Kareena Kapoor Khan is All Smiles At The 'Pride of India' Summit

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Kareena Kapoor Khan is seen here at the Pride of India summit. The lovely lady of India received the 'Pride of India' award from none other than the legendary Dharmendra. Kareena mentioned that she was thrilled and honored to be receiving the award from Dharam paaji. 

On the work front, Kareena will next be seen in the very controversial movie Udta Punjab. The movie also stars Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh. 

On the personal front, Bebo just refuted rumours of a pregnancy. "God willing, hopefully," said the actress while denying the news.

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She does indeed look glowing and lovely. And her face is fuller which makes me think she's pregnant too, but she is still far from fat or obese.

Royalty at its best!!!!

True dat, Kareena is stunning and is a natural beauty and here, she looks very much like her beautiful aunt, the late Sadhanaji.

She looks beautiful. Love the hair and makeup.

Honestly, I am not a fan of any actor but I don't understand people's criteria in determining degree of byootee. Hoe can Priyanka be double the beauty when everyone and their nani knows that she has gone under the knife to tweak her nose? In my eyes one's looks have to be either ALL natural of reallllllllyy close to it to be a double beauty. Pv, please post na.

Why did they present to this lazy bones when someone like Priyanka exists! Priyanka is double the beauty and fame of Kareena, double the talent. She is a natural beauty despite some people saying otherwise - while this lazy looks like had some work done. Priyanka is loved by millions and has a happy secure life -and then they go ahead and do not award HER!!!

Why is Randhir Kapoor dressed in a lady costume here. Lol.

her dress is beautifull !!

Channeling her Aunt the 60s actress Sadhna here!!

Somebody ate a load of porkie pies in London.

baby bebo

The weight gain makes her look like waaaaaaaay back when she first started haha, crazy. I dislike her personality and acting and looks a lot (sorry not a fan of her features and anyone can look like that if they just sit at home and party), but she's like the only natural actress out there. Not one feature has changed. Deepika has obviously gotten her skin bleached, Kangana's done something I don't know what but something, Priyanka well.. lets just say she was a bomb in 2012-2013 and now her face is just a train wreck, Anushka got that cheek/lip thing, Katrina probably got a little nose reshaping and loads of fillers.. then theres Kareena who looks exactly the same. Good on her!

either she is pregnant or trying to become... she has added a lot of weight and her body has changed.

She didnt deny deny. Just said hopefully soon. :)

Pregnant or not, she is definitely glowing.

"God willing, hopefully" is NOT a denial

Lovè bebo. She wears a lot of 'Muslim style' outfits like sharara-gharara.

If she's not pregnant and denying the rumors then how come she's looking all swelled up so suddenly? She never looked this chubby before.

hahhahha kareena now please dont deny!

She gained some weight!

Glowing, looking healthy and possibly Pregnant!

She is definitely pregnant!!!dont know why she is denying!!!

She's not denying it just choosing the words very carefully. Even normal people like us would deny it if someone probes into it during the first trimester. She has such a glow on her face and notice her dressing sense since last few appearances. Kuch to hai... Fans are so anxious to know.

Bebo, is pregnant, she looks like a doll.

Love her when she actually smiles

What a beautiful woman.

She is gorgeous but way too fat for Bollywood.

Natasha is gorgeous but way too far for Bollywood.

Awesome. Totally pregnant. Congrats

She s glowing and my God, her skin is to die for. Absolutely fabulous and reminds me of Bole Chudiya song.

She is so beautiful.

Either Kareena is pregnant or she has gained quite a lot of weight in these two months.

Pregnancy glow is so wonderful

I can see tiny bump hidden there..she's so pregnant, congrats!!

bebo is so preggers...can see that pregnancy glow all over her face !!!!congrats saifeena.

Kareena looks so pretty and glowing.


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