Priyanka Chopra Arrives in India, Spotted at Delhi Airport

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Priyanka Chopra has been away from India for some time now as she has been busy shooting for her television series Quantico and the Hollywood debut film Baywatch simultaneously.
With two projects in hand, PeeCee has hardly managed to visit home in the past three months.
But last night, the actress was spotted at the Delhi airport as she arrived, only for a day in India. The actress was received by her team, who embraced her with a warm hug. Priyanka even shared on twitter, "While I may not be watching with u guys tonight... am enjoying the commentary & debates right here...Keep em coming! #Quantico #HomeForADay."
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I love the smell of desperated PC fans..hehe. Btw Shak still clicking? Your head will burst one day!

I lover her airport-look! but y is she in boots and jacket at this time in delhi ;)

Hug..muahh..hug...muahh....brrrrr.....look at her face, fake from head to toe.

love her so so much. She is rocking it here and there. Her show is huge in US.

welcome back queen. :)))

looking awesome and fresh.

the people who envy PC!! lol. Take chill bill. She is famous and successful and stunning.

pretty and fit girl. Love how she works so hard. Respect

waiting for her up coming hindi films announcements. She looks great!

Hi Priyanka....muaaaah ;-)


Suddent rise in dislikes for truthful comments....No wonder Shakuntela has summoned the whole PR team of PC. Now they will click click click delete refresh whole night....LOL! Its so entertaining and obvious !!!

Okay Ms. xXx.

Thank you Miss iKaun.

Wow the "like police" is here! Silly

PC you rock. Love you so much.

love this woman.



she is so pretty

ohh noooo.....the one-liner and the obsessed SRK-Priyanka fan, together! Holy shit :p

The revenge of Shakuntela will be, click, click...delete, refresh. Mark my words...haha

yes already noticed it. while she is always whining about the button abusing :/

Smack her back to where she came from? She is corrupt to her core!!

killing it girl! You look quite good.

I cant believe the pure hatred in the comments for this amazing girl! Apparently Deepika carrying coffee with her to states is news (wow) but people are complaining about this article being published! Talk about double standards!

she is versatile actress. Her show is huge and she always great with fans and people around her.

stylish and beautiful. Leave her and SRK alone. None of your business how they lead their lives. period.

lovely girl she is. she looks so good.

finally she is back!! Love her. Strong and independent woman.

Such an "independent" woman, who can't even carry her own handbag, does she have servants for everything...? even people who hand her the toilet paper in the bathroom? and help her clean up LOLOL ROFL... wow, such a shame for some one who claims to be "oh so independent" PV post plz, stop deleting my comments. BARF! on this kind of independence.

well, those people she PAID with her own hard work money for them. They have jobs. Get a job yourself.

LMAO!!! yup you are right she paid them with her hard earned money, not like her ex manager whom she duped, I agree with you. Atleast she's paying these people, better late than never.

she looks amazing. Welcome home PC. Keep it up.

Who the hell is giving her padma siri, clearly these organizers have sold their soul as now she is" supposedly" in Hollywood!! She hasnt done anything to warrant the award.. Maybe someone judge her on her extracurricular activities!!!

She's beautiful.

Ghar aaja pardesi, tere des bulaaye re....

Wonder what his Urvashi will say to their public meeting :p

It`s no coincidence that she comes a day earlier to Dehli. Shame on this cowardly couple what has no resect for his family!

Her airport style is so boring and predictable. Dark lipstick and bun....tied ofcourse with fake extensions!!! On side note go easy on skin lightening dear......with this rate u will soon look like MJ !!!!!!

OMG!!! What happened to her nose? PC plz you are beautiful, stop with the rhinoplasty!!!

Her team did a good drama of "hug"and "oh we missed u" as strictly instructed to do by PC juz to show how imp she is! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha you pinkvilla anon commenters hating priyanka are loser!! priyanka is so successful in so many bollywood movies starting from the start of her career when she nailed villainous seductive roles and later did offbeat roles like fashion saat khoon maaf barfi etc. she always gives great interesting interviews and is a fun girl. even if she and srk are togeether than you should hate srk not her! why should she think or care about his family, thats his family!! its up to him. and he is the one who should be blamed between the two of them. i love srk but indians are so stupid and biased and always blaming the girl. priyanka sounds in love and that can change people. and stop hating on shakuntelas comments all the time it is ridiculous, priyanka is HUGE IN INDIA AND THE US. ALL OF MY GUY FRIENDS THINK SHE IS THE HOTTEST IN BOLLYWOOD. you haters only exist in pinkvilla!

Well said. And I'm SRK's fan. desperate people needs to mind their lives. No one from his silly fans asked why he didn't take his wife to the royal dinner while everyone with their spouses...why he doesn't speak nice about her anymore..why only his kids. He changes but all they can do is hating on PC. They even ignore last item of him playing with a model actress in TOIFA. GROW UP. SRK is not 5 year old saint kid.

well said. Why always a man get away with everything!! So lame.

God guy, this is your twentieth comment. Every is same. We know your are the Gauri hater who constantly insult and humiliate her. Now here the same. Also the button abusing. This here is about Priyanka and not Gauri!

are you okay bro?? I blame SRK here. I didn't see one single bad word about his wife in this comment!! You are one hater of PC for sure. go play around. I have no mood to go on about star wives. I talk about actor and celebrities.

LOL Shakuntela. Nice try :p

Welcome back! happy she came to collect her Padma Shri.

I love how she keeps it causal at the airport! she looks nice.

She has started looking like Gauri Khan.

That oil rubbish thing!! Please...Don't let me make fun of her here. I feel sorry for her greasy looks and eyebrows. PC looks stylish and she is Ms. World. Get new eyes dear.

get a life!!

