Caught n Clicked! Aishwarya and Aaradhya Go Shopping in NYC!

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We know that the Bachchans are holidaying in New York City with their near and dear ones. Aishwarya and Abhishek are accompanied by Aishwarya's parents, and brother. Apparently, the Bachchans and the Rais are having a blast in the happening city. They are clicked here at the M&M store at Times Square. 

It seems the mother and daughter are engrossed with their shopping. News has it that Aaradhya loves NYC and wishes to visit it every now and then. 

Well, we wish them a happy holiday time together! On the work front, Aishwarya will next be seen in the KJO movie Ae Dil Hain Mushkil. 

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i cant see aaradhya in the picture though..

Wow, that's a lot of makeup for a casual non-working day.

#1 Post.

its super hot and humid in nyc. this lady is crazy to have hair down and scarf + black dress.

lol.. compared to mumbai... the weather is awesome....
not hot/humid...
unless ur running on the streets at 12 noon

I'm sure she made many American heads turn too! 7 hours ago- No she did not :-)

Reminder article: that she is in ADHM

Ranbir, Anushka, Saif, Fawad(?) are also in film and likely better roles. No such reminders from them that they are working in ADHM. Is it because they are secure or because they have other films lined up and ADHM is not the only film in their Kitty?

Apart from the wishbone ring on her right hand. She never wears an actual wedding ring. Is the wishbone ring her wedding ring? Usually others like Shilpa, Bebo love flashing their big rock. I mean nothing wrong with not having a big ring. Just wondered.

She's looking beautiful. I'm sure she made many American heads turn too!

Why can't I see Abhi with her in any pic...

Aish looks spoilt for choice! Lol. Has she never seen so much candy before?

sweet with sweets

love ash

Make up ki dukaan, anyway she is pregnant ..

can wait to see her in ae dil hai mushkil

Dillyn's candy.

I thought she was at M&M store in Times Square but love Dillyn 's too:)

i've been here. It's awesome!

This is in Times Square, New York

Aish is like wowwww lol

Wow, that is a hell lot of m&ms. Where is that?

M&M's World in Times Square :) It's huge.

Aradhya is seen in lower left corner of the picture.. Cute family.

Ash looks so beautiful in these simple clothes.

common Aaradhya is too small to acknowledge where she is travelling. kids dont have that ability until 5 and even maybe 6-7.

the lady with her is her cousin from her mothers side, vrinda rais sisters daughter so Ash's cousin

The lady with her looks better than her

Really? People will say anything to pull someone down out of jealousy.

Sweetie you need an eye exam ASAP

Did you forget to use your glasses? Or just typing anything only to bring down Ash. I can not see any such lady in this pic who looks better than Ash, definitely not that lady in white, PV please post.


Lovely who is the lady with Ash

More pic please

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