Look Who Is Back! A Cheerful Deepika Is a Sight to Behold at the Mumbai Airport

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Look who is back guys! Deepika Padukone has finally returned back to Mumbai, post finishing her Hollywood debut film's shoot and other work commitments abroad. 

The leggy lass was spotted at the Mumbai Aiport today early morning. Still in her xXx:The Return of Xander Cage look, the hottie was killing it with her cheerfulness and vibrancy at the airport. Spotted in an all black look, sexy red lips, thigh high boots and wavy tresses - DP looked every inch of hotness personified. 

The actress, post wrapping her xXx shoot, headed to Paris, for a secret rendezvous with beau Ranveer Singh, who has been shooting there for BefikrePost Paris, DP headed to Budapest to shoot for a special dance number for Raabta. 

After spending a few days in Budapest, our Mastani finally arrived back to the home turf. 

And now, we all are eagerly waiting that DP announces her next Hindi film soon!

Happy Homecoming Deepika...


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Deepika is too beautiful ...
She is treat for her fans & threat for actresses !
No other actress can beat her for sure

Too much skin whitening done! What message does she as a big star send across !! Disappointed in her. From making fun of ppl who do Botox n stuff to resorting to skin whitening herself which is equally bad this is hypocracy n double standards. Just don't make fun of others when u yourself do stuff like this.

Absolutely gorgeoussss

I am not a hater, not a fan - rather ambivalent actually. What concerns me is the skin whitening - she looks so different from OSO to now. Granted, we all change as the years go by, but her skin looks like it has had some kind of whitening treatment. Good for her, if this is what she wants - but as a public figure, this is ereally regressive and dismantling of the ideas of beauty.

I am not saying she hasn't got the skin whitening treatment, who knows but you have to bear in mind this picture was taken at night and with a LOT of camera flash. I have a medium skin tone (by Indian standards :), of course dark if you compare to Caucasian) and I have noticed how my skin tone because a lot fairer with flash.

the moment someone gives a HUGE justification "I am not a hater..." You know it's a TROLLL trying to pass off an argument. It's just make up! Not plastic surgery, botoz or filler ROFL. Try harder next time!!!

Coz she has got dark circles

She is below average

yes just like kat is below average

My goodness how ravishing and hot is she!! I am stunned!

Queen is back and I am so happy

why? i she visiting your house? i'm not going to be happy until she announces her next film.

lol i love how these actors try to make us believe that they came out of the airplane wearing makeup and looking gorgeous. they must put all this makeup on in the airport bathrooms before they come out to meet the paps. and before dp fans jump on me, i'm not targeting dp in this comment, i'm just saying all actors in general do this.

Queen is back!!! Powder queen lol

ew her chin

I'm sure she had the utmost fun with homi, those cheeks really know how to get around and get some lovin lol

Queen is back !!
She knows how to rule hearts

cat woman is back. white washed face, hiding behind sun glass


Queen is slaying the airport

katrina is all over the comment's section,god if you spend that much time learning to act your career wouldn't be dead in the water..and oh welcome back ma love,announce something soon dear,make your haters lives even more miserable,xo xo

Omg what is she wearing. Dear this is Mumbai.

Not one DP-tard out there to hold out a single Balloon for her. PC 1 DP 0. PV please post.

she's trending on pv,trending on twitter,trending everywhere,she's the most popular,most in demand,most loved celeb in india right now,no one can touch her,so jobless kat can call her michael jackson,bleached and ugly all she wants,truth is the films she dreams of doing are being offered to her,and the man she dreams of getting back to is dying to get her back and all the hate and name calling in the world can't and will not change that,katvilla plz post,you post the same hateful comments again and again but not mine,well i'll keep reposting until you do

It's all happening in your mind. Take your meds and just calm down!


Ghar aaja pardesi tere fans bulaaye re....

LOL indeed.

Deepika is looking good here. Like it when she keeps it minimal n hair open. For thise complaining abt her skin colour, it's just makeup n with lighting she is looking extra fair, but in low lighting pictures she is still looking gorgeous. Please announce your new films Deepika. Best wishes.

Michael Jackson is back 2 snatch film from Anushka, Run imtiaz run !

she is not like plastic kat who snatched BBD from anushka then kabir next from deepika. kabir has already run away.

katrina should learn from deepika. if you want the media to like you and keep reporting about you, you smile at the paps. don't keep a smug look on your face and pretend you're better than them. deepika is clever, she knows what she has to do to stay at the top.