Its hot in Delhi, those boots must be killing her!

oh god she not at all a beauty!! Though when she dolls up she looks awesome.

welcome back she is amazing

Now I understand why she`s landed in Dehli one day before: *TKSS With SRK Live In Delhi*, can`t believe that they don`t come out finally. It`s too obvious. What a shame.

There is an english phrase which says...NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

And this is affecting your life why?

who cares? it's their private life. why do they have to come out with anything? their choice. your obsession is unhealthy though.

good to see PC in India! looking forward to seeing her become Padma Shri Priyanka Chopra tomorrow! :)

OMG her nose!!!!

Her arrival is a news ? Who cares ?

Apparently you! Enough to open the article and post a comment!

you are one of her groupie, stocking her 24/7/365 days. get a life, take a chill pill.

Funny coming from someone like you! A troll!

why are dptards hanging out here? go back to brad pitt.loosers

LMAO! This comment made my day!

awww hugs all around!

What's with the dressing? In Mumbai heat...dressed like she's still in Montreal. Ha ha the desperation to be a westerner is hilarious

She's dressed based on the country she's coming from, no one really changes on a plane. clearly you've never been on a flight to know.

It's unfortunate that people start saying complete untrue nonsense all over Priyanka's topics. Anyways nice to see her back and congrats!

Priyanka Chopra is back in India and her team was waiting for her to welcome her. Priyanka is currently in Delhi because tomorrow she will receive the Padma Shri award! This bring so much joy to her well wishers :)

SRK in delhi, too

WOW! So are millions of other people! Now go cry about it.

Shaks , sweetie, how come she has a man holding her handbag? Can she not hold it herself, is she feeling ok or was just too tired to hold her own bag? Do enlighten...thanks.

Can you tell us what temperature she likes her water in?

These pictures are really sweet!

aww welcome back ! she looks great and look at how her team is so happy to see her ^^

what happened between her and shahid ?? they are still friends ??

She looks lovely!! Who's fans are these with all negative comments. Calm down!!

Mostly are Deepika fans , they can't tolerate success of PC in Hollywood and importance she received in Bajirao Mastani

Success it is. She looks awesome in Quantico. We have yet to see her in a Hollywood movie

False, mostly are SRK fans. She destroyed his family and they spend quality time just right now together in Dehli.

most are SRK fans because she has destroyed his family

what??!! they are anti-srk. i am a true blue srk fan. love srk-gauri and their solid marriage. i have nothing against priyanka either. she's a good actress and a hard worker. these are people who are against srk because they can't stand his success. they touted that srk was gay for years, now sadly pc has to bear this.

SRK fans are hypocrites then! No third person can break a family.

Hey sweety, when a comment is anonymous it can be anything. The exact same negative comments are placed in every topic about her. So just ignore it :)

Very wise and true.

SRk will give her an LOVE award along with Padma shri.

and what's your business with that!! SRK with her or not!! It is not YOUR LIFE. period.

I don't know if there was ever anything between srk and priyanka. She was always in awe of him. Even karan apologised to her.

Gauri looks younger. Old priyanka

She looks old. Like aunty.

Another new nose in the making or what? I think this current nose is different from last two months nose

pc looks great!!!!!!!

She looks fit and so nice.

Stepmother is back, only Abram probably likes her!! Poor kid, got to share his father with this one and then step siblings...

Gauri has enjoyed SRK 4 so many yrs now she should share him with PC.

Priyanka doesn't want him. I know it's hard for your pea-brain to understand but this is the fact, she's dating someone else in the US.

Waiting for her next WTF statement after receiving Padma Shri. I have a hearty laugh when Kareena brags because she gives a damn about others opinion and her WTF statements are straight from the heart even though they may be laugh-worthy. But Priyanks is all about show-off.

Me too ROFL "Im the best Im the best Im so American Im the best la la la la la la la la la , & "QWATNICO" is the best no one else is like me Im just awesome" But those terrible Americans used to call me "brownie and go back on that curry boat" LMAOOOO!! oh man she's something else, clock is ticking almost 35 , time to have babies now and settle down with a man who's not married.

She looks great.

Dear Team PC, pls don't let her wear a Manish M tackFest like when she won her national award. Tall order but try to keep it classy ! Thanks in advance.

The Queen is back in town. Hope she stays longer than one or two days.

SRK is in Dehli and tweetet:"......tonight as I said is the night of the King and the Queen" very naughty sir....LOL

Now I know you're a liar and always have been! SRK isn't even in Delhi. Wonder why you're hellbent in proving something that isn't even true. Shame the extent people go to pull Priyanka down.

He is! Follow "TKSS With SRK Live In Delhi" on Twitter!


He's not in Delhi. You need to stop spreading lies.

SRK is not in Delhi. The Royals event was in Mumbai. What do you get for spreading lies?

He is in Mumbai. Stop spreading rumours.

I miss seeing her in India but it's amazing all that she's doing

no one cares.

Finally!!!!! Sadly shes only here for 1-2 days

Really cute

She came to America and gain like 20 lbs. Haha

Welcome back PC


SRK is in Delhi, he tweeted

FAKE! He never tweeted that nor is he in Delhi.

He is! Follow "TKSS With SRK Live In Delhi" on Twitter!

SRK was at the Will and Kate event in Mumbai and is still in Mumbai promoting fan. You and your crazy imagination. I know you're a Gauri fan trying to get her sympathy by spreading lies all these years but it's time you get a life.

Mumbai or Delhi they are together

No he's not

In Delhi because Priyanka receives her Padma Shri award on April 12th! Congratulations to her.

Awww her team is so happy to see her. That's so sweet

Priyanka is in Delhi to receive her Padma Shri award

I like her shoes.. And Yeah, She looks pretty!

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