Fashionista Sonam Kapoor is Rocking it at the Paris Couture Week!

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Bollywood's fashionista Sonam Kapoor is attending fashion designers Ralph and Russo's couture presentation in Paris. For the Chopard bash yesterday, she chose a metallic sheen beaded off shoulder dress from their Fall 2015 collection. Sonam sure rocked this look, don't you think so?

On the work front, Sonam will soon start working on her sis Rhea Kapoor's production venture Veera Di Shaadi. The movie features Kareena Kapoor Khan in the lead role. 

Do you dig this look of Sonam?

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Thanks for experimenting what it feels like to be short among amazones Sonam hehe. Jourdan owns Sonam here though, & i adore both! Flats were not the best choice & time to fire the make up artist.

& iam sure there are more pics available but of course you would pic these two Bolly-Freak. Of course.

She looks super uncomfortable and awkward. She looks like Black people make her nervous.

Try harder. Sonam is not the one out there making disparaging comments about black people. & this is not the first picture of Sonam with Jourdan Dunn. The posing does make it look awkward though, i agree.

Something is nissing in her.....not perfect this time

Sonam looks basic near Jourdan. But it's normal, since she's one of the most known models in the world.

Their bodies are a similar color, but Sonam is wearing foundatiuon that's way too light for her and Jourdan is wearing bronzer. Shows the East/West cultural differences.

Jourdan Dunn the supermodel, so down to earth and beautiful, And Sonam a nobody on world stage has her haughtiness showing through and through. Why is she wearing flats, looks bad.

Sonam needs to stop this studpidity and work a bit on her "acting" if she's going to torture us with more movies. She's looking funny here and also in that other pic with the oversized toga.

Sonam doesn't look good here. Too much makeup?

i cant stand any more of the 60's dresses collection Sonam has. girl dress modern pls.

Actually, the dress is very well chosen for Sonam's body type, since she has broad shoulders and bigger upper arms, so this is camouflaging that very well.

sonam is as tall as her - she is wearing ballerina jordan highheels

I just clicked on this because ive never seen any other woman towering over her. Hahah this is kinda funny. Ill probably look like a midget next to both of them though

LOL at the white makeup on Sonams face, so much for being a brand ambassador to a cosmetic company. ha ha ha

really the other lady is wearing a gown and looks like sonam is wearing a dress intended for a child! has sonam ever worn a gown like that?

Jordan Dunn is a supermodel and she's absolutely GORG! Her Skin is too flawless! I adore sonam's dress but lord why is the child's makeup always so cakey?

Too much powder on the face.

Why is she wearing flats? The model is aware of her height and loving it... Look at her smug smile and sonam 's discomfort

And we all thought sonam was the tallest lol

How tall is the other lady!!!!
Sonam herself is very tall I guess and the other lady is towering her!!

Sonam is not liking having to share the photoframe with a supermodel.

Why is she always in her cindrella gown..boring to the core.

Why does Sonam look uncomfortable though?

I am tired of her big dresses. either she doesn't have a figure to try different styles, or she is too self conscious to experiment. Her fashion sense is becoming boring.

Wow. First time an almost 6 ft tall Sonam Kapoor looks short. Heels really go make a difference.

The difference between CUTE and SEXY...perfect example

Lol Sonam herself is 5-9' and Jordana is 5-11'. What a difference heels make.

First time Sonam looks bad. Plus, standing next to Jordan Dunn looking so sexy with her dark skin colour in heels while she's all pale wearing a child's dress with flats isn't helping.

First time?

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement