Akshay-Twinkle's Daughter Nitara is a Cutie and Here's Proof!

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We saw Akshay Kumar and his family rocking it in NYC. Akshay, who was there as a part of his Rustom promotions, was accompanied by Twinkle and Nitara. They are clicked here at the Mumbai airport on their way back. 

Check out the adorable pictures of Nitara Kumar. This little doll of Akshay and Twinkle is 3 years old and is super cute, don't you agree?

Akshay's Rustom  features Akshay and Ileana D'Cruz in the lead roles and is set to release on 12th August.

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OMG there are some awful people who have said mean things... she's only a child you morons....spewing venom out like that goes to show that kind of people you are....go get a life you idiots!!!!! ... I think Nitara is absolutely lovely... . I love Twinkle and Akshay they're such a normal and down to earth family...

Why do they wear humungous sun glasses that scream "I'M A CELEBRITY"!! Btw shame on the heartless shallow people here judging an innocent child's looks on a picture she didn't choose to put out there. You guys should just go jump in the lake.

even after all the facials and treatments.. she looks like Mrs Oldy!

Twinkle looks ridiculous in those sunglasses. Akshay should have walked together with his wife and little girl. What's with the one rolled up jogging bottom - is he a teenager?? Even SRK's son Aryan, dresses more grown up than Akshay.

Nitara looks adorable! God bless her! Agree that you don't have to like a actor or actress. Making mean comments on their kids is unacceptable! It reflects the ugly shallow souls.

copy paste akshay.

Cute kid. She is a nice mix of both her parents and I am sure she will grow up to be a beauty like her mama.

so the man won't carry his child the woman has to carry comfort etc! weird! twinkle acts like ash at airport!

Lovely family!! Akshay is cool.

First pic is bad photography, in rest of the pics she looks so so cute..toddler are so cute , it's the best age of a child..

She is carbon copy of Akshay Kumar.

She is not only look like akshy.she will also rises as akshy.

She is not only look like akshy.she will also rise as akshy.

What an absolute cutie!

There's something seriously wrong with you when you criticise a child

There's something seriously wrong with you when you criticise a child

if u have money..u can wear and do anything.
akshay looks stupid
twinkle glasses ..Pheww..

She is a copy of her father. Very cute baby.

She's really a cutie. She's got Akshay's eyes and eyebrows, and twinkles nose. Akshay has done a fabulous job in raising Aarav and I'm sure he'll be great with Nitara too.

No wonder actors keep their kids hidden! It's a mean and messed up world out there

bet you guys still practise untouchability

I am sure she is pretty - with those parents how could she not be! It must be a bad photo

Really sad to see such mean comments for a poor little kid! I think she's adorable and going to turn out gorgeous

Its very sad people in India judge the beauty & cuteness of kids on basis skin color & twinkle opted to be comfortable while travelling unlike many wannabe actors who travel in super tight jeans and high heals.

no doubt celebrities don't want to show face of their kids. People here have some really mean things to say.

Guys pls spare her...she is a kid...dnt put her to scrutiny !

That's a very masculine looking girl. A mini version of akshay. And both the parents look attention seekers what with his one pant rolled up like a teenager n the other w that crazy glasses.

Ugly duckling !!!

What is wrong with people, commenting on the looks of a 3 year old little girl? The poor thing looks petrified of the papparazzi and is being comforted by her mother - have some humanity and stop taking pictures of kids and putting them on the Internet for the world to see and comment on. For shame!

Rinki khanna's daughter is very pretty ..fair and blue eyed like her nana

You said that as if only fair and blue eyed girls are beautiful. Brown eyed, darker people can be as beautiful or even more because there's nothing like some big deep brown eyes.

I love this family but Twinkle shades has to go. Proves, this style does not suit everyone. And too much BLUEEEEE! LMAO

So they put these big bows on little girls in India? Ash does that to her daughter too

And I have been doing this to my daughter in the US. Don't they look adorable in it? For my girls bigger the bow --better it is.


She is one fugly child

And you are the only fugly mind in the globe. Idiot she is a kid. All Kids are lovely.

There are kids prettier and cuter than this Pitara.

She is just an average little kid.

I love AKKI but those pant folding is stupid. What is twinkle wearing ? Stop commenting on the kid. It's just a kid . How ever don't compare ash to twinkle . Everything is fake with ash. Always an act

Lol. twinkle is more fake than aish

Omg....she looks exactly like her dad! Oh oh, no Bollywood future for her!

To me she looks like her aunt Rinki Khanna

She is cutie but she looks lot older than 3 years old baby more like 6-7 years old.

Gosh, Twinkle aunty looks awful. Someone please tell her that you have to be Malaika with that perfect body to make a jumpsuit look good.

copy past akshay.

This kid has mixed genes taken after akshay and looks like mini whats her name mink ,,, that masculine looking punjabi actress

i think she is older than three

All kids are beautiful.period.I cannot believe the audacity of people commenting about the looks of children.If someone commented the same way about theirs,now that would not feel nice,would it??

she looks like a cranky kid, she's pretty though has very nice hair

More than cranky, she's terrified seeing the camera folks. Any small kid would be terrified, and most probably she was tired.

um no she is not she's ugly

And people are surprised why celebrities try to hide their kids from the public & the cameras !!!!!

she is not cute...

She's carbon copy of her dad, she's a beauty

Wowshe is beautiful, she is carbon copy of Akshay.. She is very cute..lovely name too

Thanks for all the proofs PV, otherwise we wouldn't have believed it. wow. *gasp*

Also Kajol and Aish do not use what their baby says to sell a book, huge difference here.

First of all, please look carefully. The little one was terrified looking at the camera folks. So Twinkle had to quickly pick her up and walk fast. And she's definitely carried her kids before. Seen picks of her carrying her son as well as her daughter before. Those pants are not pants- its a jumpsuit. Any mom would be distressed seeing their small child terrified like that- she tried her best to pick her up as quickly as possible and walk fast.

Ash picks up her daughter in front of media cuz she wanted to show that she is a busy mother when the truth was she had no offers of movies for a very long time.

twinkle doesn't need to hold her daughter in front of cameras Ashwariya do. Ash survives on tactics such as making faces in front of media, hiding kid from media, acting in front of media etc. Twinkle Son Aarv is well raised boy.

What the heck is up with his pants tho

it's a jumpsuit!

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