LOL - i would bet anything to say that deepika did this precisely so people would compare her to katrina's cool demeanor at the airport - she is one sneaky lady

lol deepika is not as calculative as user kat. DP is like that always smiling and posing for media when she calls them unlike kat. Go and see all of her airport pics/video as a prove. she even dont care and know how kat misbehave with the media. atleast do some research before commenting. dp is always nice and sweet to media and knows how to respect them when she calls them. kat is unethical who called media then insulted them. kat is one sneaky woman

"look who's back" lol her PR is desperate!

I love u my sunshine

looks like someone threw powder in her face

Why can't Deepika accept her natural skin tone? She's the most bleached and injected actress. She's setting a bad

Go n compare these photos wid anushka...then u will realise difference bw wheatis skin beauty n white face botox duck

stop pulling down other actresses to idolize your queen. anushka and deepika have always been each other's well wishers so stop with the comparison.

Haha jealous haters commenting on whitening n bleaching ...but what I see is only glowing wheatish skintone..when u cant have anything to bring something down ..go n start talking rubbish

U mean whitish skintone.

it's so hot in Mumbai and she's wearing boots higher than her knees and leather pants???? terrible! plus all that makeup??

You do know that airports and aircrafts are cold and she travels in an air conditioned car !!

LOL this is the IQ of DP's fans.

Dude that's BS. I am a frequent flyer. No wonder she is wearing for media.

Her infectious smile. Movie announcements soon please. You have been missed a lot.

Who is shakuntala?

She is literally transforming to MJ in front of everyone's eyes!. No wonder Nandita Das's organisation urged her to accept her true skin colour.

only a hater can say that. she looks beautiful and with same skin color as she has by birth. you dont have any other thing to say so coming up with same boring stuff. btw nandita organization also urge kat to accept her tru face stop using botox and fillers also she urge to accept kat her real profession in uk. post it

Really!...can you provide me the link where Nandita das said anything about Katrina?.And this news about Nandita Das asking DP to embrace her true color is every where. Just google it. DP is setting a terrible example for all the young girls who probably look up to her.

Haha you are so funny and true.


She looks HOT!!!!

lookin like a supermodel

Ye aur P.C. nayeh zamaaneh ke Michael Jackson hain.

She has the - hey, i am a Hollywood star now look!

riyanka laid back lol that's why she got her PR to call the media and fans so she could show her hollywood friend what kind of welcome party people do for her, nice joke try another one and btw she PC did have makeup on

brown skin was her usp, naturally beautiful was her usp, loved her till piku but no idea why is she so made up and whitened up all the time

queen dp is in da house and jobless kat is in da comment section,lol

STUNNER!!! She looks so beautiful and happy to be back home!

Gorgeous face, supermodel figure!

Her skin looks so unnaturally white. There is a difference between naturally fair complexion like Kareena, katrina, Anushka and then there is Deepika who looks like she has bleached her skin so many times that it looks just white and lifeless!

The flirt is back.

Arrey Waah...

Kheer is ready for you Deepu beti!

I prefer PC's style. Thats all. This is a tad much for the airport.

Can anyone please tell me her whitening doctor's name? I'm from Delhi and am willing to travel wherever. I got rejected for 3 marriage proposals for being too dark. I could use some help

yes i can help you but can you help me and tell me kat plastic surgeon name who mae her so call natural? i am from khi and got rejected for not being a plastic botox natural beauty like kat.

Try asking Shakuntela since she knows in & out about PC's whitening ,she/he could help you in fetching an appointment too!

No you tell us. Actually you know better. You know about other actresses and their fans info. You are the right person to contact. C'mon tell us about DP's whitening treatment. If you don't, I don't consider you DP's true fan.

Oops,somebody got hurt!...Anonymous mode again?

Deepika and Aditya Roy Kapoor have similar nose.

