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This Pic of Shahid Kapoor Cuddling With Pregnant Wife Mira Is Super Cute!

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Shahid Kapoor and his lovely wife Mira celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday. The lovey-dovey couple celebrated it in a subtle way given that Mira is expecting their first baby in September. Check out the super cute picture of Shamira, don't you just love it?

Shahid and Mira tied the knot last July in an intimate ceremony. They later hosted a grand reception for their Bollywood colleagues. Since then, the two have been honeymooning and vacationing, in the midst of Shahid's busy schedule. 

Well, we wish the lovebirds many more years of love and bliss!

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Not cool trying anything to be in news Shahid:$

Were they in the middle of something....

what rubbish kareena refernces, its their anniversary cant they post a pic like any normal couple
plzz...Kareena is happy in own world and so is shahid

trying to be in the news after saifeena's announcement, so obvious

shahid is soooooooo desperate for attention. this and now a pic of hik kissing her. so immature. grow up Shahid

Why people have to bring Kareena in every post.. They 2 are happy with each other.. Some people just can't get enough...

She is average looking. Not good not bad. Simple ,but nothing that catches your eye. Kareena is a beauty! Nonetheless its her choice to choose parenthood over career. Career doesn't define a good/happy life.

Hmmm. Kareena was getting far too much attention recently after her pregnancy announcement. Dont worry Mira. You havent done anything to achieve any stardom, but like i say dont worry we haven't forgotteb you x

Both look very nice. But, she is a very lucky girl. She can take advabtage of his luxurious life.

Just seen shahids fb posts
Desperate for attention now he is. And how is he wrote trying to pretend like she's soo private when they share everything on his page anyway

Yaar yeh Nepali lagti hai

Guys I just think Mira is prescribed bed rest and thus this pic
Take it easy guys she is having a rough pregnancy
Just be nice to them

First anniversary and she's already like 6 months pregnant?? Congrats but she will regret not having a life before marriage and babies.

More like 8 months pregnant. She's due in September. Imagine if baby's born on 21 September - Kareena's birthday. Oh what drama that shall be! I sure do enjoy this kind of drama! And the media thrives on it :)

Height of desperation.

pv is full of kareena dumbo fans

Seriously what's wrong with shahid? Why do you want so much publicity? This pic may be great but it's not for public!

Simmer it down Shahid !!!

Oh my that's too intimate. I would not have allowed it. Shahid, you need to stop. It's coming across as desperate. Even though wife Mira might be happy that Shahid is proclaming his love and commitment to her to the world. The only good I can see is that he is driving her possible insecurities (that every woman can have) away by openly sharing his love and telling the world (and all his female fans and colleagues) that he is hers only.

please keeep your private life ... PRIVATE

What is so gross or too much about this picture!! she is on bedrest. So he is leaning in to take a selfie with her!

Wow!!!this is just too much!!u don't need to share everything!! Yuk!!!

If Shahid ever talked about privacy again I will punch him in his nose.

this is too much

She looks like a nepali

Looks like Mira is on bedrest....the pregnancy could be a high-risk one given that she has been hospitalized a couple of times. All the best with that....be safe!!

Beautiful photo of Shahid & Mira! He posted it on Instagram.

Okay, you two are not cute anymore

First them kissing, then him on top of her. We know what comes next. Please staaaahp. No one wants to see that, thank you very much. Some things are best kept to yourself.

Tired of this Shahid and his Mira.....They are just another coule, why so many posts about them on PV?

dude shes 2 yrs younger than me !! but looks way older like 27-28 ...not tht pretty


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