SRK-Gauri Party With Close Pals, KJO, Zoya and Manish!

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SRK and Gauri were recently seen partying with some close friends from the industry over the weekend. The Khan couple spend some quality time at designer friend Manish Malhotra's house. They were joined by Zoya Akhtar, Karan Johar, and a few other friends. 

While SRK was busy clicking selfies Manish, Gauri couldn't stop gushing about KJo's ADHM teaser. 

Time well spent! 

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Round eyebrows top bun old fashioned kurtis on jeans she is such a fashion backward money can't buy class gauri you are so fashionless

as if she cares what u feel LOL

Strange situation to be in. Well I don't think PC has balls to against SRK's wish and print those blinds. And is not that SRK is only number 1 like he was. At the max he will give Hemamalini's position to PC. Which is bad than worst.

looks way prettier than pc

y she is luking so fair ??? so beautiful????

SRK-Gauri together and partying happily with their friends, what a shock to their poor haters who now for decades want their marriage to break! Keep wishing for another few decades poor haters, but just remember that your wishes will be never fulfilled! :)

Go read your idol interview and the blind items about him. Not all are dumb like you. And yes SRK will never divorce his wife as he already have an open marriage and seeing PC in between.

If someone's husband is cheating then also the woman will be subjected to hatred and ridicule. And he's hot etc but why is he not judged I wonder?

SRK looks yummy in this close up!

fools. pc the stumpy . using her pr to spread hate. lies did you see how full gauri face is. and round. glowing and fresh. shes well loved. those who are married will understand my comments. i want tohear the news soon. till death do you part. srk and gauri. beautiful couple. the rock behind sharuk khan. pleasse salman is avaliable ship her to him. she looks so manly ugly and stocky.

lol gauri khan looks more plastic than anushka and more white-washed than deepika! i think she is trying to copy all of srk's heroines LOL

I so agree with the comment that Gari and SRK are together for good. The haters comments are just untrue. They don't need to be pictured together all the time which anyways comes across as fake..

I want to add... I am married for 22 years and I don't expect my husband to say "I love you" once in a while. We are together in this journey, now major part is around kids but he is still my husband and I am his wife . Period.

SRK looks bored out of his mind!!lol. Last pic he looks so sexy.

Thanks Manish for posting this pic and shutting up haters that SRK-GAURI are barely seen together or not spending time together. It's not necessary for them to be clicked everywhere together. They are beyond that phase. Guess all blind item seems to be PC's PR strategy to attract SRK attention or trying to sabotage his marriage as he ends their short term fling. MARK MY WORDS, SRK-GAURI will never divorce each other. I remember how Jaya Bachchan once remarked that GAURI plays very important role in Shahrukh's life and she saw it herself when she was at Mannat. So those morally corrupted haters trying to glorify SRK and PC affairs should take a chill pill and stop dreaming.

The wife is white now!! hahaha

Its the lighting dude!!

We should not write too much about SRK and Gauri, if he is cheating, God, Karma and his children will punish him.

His faith allow him to marry another women. and if you believe in the blinds then one of them was about him marrying PC in secret. Maybe his wife is ok with it now. Why you drag the kids in this!! Look at them they always happy with him and spend great time with him.

Srk unhappy With them looool

SRK looks superb. bless him. Thx manish for the the close up

It is so great to hear SRK and Gauri are spending quality time with close friends, if one is married for so long, being parents of teen age children, the couple does not have to look ROMANTIC, they must be having inner strong feelings for each other and that is what counts.
This has made my day, thank you PV, please share more news like this, many good, kind and decent people want to see SRK and Gauri together, for their own sake and for the sake of their three lovely children. Only nasty stupid people wish some one's home this pl.

Gauri appears when there is a Karan. Other than that SRK goes to many places and parties and she is never around. open your eyes my dear.

LOL. Things people say to themselves to feel better about their own lives. Old mentality. I say if he is not happy he should LEAVE. better than staying for the sake of anyone. Because kids sense it when the parents are not loving each other. At least with separation they could see some happiness in their parents and therefore parents will be more joyful while spending time with them and not compelled to be so.

I agree with you. I'm one of those kids whom parents stuck around for the sake of us and it wasn't a happy thing.

Why are you so desperate to prove that SRk doesn't love his wife anymore? Did he personally tell you this?. He seems very happy to me with his family. And yes after so many years of marriage ,kids do take center stage in a marriage. Any married couple would vouch about that. ANd if according to you he is not happy,why doesn't he leave her. There is nothing stopping him. I will believe these rumors of him not in love with his wife anymore the day he says it himself. Till then please stop spreading these nasty rumors!.

I'm not trying to prove anything. I SEE IT and READ IT. Did you even read his latest interview. He said there is no conversation between him and his wife anymore but just about their kids. And she doesn't own him anymore. You are so desperate yourself to act as you didn't read his words. Trying all level best to act as nothing drastically changed here.

His wife's face is so injected.

SRK is seeing two women at the same time. BRAVO.


Who is that, well, rather unattractive (comparatively) woman always in the khan pics? The healthy one in the specs?

His wife's eyebrows are freaky. Grow some hair on them to look natural.

SRK is so handsome in a very manly way.

SRK looks terrific his eyes masha allah.

SRK in the last pic!!! Uffff!!! He has such cute cupid bow!! xox

Man, SRK has suddenly started looking very old. The close up pics says it all.

kidding right!! That one hot amazing close up. He looks terrific. I'm not even his fan. Look at his neck and jawline. Very defined and firm.

Why hate for gauri? If you want ship srk-pc its ok...but can't understad the hate for gauri....

SRK looks HOT!!!! The close up man!!!!

SRK is getting thinner and his both women are getting fatter!! lol

Gauri is so beautiful.

SRK doesn't even bother anymore to play 'loving' husband to his wife in public. Must say he looks extra sexy in his close up. With age he has more defined jawline and sexiness.

Since when his wife is WHITE!! lol. SRK looks hot.

Gauri is trying too hard to look good and young for her husband.

Why his wife looks photshoped among others!! This is not a normal skin neither she looks fat with round big face!!

SRK looks fantastic in the last pic. His eyes are so intense and hot.

SRK's close up!!! *_____*

Gauri is glowing! Srk and Gauri they made me believe in the happily ever after thing. I really hope they can sort things out.

Gauri looks pretty!

Sadly srk n gauri r never together anymore....not even fora pic... wish they were... their earlier pics were sooo warm n loving

Gauri looks fantastic! No wonder SRK is taking notice of her all over again. Kudos!

She should have think about it before the affair. Not coming in oil all the time. Though, the hair is still sticky and the eyebrows need some hair.

Yes yes. This is what women should do if their men are having affairs with other women.. Zzz.

For sure you didn't read his last interview!! LOL.

Their Response to the blind item..

Gauri is glowing! Lovely to see them sharing quality time with friends

Gauri is looking good!

Interesting..cover up for yesterday's blind eh? And look at how far Gauri and SRK are...

Priyanka's PR failed again

damage control

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