Now that you pointed out....yes same to same nose

I don't care about anything else, but that she is BACK!!! I have been MISSING her!!! Her smile puts everything to rest. I LOVE this woman, and I am not even from India! The energy, aura and the vibe I feel and get from her, from this far, just looking at her picture....is so strong and positive. I can only imagine how it must be to be around someone like her. I am sure she gives out fireworks and is like a thousand volt of unstoppable grace, poise, energy, smile, happiness...no ounce of negativity in her bones! Even when people try to create it around her due to envy and jealousy, she nips it in the bud with her infectious smiles and hugs! OMG! I love this woman!!! I want more of her!!! God Bless You Deepika Padukone! Please never change...and be just who you have always been!! I genuinely love you and your humbleness, grounded nature and to die for personality! You are AMAZING!!!!

Lol Priyanka looked like a dark HOBBIT when she arrived and Deepika looks like a Glamazon! There is 0 comparison between them in looks, personality and talent - DP reigns tall over short, stocky Priyanka both literally and figuratively.

She looks every bit of the bonafide GLOBAL SUPERSTAR she is! Welcome back, Queen DP.

She failed in all her auditions in Hollywood. She has to return back.

Haha you are hilarious dude.

kat were you there to know this? in your dreams katrina jsut wait may be she got it but you get refused by hollywood so now burning with hate. Lastly she doesnt need your permission to come back to her own country.

Welcome back Miss Padukone. The spa treatment is visible. Face is glowing. Have fun back home.

good for nothing shaku. you funny

You know I usually am supportive of you but you claim you have nothing against DP, but then to make a shady comment like "the spa treatment is showing" is very unbecoming. If you had wanted to compliment her you could easily have just said " Face is glowing". I know its not a big deal, but it just kinda irked me, and I really do support what you say most of the time, and believe there are some over reactions.
Have a good day

What else can one expect from this Shakuni..He/she is like an infection that won't go away!

I haven't said anything shady. It was a complikebt. I can't believe everyone is dissecting my comments and is deciding for me what I mean. :(

Back Off!! Let her be! She make a millions of us happy just by her simple and infectious smile! We love her! So, back off and stop being snide!

IKR, she looks like a ray of sunshine. By the way, your profile pic - all I can see is a huge, black nostril and wicked looking eyes - is that your own pic or of somebody famous?

aand it's the top trending topic after 5 hours,tell ya she's the queen

Ugly face

u have mistaken her as katrina. it she who has an ugly face along with an ugly heart and soul

jealous kat

Viral kohli should have got together with Deepika instead of daisy duck.

i hate her now and all thanks to her shady PR and fans

yes i too hate katrina all thanks to her shady PR her shady PAST and her fans.

Yes! And her super shady present as well. Search for "journalist's response to Katrina Kaif" and you will see what I mean.

What a beauty.!!

smiling after spending some sexy times with somebody but not bf for sure

her hair looks burned

money can't buy good taste kareena, aish, priyanka, and deepika

sticks and bones

hiding your freaky eyebrows i see


Boots in the summer? o_O

Bingo I was thinking the same thing. Her full attire is wrong for Mumbai.

Oh so hot!! Welcome back Deepika, Bollywood now seems interesting;)

too much skin whitening

shades? sigh

thats a wrong dress for Mumbai right now!!

she looks her best with her hair down,hope she keep wearing it like that

hugs and kisses my love

now waiting for ranbir's pr to start stories of her visiting him..

even her body guard is hotter than her so called bf,smh

May be that's why she has hired him

dp's fans are the worst !! you make everyone hate her, now you're losing us RS fans also

dp's fans are the worst !! you make everyone hate her, now you're losing us RS fans also

She is aamir sAlman and srk herself only..which she proved in piku

You need a treatment my friend. Khans are on some other level. Don't you dare to compare Khans and cement face DP.

lmao ! delusional much

Ohhhhh laaaaa laaaa...she is herself a hero...which creates storms on box office...i m happy that i m not a boy after watching these pics

Ohhhhh laaaaa laaaa...she is herself a hero...which creates storms on box office...i m happy that i m not a boy after watching these pics

The new and improved Deepika......white skin and fresh stash of long hair. Now her fans need not put down Bebo's white skin anymore.

Nobody came for bebo, why are you reaching here? deepika had always embraced her dusky skin, understand she only did this to fit into her role mastani and i'd always hate slb for it. End of the day it wasn't because she's insecure in anyway because her hair is all hers and she's still natural unlike the rest of your botox and plastic surgeon beauties.

That chanel bag! Now did she buy that tote from Rue Cambon while in paris or did RS give it as a gift.

Peoms are written about people like you xoxo

miss despika boxerkone is back

How childish !

i'm happy she's happy,i'm happy she's back,missed her so frecking much

I am happy she finally turned white.

