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In Pics: How Aishwarya Got Her Makeup Game Point On For Cannes

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You cannot deny the fact that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful!

No, we aren't making any statement. As they say, a picture speaks 1000 words; we got hold of some candid BTS shots of Aishwarya from the Cannes. 

These pictures are right before Aishwarya got ready for her glamorous looks for the red carpet. And bwoy, with each shot, she just looks more attractive.

The pics are shared by Makeup artist Charlotte Willer on Instagram.

Can't get our eyes off her!



#cannes2016 prep for @aishwaryaarai full on busy busy #late photo @michaelangelnyc

A photo posted by @charlottewillermakeup on

What do you think about these candid shots?

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Kudos to the power of make up...if only women were celebrated in their natural state...how wonderful would that be...

Aish should' ve worn more colour dresses ,somthing dramatic like last year...

what's the point of this post. make up looks different with photoshop edited pics, while the candid ones looks awful. Aish got caught with candid pics.

They're still trying their best to convince everyone that it wasn't such a fiasco Lolol

only aishwarya can carry these kind of looks with absolute grace...

No one is denying that Aishwarya is gorgeous. It's a fact. But that doesn't mean that by default i have to force myself to believe that that lavendar lipstick she wore looked good.


I don't care about that purple lip color I want that orange lip color. That's just WOW!

All this shows only one thing... Fire the stylist ASAP. Don't wait till another Cannes outing. Aishwarya ji, there is no shame in putting in some effort to find a good stylist.

Anyway its not even her that choose the stylist, etc.. she is stunning beautiful.. be jealous hater ;)


These are nice pics...she looks good in them...damage control for sure....cant blame her...the backlash was huge.

I want that orange lip color. Perfect for my fair complexion.

She is so beautiful and I love the lavender lippy on her.

She is so beautiful and I love the lavender lippy on her.

Game point for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha ha

Her fans are getting aggressive too....telling people to shut up. People have the right to express their opinion and besides madam herself said - "Troll all you want". So pipe down. This look is no good, no amount of damage control is going to make that right. In fact, this shows she was quite affected by the criticism and wants to prove a point. So much for her I-dont-care-what-people-say attitude! Makes it even more pathetic. Would have been graceful if she laughed it off and admitted it. But she has never been that type anyways.

dude chill the only thing wrong about her make-up was those lavender lips, nobody called her ugly or her overall cannes make-up bad

She looks beautiful, obviously the lavender lips was going to be hit or miss - I personally think she looked good in the candid shots and it might have worked with a different dress/hair but besides that the rest of her makeup was really pretty and her face is just gorgeous! Abhishek is a lucky man.

According to Allure & Daily Mail.. Aishwarya's make up trend was the best in Cannes 2016

Love her, so pretty

Ohh y god the haters must be burning...coz Aishwarya looks soo damn ravishing here...truly the worlds most beautiful women

she must be wearing layers of spanx and still her tummy looks so bloated?

omg that first pic....makes me wanna scream RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

ALLURE magazine said she had the best makeup.

Aishwarya's make up voted the best in Cannes 2016. BURN!

clown with lavender lipstick.

Makeup Aishwarya voted best of Cannes, read the headlines)

In which newspaper? Freak Zone?

Looking gorgeous at 42..
Keep up the good work ash.

Damage control from Ash PR..Her brains will never rest in peace...always wants to prove her point in some way.

So true. She is aggressive but pretends to be soft.

Give the mad hatter his lipstick back

Lavender is in the support May 17th #IDAHOHOT2016

even lavendet lipstick fails to save her ..
what a pity for her

So it does take a village to make celebrities look flawless......

But it would take a universe to make you sound positive.. Fuglyinside

She normally wears the best lipstick shades, but LAVENDER? At CANNES? Please! Definitely not "point on" by any means!

She is just doing her job. This lavender I'd new Loreal lip color. She has contract with L'oeal and she is just fulfilling her contractual obligation.

PV is this your idea of a good joke

all for Loreal ...she is doing her job as an ambassador promoting their products [she has a signed contract] ...and the purple lipstick is a new Loreal colour

According to Allure her make up may b the best in Cannes 2016

I m not Indian but she has strinkly beautiful face she makes that lavender
Lipstick beautiful .pinkvill post my message please

I m not Indian but she has strinkly beautiful face she makes that lavender
Lipstick beautiful .pinkvill post my message please

you have got to be kidding me. her makeup is totally NOT on point. it could be a lot better if they used hydrating makeup formulas.

Oh shut your mouth #troll! that make up team has been doing make up on some of the biggest names in the world.. and here you are commenting that you know better! Sigh!

whatever it is..she is looking scary in these pics. Sigh!

she has a million dollar face.. Gorgeous..

She looks absolutely awful!

Definitely the most beautiful face in the world. Even under harsh lighting.

Why are her lips so dry and parched in the purple shade? Even a layman who knows nothing about makeup would know that a bit of moisturising balm or gloss would look much better on the lips...and these guys are supposed to be professionals???

may be its a drying formula

Lol, she's acting like she's all that! Far from it Mrs.

The maroon lipstick looked gorgeous on her. She looks SO bloody stunning on the photos where she closed her eyes. The lavender lipstick might be good for a funky Photoshoot, it just wasn't right for the cannes redcarpet :3 They should have applied lil bit of gloss on her lips as they look a bit too dry.

make up game ON POINT?? Is that a joke?

omg she is looking drop dead gorgeous in every pic ,,espcly in two sided braids !!

she is brown much darker than images we have seen !!!

I'v seen her. She is darker than what we see here. They always photoshop pics and videos. It's sad and screams racism.

To the Anon who said Loreal ignored to do her make up, here is the answer.. Ash looks better in these pics..

Tummy bulging in second last pic. How she approved wearing that gown. The profession she is in, she needs to put extra effort to tone herself but if she can't for some reason then at least wear a dress that suits your body type.

Damage Control.. to show the purple lips are not as bad as they looked on the red carpet... give it a rest aish, we know you can look good!

So obvious as well!

Damage control for sure.

There is no damage done to control it you mother of trolls! You have posted this comment everywhere.. how jobless are you?

Gorgeous ~~~

she luks scary ....she looks beautiful with minimal makeup

It's only May...too early for Halloween makeup but thanks anyways.

Shows how caked their faces are .... feel shud look prettier if natural...


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