#SarbjitAtCannes: Aishwarya, Richa and Team Sarbjit walk the Cannes 2016 Red Carpet

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Team Sarbjit  today walked the red carpet of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2016, where their film is all set to be screened.

The film's leading lady, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan got the heads turning with her unusual all-purple look! While Richa Chadha looked graceful in a white-gold sari, director Omung Kumar, producer Jacky Bhagnani and Bhushan Kumar went for the traditional bandhgala suit and tuxedo respectively. 

The team posed for the shutterbugs, and were a bundle of excited people on the red carpet!

Now, that's certainly a big moment for team Sarbjit! 

All the best guys....


This Day That Year


Can't believe Aishwarya

Yes, her hunger for attention and approval have finally been exposed.

Those who are missing Randeep Hooda I need to tell you that he had an abdominal surgery and was not allowed to take long flight.

He was just spotted at an airport.

Cute team. Everybody was shouting Aishwarya Aishwarya nobody knows the rest of the team members though they are successful and known face in India.

they all look cheap and creepy on such a big platform, representing true india in western they always look like beggars in western.

PV post it if you are tolerate or otherwise srk quote will be true.

terrible cast and terrible over acting movie FLOP. Doesnt deserve to be in cannes

Finally we get to see the true face of Ash...Bhootni

Show us ur face..coward

Producer Bhushan Kumar maintaining distance from Aishwarya,looks like the blind item where the producer trying to get cozy was true....

Where is Randeep Hooda
If Bhushan is producer,thank god he left his wife at home

richa chaddha is looking older than she is. whatever happened to her designer.

What happened here ? She does nt need to do this ! looking old , tired and and oh not glamorous at all.

Richa vs Aish... that's what their body language says to me. No bonding, no warmth between the two.
As bad as Aish's lipstick is, Richa's look is worse!


She looks terrible. I feel sorry for Aish fans!

Hahaha.. that's a cute. But don't be sad for us, we are over the moon with her riske choices this year, she's outdone herself, Foreign fashion polls are in the positive for her choice of outfits, so once gaian.. thanks but no thanks.. keep to your favourite who isn't 10% of what Ash is..

Please name these foreign fashion polls. I don't think anyone is talking about her.

They are talking about her, but in a verrry bad way. Look at the article on Daily Mail, the people have said some REALLY nasty things!

The purple dress girl's outfit is much better than Ash's dress.

Wait... What's Jacky Bhagnani doing there? What's even funnier is Pinkvilla has him tagged as "Jacky Bhagbnani" LOL

It is the loser Jacky's dad's film and the purple dress girl is his sister Honey. Both are here to spend their dad's money and to bask in Ash's reflected glory of whatever is left.

over all very bad make up, lipstick color. what is wrong ?

Wa this the screening for Sarbjit or Return of the Gothic Woman????

Lmao, good one!

I cant bare to look at her lips. Just Horrible!!

My eyes are on Omung! What a handsome director!!

He he, I remember when Omung Kumar (OK) used to host some game show on Zee before he went on to become a director...and we used to find him so good looking.

Everyone is interested in this film only because of Aishwarya. She is the crowd puller. Richa should have worn a better saree, it looks so much like the golden sari Aishwarya wore at AMFAR gala a couple of yrs ago.

it wounds me to think of how a simple pink lip would've nailed this look!

There Mr. Omung Kumar, I hope you're happy with your narcissistic heroine now.

The Lipstick is WTH!!!!!!!......Gives the impression that Sarabjit must be some comic movie. Who did her makeup???and did she forget to look aT the mirror

I never realized how large Ash is till I saw her in all these gowns at Cannes this year.

Somehow I am only looking at Honey Bhagnani (girl in the purple gown)... She has that innocent charm yet very beautiful. Her simplicity stands out. Hope Sarabjit gets the deserved recognition. Waiting for May 20th.

Aishwarya fades into the background inspite of her attention-seeking makeup. The other 2 girls are looking much nicer, after all, it is always youth that rules.

With three back to back attention seeking comments,you still are not getting much attention.

The fat girl in the shiny purple dress, whoever she is, looks the prettiest. I love her smile and enthusiasm.Cute.

That's Producer Vashu Bhagnani daughter Honey Bhagnani. I agree with you she's the prettiest.

Everyone is talking about Aishwarya's lipstick rather than the movie. She got the attention she wanted.

OMG she looks scary...

Aishwarya is my queen. But this look totally disappoints. A dark violet or a berry color lip color would have made a world of difference. I actually thought someone posted a photoshopped picture. This is sheer disaster. It looks like cupcake frosting on the lips. I mean really for Sarabjit screening is the best she could come up with?!! what was she thinking?!!!!!!

Aaradhya did her make up with crayons.

this is the best comment so far:D

you are hilarious!Best comment I read today :P

Omg that horrible lipstick ruined her looks, dress is nice.. I think Umang is the best dressed here, and Richa, what the @@@ she wearing?

It's a sabysachi saree it seems...can't believe...quite shocked how she wore it...

Don't they let her see herself in the mirror before letting her walk out with such monstrosity of a makeup?.....it looks like she is trying too hard, lips don't lie :X

Bad posture. Shoulders down, ugh. If she wore a statement necklace and different lipstick would have looked better. Talk about being the laughing stock with that lipstick lol.

That lipstick :(

The outfit and hair looks super gorgeous on aishwarya but the makeup (i.e - the lipstick) is a nay from me. If u wear such a dramatic icy purple lip colour, then u r supposed to wear a very light eye makeup. Another shade of purple (like the Mac Heroine) or mauve lipstick would have perfected the look.

and... the dress should have been 1 size bigger at least

i can't still believe they wasted such a good story on Aish. they could cast Vidya and turn it to serious political drama without dancing songs etc. that would be a surprise of the Cannes.

Tabu would also have been a good choice

a really sloppy look..

that purple lipstick ruined her look..

those lips not a good look

Hope the movie gets all the success tht it deserves..
Waiting for 20th may... :)


The dress is pretty though

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement