brits wouldnt have done so, so saif and kareena just wanted to probably avoid an awkward situation
get your facts straight before spewing venom

what have u been smoking??? :O

hi Bebo! trying to save face? well, whatever floats your boat Miss I'm-too-modern-to-have-kids..

Saif is a prince in name & property only he has no real power. Plus it was the British who gave his family their title to begin with. They kicked out the real Royal family of that area and gave the title to Saif's family because they supported the British at that time. The British rewarded their loyalists with titles back then to further control India. No British royal would ever bow to them.

hence the term erstwhile

They were invited but gave it a miss. and they spent time together with each other. I think thats good why should they not.

kate seems far more demurely dressed than all the bw women!

That is because she has a lot more class than all these B-listers put together. She is royalty, literally and figuratively!

Her actual job is to wear culturally sensitive, and demure clothes. Until she's The Princess of Wales, she's beneath the Princess Royal and The Countess of Wessex. Unless, she is with her husband, she's beneath his two cousins the York girls.

Nice, it's always interesting how everyone turns up when Western actors singer in this Royals turn up,,,,,,, I think Kareena is the only one that doesn't care and is never present at these type of parties.

since when u start liking kareena?

since the say she start to hate deepika. two faced woman.

They're freakin' royalty. Not just other effin actors! People SHOULD care.

Just a question, since they are royalty, which land do they rule and which army do they lead? What decisions are in their hands? What function do they perform? I believe they sign documents which they have little control over and are just a symbol. It's already being questioned if the Royals are even relevant anymore in Britian. Correct me if I am wrong. I am indifferent towards them in any case.

Kareena lied she could not attend because she is out of India but she was seen in a restaurant in Mumbai.. If PC was in Mumbai, she would have turned up too..

Is this a Bollywood hosted party? Don't see people from other sectors..

Sachin was there with his wife.

YES to Aditi Rao Hydari being next to Kate. Royals meet Royals. I hope Will & Kat will actually get inspired & start working instead of just being there.

LOl, Manish photobombed this totally. Or did he dress Kate? & i wanna know what connections Sophie Choudry has. She is ALWAYS in the center of everything big in the country. You go girl! ;-)

Why is sophie chaudhary everywhere.. What is her achievement in Bollywood other than going to every award function and parties

Maybe she is an infamous super high class call girl....

Rude !! coz why else will an accomplished , attractive woman be invited to events right ?

That is her achievement xD

I am asking this question all the time but no one answers :( I am not being mean or so, I just want to know why she is everywhere

Same here and the mystery continues.......

There is a name for rich people who just hangs around at parties and does nothing - socialite. If only a poor person can have a fancy title like that.

I also want to know how come she is seen in all VIP Bollywood parties and how is she this rich

my thoughts exactly , i dont get what she did to deserve all the attention and invites shes getting

sugar daddies...

So who is her sugar daddy? It used to be Rahul Sharma

still is probably...who knows?

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