Of course you are, since you are admittedly a racist person!

She wanted to turn white. Go and compare her pictures from last few years.

Truth is always bitter.

this is the best i've seen her look in a very long time

Her precious smile!!!! Welcome back Deeeeepu

she's unbelievably hot

she's so happy to be back,well we're even happier to have you back

LOl thigh high boots in melting Mumbai.

She reallyy changes meh to wah after paint work.

‏कोई भी अपने सपनों को नष्ट कर सकते हैं

she's glowing nowadays,looks like being away from her clingy bf is all it takes to lift her spirits,but then again who would be happy with a guy who won't let her breathe

She is drowning in makeup. How can anyone wear THAT much makeup on a 10 hour flight?

Ask katrina who wore too much of makeup and all melting on 8 hours of flight. she took advice from kat

hee hee....she dolled up for the media!

Does she bleach her skin?

Yes, she has been bleaching it for years now.

Deepika is the best thing in bollywood right now. Just look at her.....and that smile is to die for.

Take a back seat girls the queen is in the house !

Srk salman ranbir and deepika are stars. They have that aura about them.

Her bag from Paris ;-) wellcome back gueen !!

You make Indians everywhere in the world proud love. Always carry yourself with that inbred dignity regardless of external negative forces.

You gotta give it to the girl she always carry her stardom so gracefully and so beautifully.

Attention seeker

Darling dp you look wonderful ! Missed you !!

am so glad she's letting her hair down and is wearing shades that don't swallow he face,welcome back dips

yaaayyyyyyy the queen is back

Looks like she called the paps too. She is photo ready and even posing for them. Better than ignoring them I suppose

Ha ha..yea...atleast she did not ignore them like Ms.K...

Every single celebrity is photo ready for Papz... or should be anyway that's their job! Especially when landing back. Heck even when I travel and land somewhere I go freshen up in the bathroom before I go out and meet my friends or family that are waiting. I don't want them seeing me with stinky breath and dehydrated skin after a long flight!

True Rekha Rai. And that too an A-lister like Deepika - paps were already camped and ready. A few days ago, before Priyanka arrived, a whole bunch were told we would be paid to greet her and act as if she was anything more than a B-list starlet - I didn't go. Guess Priyanka is less in demand than Deepika.

I agree RekhaRai. I did get a message regarding her arrival time though. Her team had spread it to fans privately. Oh well. All stars love some shutterbugs at the end of the day

Sorry you have that mistaken for PC (the racist - go find that tweet and defend her instead of being here), her fans didn't know then how did you snake find out stalker

Just like how PC's fans were informed about her arrival time and they showed up with balloons!

People who don't travel do not know and as such they cannot relate to these things.

welcome back my love

She is looking hawwt n gorgeous....love u dp

How does she look so good after getting off the plane?

She came back quick to snatch anushka's film with imtiaz and srk

she would tried if rk was in the movie, now she doesn't seem interested

Welcome back Deepu :)

Where is PC with 6 bwood offers

Those boots look amazing on her.....

Smile: Because you’re beautiful.
Laugh: Because your living life to the fullest.
Stand strong: Because haters can't bring you down.

Michael Jackson is back!

yes she is back kat,your hard times are about to get harder,lol


too much makeup!! learn something from ALIA & PARI(no makeup look at airport)

And Katrina

She's looking gorgeous!

Welcome back DP! We missed you!


Now sign Anand L Rai movie. :D

She is a stunner

Welcome back sweeite..

Welcome back beauty!! Announce your movies

Happy to see you again piku , you give another meaning for bollywood , announces your next movei we miss you babe xoxo , post pinkvilla

Stark contrast between her and peecees airport appearance. While peece looked laid back, confident of herself deepika on the other hand is trying hard to look like a hollywood star with piles of makeup.

Priyanka is always laid back and Deepika has always maintained a make up look no matter what the situation is. Its their own preference. Not a big deal

Priyanka had make up on blind fan

Yayyy missed her so much. Welcome back gorgeous:))

Announce your films soooon you stuunnning lady!

YAY! all hail the QUEEN!

Slow down on Ivory caps or bebo will sue you LOL...

LOL!!! Good one

Her smile is like sunshine, She is glowingg .. Love that lip color .. All black (still has some XXX effect) ..

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